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Selection Day - Re: Incarnation The Demon of Evelyn Peak Ascends - Chapter 3 by Zimokita full book limited free

Chapter 3: Selection Day

"Sei, wake up." Saikyo said.

Seicho slowly starts waking up, finally coming to his senses he becomes filled with energy.

"Selection day, Selection day, Selection day!" He sang in excitement. Getting up to get ready.

As the two were walking out Saikyo thought to himself.

It's finally the day, the selection only allows people between twelve and eighteen to attend. I could've gone long ago but I couldn't leave without my little brother.

Splitting off again, they wave each other off. Upon entering the school Saikyo saw Kori standing by the gates. 

"What do you want, Kori?" Saikyo said in an annoyed tone.

"As you know, I was gauging your strength yesterday."

"Why?" He asked as they walked and talked.

"After the chosen event for selection day is over the students who make it get not only one of the five power types gifted by Gaia but are also given a five man squad, in fact they put together their team themselves, but if they come up short on men, others will be auto-assigned to them, that is unless the latter wants to be a lone wolf. After the team forms they take the Celestial academy entrance exams as a team, they will attend as a team, graduate as a team, and advance into the Celestial army as a team."

"That makes sense but there also seems to be a flaw in your plan." he said.

"And what would that be?"

"Most people don't seem to pass, trillions of people attend the selection event and apply for Celestial Academy yet when it's all said and done the average amount of people who pass the selection is around 200 million and the people who go on to get accepted the Celestial academy is around nine million, so in other words you can't directly decide who you want in your team until after the selection due to the fact that it's hard to pass, but even so, you gauged me and my brother's strength, how do you know we'll make it."

"I know all that, even so, I have a good feeling you and Seicho will overcome the selection, but if that doesn't happen it would lead me to assume that I have overestimated your abilities."

"My brother and I will pass, the one you should be worried about is yourself."

"Don't worry about me, you'll be sure to see my face at the end of the selection." Kori says the two finally arrive at their classroom and separate into their chairs. 

As everyone was shocked to see Kori and Saikyo having a conversation, all Saikyo could think was.

So, she doesn't seem to have any ulterior motive to talk to me, she wants strong allies but it didn't come off as if she only wanted to use me and Sei for power, plus she could very well be my first ally, maybe even a friend. I guess I'll take a page out of Sei's book. I shouldn't assume those who have never wronged me to be evil or enemies. I'll join Kori's team after the selection, manage to get into the Celestial army and find a way to get back to my people but not before finding the person who issued the orders to hunt and kill my parents.

A teacher walks into class and the students start to get excited. 

"Class, get out of your seats and follow me in an orderly manner." He said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The students obediently listen and as they all roam the halls, Retsu coincidentally bumped into Saikyo.

"Oh, you're here." Saikyo said in a tone that made it seem as if he couldn't be bothered by the current situation.

"Screw you demon, I could destroy you, I have a clear video of you and a witness as proof of what you did." he said.

"I don't know about that. The video wasn't clear at all, that day I went straight home you must have the wrong purple haired kid." Saikyo said.

"That's a lie." 

"Can you prove that it is?"

Retsu was quite angry and frustrated at the situation he found himself in so he decided to speed up to get away, which made Saikyo quite happy, plus no one in galaxy 19 hardly had background, after all, the most poor are pushed back to the farthest, latest explored galaxy and that was galaxy 19, however the reason Saikyo was always so weary was because his biggest enemy, Retsu, did.

All students began to get on some sort of flying transportation which looked like a long bullet after exiting the school building. The thing was flying at speeds around 700 miles per hour and no one even flinched, the human race has truly evolved. 

They reached the end of the city in no time, upon getting out of the bullet bus they saw a massive black building and a shield that had been placed to run along the outline of the city and to protect it.

"Children, do not wander off in this building, it would be extremely dangerous for not only you but this city also." The teacher said in a serious tone.

As they walked into the building they saw workers carrying circular machines, some of them would emit green light, some orange, and others red.

"Everyone, these are portals, the one that emits green light lead to planets that have been completely taken over by man and is fully secured enough to maintain stable living, the one that emits orange light are portals that leads to planets that range from being barely explored to mostly explored, it is not secure and any civilization built is liable of getting attacked, the portals red in color are planets that have never been explored or secured and the only thing humans could do was connect the portal, which means they failed at placing a civilization and uprgrading it to an orange portal, red portal placements are usually what we call suicide missions." He explained.

The crowd of kids started gossiping about the new information with a mixture of awe and fear at the newly learned information.

"Who would willingly go on red portal placement missions." Saikyo said aloud.

"People with bigger balls than you." Kori whispered.

Was I too quick to call her a friend? Saikyo sighed as he thought this, with a wry smile on his face.

"Class, this portal leads directly back to earth, where you will participate in the selection event. As you know, the average life span is around 200 to 300 years old, so high school isn't as simple as graduating at 18 or so, so if anyone in the crowd is over 18 please separate into a different crowd, I am trusting you to be truthful." The teacher said.

As he said this, many people who had failed during their time between 12 and 18 had stepped out, although there were still a few who had stayed hopefully wishing they could slip by and pass this time.

The teacher orders them to walk in the portal. Saikyo and Kori look at each other before simultaneously walking inside.

This feels unsettling, it's like my body no, my entire being, every cell is on fire, it hurts, but it doesn't feel like I'll die, I can sense the galaxies as I pass them, yet it feels like if I blink then I'll miss them. Saikyo thought to himself.

After appearing on the other side of the portal, Saikyo fell to the ground, he looked pale and exhausted, everyone was standing over him. He was visibly confused as to why though.

"What are you guys looking at?"

Since no one wanted to speak out, Kori did.

