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6.12% Re:Animation / Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Powers and Inventory

Chapter 3 - Powers and Inventory - Re:Animation - Chapter 3 by Ordin K. Cambel full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Powers and Inventory

Hoshiro waited and to his displeasure, the process of summoning the portal is taking a lot longer than he had anticipated.

“Seems like your magicians can’t reproduce the portal.”

“They are working on it.” Said Merillion.

A circle of knights surrounded Hoshiro, making him nervous as he swallowed hard. He pulled on the collar of his school uniform and shook his body to relax himself even though he was stiff as a tree.

He took account of all his belongings. His school uniform, His glasses, his pen and his notebook. But something was not right. He checked his notebook again and realized something was different.

He flipped to the page where he formerly drew a portal, however, it is no longer contained in the page of his notebook. He then saw a trail of wetness on the page where the portal was suppose to be. He chained the ideas together and came to a quick conclusion.

His saliva must have reacted with the drawing to bring it to life.

Hoshiro sat down cross legged and drew another portal and using his finger, he wiped the inside of his mouth for some saliva and then curiously touched the portal that he drew. Then, as predicted, a purple portal appeared.

The magicians were flabbergasted as to how the portal came to be, but Merillion, being vigilant, was aware that the portal was created by no one other than Hoshiro himself.

“You are the hero after all!” Said Merillion.

Hoshiro dropped his stationaries and was in disbelief. Did he just summon a portal using his saliva and a drawing?

Recollecting himself, he sat down again and drew this time, a pen. Then again, touching it with his saliva, the pen manifested off the page of the notebook and Hoshiro was utterly amazed at his power.

He thought what could have caused the ability to have dawned on him. He surmised that the reason was that he turned 18 and that his coming of age was what granted him the power to animate things to life.

He then tested the drawing again and this time drew a long stick to see if it would become a long stick that reached his height or if the stick was only as big as he could draw it. Then to his disappointment, the stick was to how long the page extended.

He then stood up and set to traverse through the portal he had created moments ago. Not wanting the drama of saving a world.

“Wait, where are you going?” Asked Merillion as the men all huddled closer? “You’re the Hero…. You’re suppose to help us.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a reason why I should help you.”

“But the Prophesy…”

“Damn the Prophesy.”

“Maybe you’re right. A real hero would never shy away from his duties. Perhaps we did summon someone different rather than our hero.”

“Even if I am your hero, what would I get out of it?”

“Uhm….. Gold? But heroes are there to save the day even without any sort of payment.”

“No no, I would still want to get compensated for saving your kingdom.”

“Then you agree to help us?”

“I haven’t decided yet. But let me ponder it a while longer.”

Hoshiro had no real intention on helping Merillion and her people. Even if he was paid with gold, he could just draw some gold once he got back…. But then again, maybe his ability only works in this world. He had no idea if they would work in the real world.

Dismissing this thorny thought, he contemplated if he should take this quest to be the hero if they paid him handsomely.

Since they were in the medieval era, Hoshiro can summon rifles to make short work of anyone who would oppose him.

He once again sat down to ponder if he wanted to save the people at all.

“Our kingdoms may fall to the darkness if you are unwilling to help us. The elves, dwarves, fairies and beastmasters are all besieged and hope hangs on a thread. If we cannot have our chamption to lead us, we would surely be lost. Please, Hoshiro. We need your help.”

Hoshiro despite having been presented the case of saving the land, was still adamant on returning home. He moved his legs towards the portal. But in his heart, he admitted to himself that he might bear the responsibility of the hero, though he had no idea how he was to save a kingdom, nevermind all 6 kingdoms.

At the sight of Hoshiro’s movement, Merillion came in front of Hoshiro and knelt on the ground.

“Please, Hero! Please stay and save us. We need your help!” breaking in to tears and then sobbing uncontrollably, rivers of tears ran down her cheeks.

“She is the last surviving royalty of the realm. To her, her pride is everything. Having to beg you to stay, you must know of the direness of the situation.” Said of the men standing next to Hoshiro.

Hoshiro looked at Merillion and his eyes softened. He had compassion for her and went to kneel beside her.

“Your highness. Please don’t cry.” Said Hoshiro. “I understand you are in need and against the better part of me who wants to leave, I have decided to stay. Let me help you.”

“Thank you so much. Hoshiro, I knew you’re our champion.”

“If I am to defeat the Demon Lord, I shall have you as my Waifu! Hehe.” Hoshiro joked.

Merillion stumbled and almost lost her balance.

“I agree.” Said Merillion in all seriousness. Her genuine offering melted Hoshiro’s heart. He immediately regretted about joking to make her his wife. But it was too late, he could not retract his joke, since Merillion took it so sternly as a request. Though direct, Hoshiro found the Princess sweet and intended to protect her at any cost.

Hoshiro stood up and extended his hand to Merillion.

“I was just…. Nevermind.” Commented Hoshiro, “My Princess. Let’s defeat this Demon Lord first.”

“You make her beg, now you propose to humiliate her pride further?” Said one of the soldiers, his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“I mean no disrespect. I truly want to be wed to the Princess and live happily ever after.”

“Only if you defeat the Demon Lord.” Reminded the soldier.

“Yes, yes. I will fulfill my part.”

Relaxing. The soldier went to the Princess and lifted her up from her kneeling position.

“Your highness. Do you agree to such an outrageous request?” asked the soldier.

“I must do my duty to the kingdom. I will uphold my side of the bargain if you should hold up yours.” Directed the Princess to Hoshiro.

Hoshiro swallowed and then smiled with a big bright smile.

“You bet. This is gonna be a piece of cake!” Exclaimed Hoshiro.

The other soldiers raised their swords and cheered.

Renewed with a sense of purpose and hope, his intent then closed the portal.

“Hoshiro….. if you can save the kingdom, then I will be yours. But until then, you must prove yourself.”

“Of course. Let me get a fresh pair of glasses to see better. Wait a minute.”

The entourage waited as Hoshiro sat down again and drew a new pair of glasses. He wanted a heads up display on the new glasses which can display his stats and inventory and abilities information. He needed something that could also assess his enemies’ levels. He drew as best as he could a pair of glasses with displays on the lens. He touched it with his saliva and out came his new HUD glasses.

He locked his sight into the heads up display that is his new glasses and saw that he was level 1.

Attack: 12

Defense: 06

Agility: 09

Magic: 00 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Luck: 07


Level 1: Animation: the ability to make anything you draw to manifest in real life according to your intent.

Level 1: Deal Maker: the ability to bargain for a deal at a fair price or value.


HUD Glasses



School uniform

With that Hoshiro closed his HUD glasses and stood up.

Something stirred to their right. Suddenly, an orc came out of the forest and attacked the nearest men.


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