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Lyra Elaude

My eyes shifted to the side and looked at the snickering girls who were pointing fingers at me. They were seated not far from my table and were whispering amongst themselves while throwing glances in my direction.

I know that they were talking about me again, they're always like that. I just pretend that I don't hear them even though they were purposely talking loud. Gia threw me a look and bit her lip, she was trying to say something but was indecisive.

"Lyra, they're going at it again." She finally voiced out in a whisper. Afraid that she would be heard by Rose's group.

"Leave them be." I focused my eyes at the front, feeling nothing. "People like them aren't worth wasting time with."

Gia's eyes widened for a fraction and now she's looking at me with wonder. She then cast a furtive glance at Rose's group again and meekly lowered her head. She's such a timid girl...

"Haah, what was it you said?" A shrill voice echoed at my side before an arm blocked my vision.

Rose leaned down and came up to my face closer, I resisted the urge to turn away. She really doesn't know personal spaces. Her friends surrounded us whilst snickering. Gia's head went even lower and now she's shaking.

"Yah, Rose! You're bothering Lyra again?" One of our classmates called out.

"Shut up!" Rose replied and glared at him. She then turned her attention to me.

"You really like acting tough huh? You think you're so tough don't you?" Rose's index finger pushed my forehead and did it a couple more times. I was getting really annoyed.

After more prodding, I snapped and slapped her hand away.

"Don't touch me."

Everyone else around us went silent, and Rose's face flushed in anger.

"You!" She was sputtering, like she forgot what she was going to say. Her arrogance probably waned.

Just then, her lips twisted at the sides and looked down at me.

"Heh. What do you think about my gift to you? Suits you, right?" She sniggered.

I remembered my locker which is now filled with rotting trash and clicked my tongue.

"I don't know, it was really cheap." My eyes then trained at her and gave her a mocking smile, "Figures, it came from a cheap person."

The people around us suddenly burst out in laughter and noise filled the room. Some of the boys were hollering, the girls surrounding me and Gia, however, were turning red in anger and embarrassment.

She was now glaring at me so hard like she wanted to hit me or something. She had done that before. She's one of those kinds of people who sort to violence whenever they get agitated.

"It's your loss again today Rose. You should stop now." A classmate remarked.

Rose glared at me one more time and left, bumping my shoulders as she went Her friends followed her behind and also gave me the eyes.

After they all went away, Gia looked at me with those same shining eyes as earlier again.

"You're so cool Lyra." She whispered. "I want to be like you..."

I offered her a gentle smile and patted her head.

After class, I was walking down the stairs when someone suddenly pushed me. I almost fell down! Good thing I grasped the railings fast enough to save my life. I then turned around to see who it was and saw someone's retreating form.

Of course, that someone would be Rose. She's really pushing it now, no pun intended.

'Is she seriously willing to be a criminal?'

I stood up straight and gathered my composure. My heart was beating loud in my ears and I was slightly shaking.

I almost had an accident...

I heaved a deep breath as I straightened my back. If I had fallen down, I would roll a couple more times before finally hitting the floor. There's a big chance that I would have a broken bone if I am lucky. And a bigger chance of dying if I had hit my head.

That stupid b-tch!

The sky was already turning dark. I was walking along the sidewalk when I noticed a sign. Apparently, there's a book sale. I looked at the shop for a moment and decided to enter.

Maybe a book would get my attention...

The smell of old paper and books wafted to my nose, it was very calming. As I was browsing the aisles, I noticed a black cat sitting atop one of the bookshelves. It was slowly swishing its tail as it licks itself and only gave me a lazy glance.

'I want to pet it...'

My eyes then darted at a particular book just below the shelf where the cat was on. The gold color was particularly eye-catching. My hand reached out and grabbed it, flipping through the pages. It was still in great condition like it has not been used by anyone.

I contemplated for a while and decided to buy the book.

'It's a bargain anyway...'

After paying for the book, I glanced at the black cat again which was nowhere in sight now. Shrugging my shoulders, I left the store and went straight home.


