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8.61% Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer / Chapter 43: A life time too early

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Chapter 43: A life time too early

Sam went back to his mansion with his huge sum of money. Out of 500000 spirit stones from the auctioning the two sets, he got 475000 spirit stones and the rest was the auction commission. Other than that, he got 350000 stones from selling the other two sets to the Evergreen family. When he received the large amount of spirit stones, he felt so happy that he can't get rid of the grin on his face.

He walked to his mansion gleefully and slept peacefully on his bed. But right now, the people who bought the sets are completely sleepless. After all, they just saw a new creation which would help their elite Acolyte subordinates and increase the efficiency of the team. So, they really are sleepless and so are their sub-ordinates.

At Crimson flame family.

The family head and another elder are sitting in a private room. There is no other person in the room and they are looking at the robes sets as they were thinking about something.

"Are you sure, you don't want me to take a look?" The other elder asked with a solemn expression. He is an inscription master of the Crimson flame family. Even though he is at Novice stage, he is only at the rank 1 inscription master stage. Because, it is not that easy to become an inscription master much less promote the rank further. Because, the energy levels and control required for becoming an inscription master or any other professional is not that low. That is the reason, many people will get their rank1 examination only at the late stages of the Acolyte.

The inscription master is looking at the robes with obvious excitement and greed. He really wants to see, how a young brat has used the inscriptions to make a robe this powerful. That is the reason, he came to meet the family head as soon as they came back to the house. If he could study and observe and even better duplicate the robe, he might improve his skills as well as make a lot of money.

The family head however, is completely oblivious to the thoughts of the inscription master before him. He held a note passed over by his daughter, Freya in his hand. There is a confused expression as well as hesitation written all over his face.

Meanwhile, somewhere else there is another person who is not as hesitant as him.

The City lord as soon is currently in a private room in a city lord mansion along with another two people, who will be recognised by Sam easily as they just got acquainted today. They are Falter and Felix. They both sat down across the table and on the other side, the city lord is looking at them seriously and asked again.

"Are two of you confident that you can replicate it, if you examine them?" He asked with a solemn expression. But the greed in his eyes cannot be hidden at all. The two tower heads looked at each other and Felix said with a confident expression.

"Even though, he might be a genius, he is after all inexperienced. I think we both can understand the concept behind the manufacturing process, once we examine it."

"Okay, then. You can take a look." The city lord agreed and then he took out the seven robes, which are icy blue in colour on the table. Felix and Falter both took each and started examining them. They touched the cloth and didn't even know what material it was, but they left the thought and searched for the inscriptions all over the robe without leaving a single corner. But they didn't find it, which made them frown in displeasure. After examining for some time, they finally found something odd. There is an inner lining to the robe. When they saw this, they immediately rejoiced and tried to probe with their spiritual sense only to be blocked.

"I will try another way." Felix said and tried to infuse the spiritual energy directly into the robe to observe carefully. But before he could observe anything the inscriptions directly activated and he felt helpless for a second.

"How about we directly cut open the lining?" Falter suggested and both of them looked at City lord asking for his approval. City lord felt quite conflicted by their suggestion. After all, it is not cheap. He pondered for a bit and then finally he decided.

"You can do whatever you want. But make sure that you can reproduce them." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Felix nodded and then with a wave of his hand a wind blade appeared and cut open the lining inside the robe. Just as the three were about to rejoice, a completely unexpected thing happened. Blazing flames started to emerge from the tear as they started burning the robe instantly. Before they could react all the robe left was a piece of rag and remaining turned into ashes. They didn't even have time to respond as they looked.

The three of them stared dumbstruck, not knowing what happened. Felix was the first one to come to the senses and picked up the rag as he said. "This brat sure is sly. He set up a trap. If anyone tries to pry into the process, they would completely lose the product." His face was a little gloomy as he spoke. Then he looked at the rag cloth and was stunned.

By this time, the city lord slumped back into the chair as he looked at rag in Felix's hands and when he directed his gaze to Felix to howl out the curses, he was confused by the latter's expression. Soon, the expression on Felix's face turned into that of shame and anger and finally rage. He just wanted to blow his top, but couldn't find an outlet.

Falter saw his face and also felt quite puzzled. He took the rag and saw it, he also felt like vomiting his blood in anger. Looking at the tow big shots getting angry even after destroying his expensive robe, City lord just snatched the rag from, Falter's hand saw a string of letter on it.

