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Fishman Island - RE:One Piece - Chapter 17 by Fertility full book limited free

Chapter 17: Fishman Island

Zora reached the One Hundred Hydra and immediately collapsed on the deck. Fisher and the Boa sisters panicked at the 'random' person who collapsed on the dragon's deck.

"What do we do?" Sandersonia asked her big sister. Hancock looked at Sandersonia, who looked at Marigold who looked at Fisher. Fisher sighed and looked at Zora's unconscious body.

'She's really tall, makes me feel tiny.' Fisher said as he walked towards her body. He poked her cheek, and Masamune started to shine brightly. Fisher backed up and guarded the Boa sisters with his body. Masamune began to float and she unsheathed herself.

"The blade moves on it's own!" Marigold said with a smile befitting her young age. Masamune flew away from the One Hundred Hydra and came back with a large chunk of brick held by her spiritual energy. She began carving letters and they began to understand.

'The girl you see is the giant 'dragon' that saved you, I would appreciate if you didn't disturb her.' The letters Masamune carved spelled out.

"Understood." Fisher said as he nodded.

"Then what do we do? Do we just stay up here, we won't have enough food or water!" Hancock pointed out.

Masamune position herself to make it seem like she was in deep thought. A lightbulb flashed above her 'head' and she went to gather another chunk of brick. Masamune came back and carved out more letters.

'Navigate the boat to somewhere safe, unless you are capable of fighting off a full marine fleet.' Masamune's carved letters spelled out.

"Marine fleet!?" Fisher yelled in shock as his eyes popped out of his head.

"What did she do to get a Marine fleet called upon her!?" Hancock asked with the same amount of shock as Fisher.

Masamune carved out more letters that read; 'She decided to fight the Commander-in-Chief of the Marines.'

"SHE DID WHAT!?!" Hancock, Fisher, and Sandersonia yelled out in shock. Marigold was oblivious to the situation and was more focused on the floating sword.

"Let's hurry and get this ship out of here!" Fisher said and began unfurling the sails with the help of Hancock and Sandersonia.

"How the hell are we supposed to get it down!" Fisher said as they began sailing on the clouds, similar to Skypiea's clouds.

'I'll help with that.' Masamune carved on a small piece of brick. Fisher read it and sighed deeply, wondering what he's getting himself into. The ship began moving and eventually reached the edge, and was faced with a gigantic cliff.

"Hold on!!" Fisher said as the ship began to dive downwards. The ship fell and gained speed, they pierced the clouds were in view of the big blue ocean. The ship got increasingly closer to the ocean and had no intention to slow down.

"IF YOU'RE GONNA DO SOMETHING I'D HOPE IT WOULD BE NOW!!" Fisher yelled out, yelling over the screaming voices of the Boa sisters. Masamune stabbed herself into the One Hundred Hydra and enveloped the ship in her spiritual energy creating a purple shell around the ship. The One Hundred Hydra crashed into the water but none of the passengers were injured.

"Never...again...." Fisher said as he experienced his life flash before his eyes for a second time. The Boa sisters were huddled up together and shaking in fear. Masamune was positioned in a way in which she looked to be saying, 'What? It wasn't that bad, right?'.

"Let's get us somewhere safe, the safest place I know." Fisher said as he began sailing towards the Red Line.

"What place do you speak of Mister Tiger?" Hancock asked as she looked at the ocean while holding onto the rails.

"My home, Fishman Island!" Fisher said with great pride.

"Isn't that place underwater?" Sandersonia said and Fisher's face turned dark.

"I forgot you guys are humans, although we could go to Sabaody the Marines will probably be waiting there." Fisher said with disappointment.

Masamune carved more letters in the remaining amount of brick.

'Don't worry, my spiritual energy shield is enough to go underwater with.' Masamune said.

"Looks like we're going to my homeland anyway!" Fisher said with pride and a toothy smile.

"Alright!!" The Boa sisters cheered.




[2 days later]

The gang was still traveling underwater, so they decided to pass the time doing various things. Fisher told Marigold stories of his travels, Sandersonia spoke with Masamune albeit it was very difficult, and Hancock gazed out into the deep underwater landscape.

"Beautiful isn't it?" A voice unfamiliar to Hancock asked.

"Yeah, makes me feel at peace," Hancock answered as she was distracted.

"Haha, me too." Zora said with a laugh.

Hancock finally realized and turned her head only to see Zora gazing out in the same direction she was looking.

'Wasn't she taller?' Hancock thought to herself as she looked at Zora's 5'11 figure, making them around the same height.

"I'm Zora! Nice to meet you..." Zora said and didn't finish her sentence as she didn't want to creep Hancock out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hancock, Boa Hancock. Nice to meet you as well, and thank you for saving me and my sisters." Hancock said with a bow.

"No need to bow it wasn't very hard, ehehehe!" Zora said as she scratched the back of her head with embarrassment.

"A warrior has to give her thanks no matter the person, especially if her own life was saved." Hancock said with respect.

"Well, then you're welcome!" Zora said with a goofy grin. Hancock was affected by the radiant smile and gave her own smile.

'Woah, her smile is as beautiful as that receptionist! Maybe even a little more.' Zora thought to herself.

"I thought you were a lot taller, what happened to your height?" Hancock asked as she was curious about her.

"It's something I've learned to do via my Devil Fruit. It also gets annoying to walk around this medium-sized boat as a 20ft giantess." Zora answered Hancock's question, sating her curiosity.

"That's so cool! I hope to eat a devil fruit and become the Queen of the Pirates!" Hancock said sounding like a certain rubber man. Zora smiled at her great ambitions and smiled at her own ambition as well.

"I hope you can achieve the dream, Hancock!" Zora said giving Hancock a big thumbs up.

"Yeah!" Hancock said with joy and they continued asking questions about eachother.

"You're the same age as me!? Impossible you look so much older!" Hancock said with a small amount of envy as she looked at Zora's legs.

"You're one to talk! You don't look 14, I thought you were at least 18!" Zora said with envy as she looked at Hancock's chest.

They both looked at each other and laughed once again, filling the boat with a joyful atmosphere.




"Are we there yet?" Marigold asked Fisher who was busy navigating.

"We'll arrive soon, Marigold even then, we have to get the ship checked before we are cleared." Fisher said as he ruffled Marigold's brown hair.

"Okay!" Marigold smiled with joy and returned to gazing at the fishes.




[5 hours later]

"WOAH!!" The Boa sisters and Zora said in amazement.

"It's beautiful!" Hancock said as she jumped onto the figurehead.

"I wonder If they have any good food!" Zora drooled at the thought of eating new food.

What these beautiful young ladies were staring at was the large bubble-covered country of Fishman Island, their ship reached the front gate of the giant bubble and was searched by armed mermen.

"You're good to go." One merman said, and the ship moved into the bubble.

"Wow! Onee-chan can we walk around, please!!" Marigold said as she ran circles around Hancock.

"Yes, after we dock Marigold." Hancock said as she looked at the island with eagerness.

"Okay!" Marigold said with a big smile.

"Well then, let's go!" Zora said and they all jumped off the boat.


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