"Saikyo, you took longer than everyone else, the portal is supposed to be almost instantaneous, plus you look extremely exhausted right now."

"Isn't it like that for everyone though?" 

"Of course it's not." The teacher said.

"Then why me?"

"Obviously, it's because you're half Zenoikian. Although human tech is mostly derived from the technology on the ships that the Zenoikians invaded with, we were the ones who invented portals. Soon after,  we realized that the Zenoikian could also use portals, so we rewrote them to only accept human dna. In other words, the only reason you were able to enter was because of your human genes, but you were also rejected and restrained by your Zenoikian genes, I kind of expected you to get incinerated upon entering to be honest." He said.

What the hell is wrong with this person, He let me go through even though he knew there was a chance I could die. Saikyo thought.

Although Saikyo knew this particular teacher didn't like him, he did not think he would purposefully or go out of his way to plot against him. 

Saikyo turned to his right, and saw Kori fuming with anger. She took a step toward the teacher with a face of pure hatred. Saikyo quickly stood up to grab her hand and stop her.

"It's not worth it, I know you're smart but even you wouldn't be able to get us out of this situation if you acted irrationally." Saikyo whispered.

After she glares at the teacher a little she quickly disperses her assault and blows her hair out of her face in an annoyed manner making Saikyo smile a little.

As the class looks around they notice that they are in a similar building to where they just teleported from.

The teacher leads them outside and they all see a big controlled crowd was in front of them, they gasped at how different and beautiful Earth was compared to the books.

Saikyo turns around to look at the building and above a carving says, G-19. Next to the building lay 18 others. This led him to assume that all the students gathered in front of this building were students from schools scattered along the different planets within G-19's multiple solar systems.

All the teachers had joined up together at the front of the crowd, they led the students into a wide and massive staircase leading up to an arena. The entrance to the arena had Gaia's face carved into it. As the students walk into the arena they notice it is very dark, but torches light and as one lights up so does another then another until eventually it creates a giant circle. The torches reveal thrones in the arena filled with Celestial guards and next to them a massive throne with Gaia herself sitting in it. Her beauty was indescribable but she was beautiful nonetheless, she had four white wings and a halo, her body glistened with a white aura.

"Big brother" Saikyo heard as he felt someone grabbing his arm from behind.

"Sei, did you just arrive?" 

"Mhm" He says as he nods his head in excitement.

"Don't I get a greeting too?" Kori says as she hugs Seicho from behind. As Seicho gets flustered again, he remembers something.

"Big brother there were big piles of people coming out of the big buildings next to ours and they looked beautiful, and they had guards around them and-." Seicho mumbles on.

As Saikyo hears this he just assumes that it has something to do with the royals and rich families from other galaxies but doesn't really care enough to go into deep thought over it.

"Students, the event for the selection today will be the advancement of a red portal planet into an orange portal planet, you will be supplied with what we call an experimental soul support system, this device can detect the surrounding terrain, life, and name or announce new found species. Remember that these are not official soul systems and will only provide the most basic of its said functions." A man said sitting on the right hand of Gaia.

Someone in the crowd asks the man if he can go into more detail about the soul support systems.

It's that girl from my class who asked about the Celestial army. She always ranks second in school after me but I can never seem to remember her name. Saikyo thought.

"Soul support systems are wristwatches that house the souls of Celestial army guards that have passed away. They help along your journey throughout your life, however you can always get them removed." The right hand man of Gaia had said.

The girl's eyes light up again just as they did in the classroom as she feels fulfilled by the information she just gathered.

As the guards descend from their small thrones they slap watches on everyone's wrist. Saikyo feels like he recognizes this person from somewhere.

"Hageshi!" A female student says.

"Hageshi?" A male student asks.

"Don't you know, he's the universe's strongest human, The one that sits at the right hand of the Goddess Gaia herself." The girl said.

President Hageshi

In this day and age humans have been more unified than ever so it was only right that they should follow one leader, and that person is President Hageshi.

Feeling surprised and curious, Saikyo looks over to Kori.

"Kori, is President Hageshi your-" 

"NO, that man is not my father!" She said as she quickly stopped Saikyo from talking, biting her lip as she did.

Saikyo didn't ask more but he knew she was lying. 

"If she was truly the president's daughter that would make her akin to something like a princess, and since that's the case then why was she residing in G-19, that is the last place for someone with background and royalty to remain, did she run away?" 

As he thought this, a portal emitted a red light, immediately Saikyo, Seicho, and Kori looked at each other in a concerned manner. Saikyo quickly starts mumbling to himself.

"G-19's students are going first, why us first." As Saikyo says this he figures it out almost immediately.

If us people with no background and are the most poor get pushed to the back of the galaxies we will be the first to get attacked by opposing Zenoikians, so if we are the first to explore a red portal planet, we will also most likely be first attacked upon entering. He thought to himself.

The red portal suddenly starts to pull students toward it slowly.

"Students, upon entering the portal you will be separated from your friends and you may even end up alone, your soul support system will lead you to a suitcase, using spatial magic it will be encasing an entire city. Secure an area free from threatening alien life and defend it for two days. Every spatial mage assigned to one suitcase for each school will run out of mana in approximately two weeks. Upon this happening the city inside the suitcase will be lost and you will all fail, now with the rules of this year's selection event stated, I wish you good luck."

Saikyo, Seicho, and Kori are just a few feet away from the portal.

"Meet at the location of the suitcase no matter what, don't leave that area once making it there, this is the best chance we will get to meet." Kori says.

Saikyo and Seicho nod their heads in unison.

"Sei, if you see something you run, you hide, this situation won't be as easy as it was with Retsu."

"I won't let you down big brother."

They get absorbed into the portal.

The selection starts now.

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