'You want to copy my creations with your measly abilities. Not any dog shit expert can do that. You are a life time too early to do it.' When he saw the words, he also became embarrassed and angry. He is after all a City lord and even though the other party didn't know he was scolding him, reading the words, he still felt like he was humiliated.

He just wanted to go to Sam's mansion and give him a beating. But up on remembering the other party's status, he immediately lost all the thoughts and stayed put as he slumped in the chair. He regretted doing this now as he looked at the remaining six robes, which had their value depreciated greatly due to loss of one robe of the set.

In Crimson flame family mansion.

The inscription master left the private room angrily and stomped away in fury. Inside the room, the family head is still sitting in the same place as he looked at the note, which has words. 'If you don't want to suffer any losses, you better not mess with robes or you will regret it- Sam' this is the note passed to him by Freya. He looked at the seven robes on the table and sighed as he muttered. "I hope, I made the right decision."

Sam woke up early the next day. He made a visit to the academy and met with the Principal.

"I heard that you made a big haul in yesterday's auction." Principal asked as soon as he saw Sam.

"So-So" Sam replied nonchalantly as he took a seat.

Hearing his reply, the Principal gritted his teeth in anger. If not for the fact that he was considering his image as an elder, he really wanted to drown Sam in curses.

"Why did you come?" Principal forced himself to calm down and asked.

"When are we leaving exactly and how many days it will take us to reach the Falcon cliff city?" Sam asked without bothering about other party's expressions.

"We will leave in six days' time. I am going to conduct an assessment for all the students to choose. There are 10 spots in total. Even though it would be difficult to select them, I came up with a plan to pick them carefully. One spot is already fixed for you and there are only nine spots left.

I will inform you after the team is selected. It will take a week to travel in a horse carriage. If we travel on the beasts, we can make it shorter though. What do you think?"

"What do you mean by that?" Sam asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"I heard that you have two beast pets at level 2 middle stage." Principal said with a smile.

"So?" Sam asked acting dumb. Seeing this Principal got irritated and spoke.

"If you can help with the transport, we can reach there earlier."

"Why should I help?" this is the only reply he got for his blunt request.

"You are coming with us too. What is wrong with transporting us?" Principal said a bit enraged. 'This brat. Why is so difficult to get a small favour from him.' He thought inwardly.

"Of course, there is nothing wrong. But they are mine. Why should I give you guys a free ride?" Sam asked as he ignored the anger of Principal.

"I am already giving you a free pass. Can't you just give us a ride? Why is it that you can't bear to do that? If you don't give us a ride, I am not letting you off easily. You are so rich and still want to fleece me for a ride." Principal stood up and pointed a finger at Sam as he spoke.

"Fine. I will let you take advantage of me for this one time." Sam conceded. He stood up and just as he was making his way to the door, he heard Principal speaking.

"If you want, you can bring one or two followers with you. It is for giving us a ride and I am providing a special privilege to you." Sam just acknowledged silently and walked back to his mansion.

At the river side sat along with the panthers which are munching on some deer like beast and was deep in thought about his past life. Apart from Stella, he missed three things mainly. His wrist watch, His motor bike and his flute. Then he thought about the claws he used to fight with. At first, he thought of using the Golden Blood tiger claws to make a set for himself. But he got the news of the availability of the Meteorite sand and that too of various types, that is why he stopped himself. After all, the better the material and the better the possibilities. He sighed as he looked at the bare left hand without any wrist watch.

"Right now, I don't want to make these things with a low rank material. I might as well wait to get my hands on the meteorite sand. Meanwhile, I better figure out a way to solve the problem of the engine and its fuel." He muttered as he looked at the river.

Even though he can make a steam engine easily, he really has no interest in making one. After all, even though the steam engine is one of the turning points of the technology back on earth, for Sam right now, they are nothing but money makers which he didn't lack much. He just wants to make something that he has other uses. He fell deep into thought and finally came to a conclusion.

"Let us first think of a way to make some fuel. Then, I can create an engine according to that. Anyway, I need to get a bike as soon as I can. I really miss the feeling of riding." He spoke as he stood up and stretched his body lazily.

Suryaboddu Suryaboddu

Sorry guys. Even though I tried my best i wasnt able to publish a chapter yesterday. I got some issues to take care of at home. I hope you understand. I will try my best to make up to you.

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