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28.57% Re:Animation / Chapter 14: Chapter 14 - Thangdrium

Chapter 14 - Thangdrium - Re:Animation - Chapter 14 by Ordin K. Cambel full book limited free

Chapter 14: Chapter 14 - Thangdrium

Thangdrium, a stronghold of the enemy. The tower loomed over black skies. Pits of fire were llit around the desolation. Groups of orcs and trolls patrolled the encampment.

“I smell humans!” Said on the trolls.

“Alert our boss right now!” Shouted the orcs around the troll.

An orc half ran, half crawled into the base of the tower, alerting the others.

Soon a formation of orcs and trolls lined around the tower, with more and more reinforcements coming from the structure itself. Thousands upon thousands of orcs and trolls came out, forming living and having shield bears in the forefront. Pikemen next, followed by archers in the back. Full told their numbers totaled over 30,000.

Near the horizon, four figures magically appeared. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

They seemed to come out of no where and just materialized. The gnawing and gashing of teeth was heard as the orc and troll crowd prepared for the humans to approach.

In the back of the army, came Galdouga, to the front. Galdouga was one of the four generals of the enemy. He came to the front of the line and dropped his gore-drinker (a giantic axe) to the side of his foot.

Galdouga stood over 7 feet tall, but being an orc, was more like stature to that of a troll.

He gave a mighty warcry and welcomed the sight of the humans to his keep.

“The humans will not last the hour!” Shouted the orc leader to his army.

“OOOOOOOO” shouted all the orcs. They banged their spears on their shields and the whole foundation of the land shook with each beat.

The army marched forwards, and in their head,, they already won the fight.

Hoshiro clicked on his HUD and surveyed the sea of enemies in front of him.

In the center of the enemy stood a large orc. His level reading showed as Level 57, while most of the other orcs were around level 35 to level 45. Hoshiro clicked off his HUD. Then signalled for Lance to come forth.

Lance stepped out to the front of the company and took out his horn.

With a mighty blow, the horn of Caldawn sounded over the battlement. A loud declaration of war.

With the horn blown, the four travellers began their fight. Merilion shot at the trolls with precision. Lance charged into the fray, but seemingly unharmed because of his impenetrable defense. Larael used Ice and fire magic that incapacitated scores of orcs on the front lines. Hoshiro also shot his plasma pistol with vigour.

Yet the sheer number of the enemy was about to surround the hero’s company, and it looked hopeless as the swarm began to circle around the travellers.

“Put up a shield!” Shouted Hoshiro.

“Aye!” Said Larael, as she casted. “Obica Arcanus!”

A temporary shield protected the heroes, but it would dissipate again after a few short minutes.

Hoshiro now drew out his already prepared drawing in his notebook. He touched the drawing with his saliva and out manifested 600 army infantry riflemen. Their equipment was modern and updated. They carried with them M4 Carbines with 30 rounds each, and with each soldier carrying 4 extra cartridges, they were not strapped for ammunition.

The rifle-men stormed towards the enemy.

Shots rang out all around the soldiers and the enemy fell by the heaps.

The leader orc seemed to have magic circles around him and the bullets from the rifle-men could not penetrate the magic defense.

“Larael, Merllion, try to counter the leader orc’s magic defense and I will finish their leader.”

“Sounds good!” Said the two ladies.

“Minuera Arcanus!” Shouted Larael.

“Dispella Arcanus!” Shouted Merillion.

As soon as the spells were cast, the layer shielding from the orc dropped.

The leader orc took bullet damage and retreated back into the army.

With the front of the enemy being demolished, the orcs regrouped. The shot their arrows. Some finding their mark. The rifle-men started to dwindle in numbers.

Soon, it went from 600 soldiers to only about 280 soldiers.

But the numbers of the enemy decreased drastically from over 30,000 to less than 10,000.

The battle continued with renewed vigour as both armies regrouped and then charged head on.

But it’s usually the arrows of the orcs that would hit the rifle-men and leaving them on the ground. The bullets were super effective and the orcs fell by the droves. Carcasses laid everywhere.

When the enemy numbers got to around 2000, they broke and scattered across the land, leaving the battlement in frenzy and fear.

The leader orc, not wanting to be defeated, came out to meet with the human attackers.

“Surrender! You have no choice.” Said Lance to the leader of the orcs.

“Alas, I could not believe that we were so easily defeated.” Said Galdouga. “Very well. Kill me, but let my kin go. They were just following orders.”

“We do not want to kill you and your men. Take them and go. Tell the Demon Lord that we are coming after him. He has been warned.” Said Hoshiro. “No more suffering will befall the lands, because we are here to make an end to his siege.”

Galdouga, being conquered, bent the knee and then instructed what was left of his men to go with him back to Hawbiska, the second stronghold.

With the battle adjorned, Hoshiro disintegrated the rifle-men soldiers.

“We have victory!” Shouted Lance.

Merillion came and patted Lance on the back.

“Good job everyeone.” Said Hoshiro.

“How come we did not go invisible and take out their army in silence?” Asked Larael.

“It would be cowardly and not fair to the orcs, wouldn’t you agree?” Asked Hoshiro.

“Well, yes, but you put all of us in danger.” Pointed out Larael.

“Silly, silly, that’s why we have invisible shielding and the army of rifle-men at the ready. It’s all been planned out from the beginning.” Said Hoshiro, as he laid his hand on Larael’s head and managed a bg smile. “Onward! But first, ale for everyone!”

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