The villainous daughter of Marquis Herman perished in the hands of Janus, the empire's greatest magician. Estelle was rescued by Lukas and brought her back to the duke's estate. After a few months, they got married and had two children.

The end…

I slowly closed the book, closed my eyes, and heaved a deep breath.


I mean sure yeah! It's a happy ending! I'm so happy for Estelle because she got a good ending she deserved but what the hell was that?!

The villainess was so stupid I literally want to jump inside and slap her twice in the face! Then kick her! Ugh! Why is she so stupidly bad? Like her whole character was so bad I cringe every time she's in the frame. Seriously…

This author made such a stupid character as the villainess? She's just a spoiled brat who uses violence! She's not classy at all! What the heck…

I pursed my lips and frowned. Know what, she reminded me a lot of Rose. A b-tch.

I tried calming myself down by inhaling through my nose and exhaling air through my mouth. It's no good to be so agitated by her, honestly, I really wanted to rewrite her character.

If I were the villainess, I would be the best one there is. I won't stoop so low like how that stupid Nadia did. Seriously, she does everything so cheaply. Like she really kidnapped and tried to torture Estelle just because she's obsessed with the crown prince. Aren't they cousins?

She also acts like she's not brought as a lady of a noble home. Not even an ounce of sophistication a lady should have. She's just bad. Like really really bad.

Ahhh my poor Estelle, I'm so sorry you get to suffer in her hands. I'm happy that you got your deserved happy ending.

I chuckled at how foolish I am being. Getting so worked up by a novel I found at a book sale.

"Lyra, you still have classes tomorrow, go to sleep!" My mom shouted while banging my bedroom door.

"I'm sleeping!" I replied and turned off the lamp.

"Ahh, good thing I finished the book huh." I whispered while staring at the ceiling. It was dark, but the moonlight illuminated my room faintly.

I daydreamed a little bit more, creating situations in my head before finally succumbing to sleep while hugging the novel.


I woke up with a start and because the room suddenly got brighter. The rays of the sun hit my eyes and I blanched.

Ugh so bright…

Turning my body from the side, I burrowed my face deeper on my pillow. It was such a good pillow, so soft and silky to the touch. Wow, when did my pillow become like this. My bed feels more comfortable too like I'm lying on a pile of clouds.

Ahh so soft…

"Milady, the bath is ready." A voice suddenly said.

Huh, milady. Who's that?

I opened my left eye and peeked, and saw a woman dressed in a maid uniform standing near beside my bed. Uhh, who is she?

I stretched out and sat up groggily, I rubbed my eyes and looked around. What greeted me was a very unfamiliar surrounding.

I was sitting at a big luxurious bed, in the middle of a luxurious room with luxurious things. My eyes drifted at the high ceilings, the big expensive-looking paintings, and to the stiff-looking maid at my bedside.

Am I dreaming?

I looked down and lifted my hands which looked weirdly unfamiliar too. When did I have such a good looking skin? My fingers look like candles!

My eyes widened when I noticed a silvery lock of hair and grabbed it. Oh my God, is this my hair? When did I have such silky white hair? What is this?

I chuckled to myself. I'm really dreaming huh…

"The bath is ready milady, just as you want." The maid voiced out again and I swiveled my head in her direction, then stared.

"Who are you?" I asked.

The maid cast me a frightened glance and bowed her head.

"This maid is at fault, please have mercy milady!"

The maid then proceeded to drop down and kneeled and repeatedly asked for mercy. I couldn't help but sit there dumbfounded.

What just happened?

I noticed there were other young women in maid uniforms standing near the door of the bedroom and they all looked at me nervously. When I trained my eyes at them, they all dropped their gazes on the floor and stood stiffly like frightened rabbits.

Do I look scary? I wondered and touched my face. My skin felt smooth as well, and there were no weird bumps. To make sure I don't look hideous, I stood up from the bed, the maids flinched even more and I frowned.

My feet touched the carpeted floor and I marveled at how soft it was. I made my way to the vanity mirror and what I saw shocked me.


Who is this?!

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