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62.68% Reaching For the Stars / Chapter 41: Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Chapter 41

After the gym, I got back home pretty quickly and rushed to my room after a few hours of excitement.

Since I was extremely tired after playing basketball, I struggled through the usual workout routine without amping up any numbers.

I'm very exhausted right now, but I still want to see if acting or posing in front of the camera will give me the acting and modeling skills. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I hope it does work.

First thing's first, I must shower.

If I don't I'll probably fall on asleep on the bed with my still sweaty body, even if it's still too early to go to bed.

Checking myself out in the mirror, I notice I've gained a little bit more tone in the muscle.

Every day I look a little less like an emaciated person and more like a healthy teen boy.

I get out of my room and hear soft pitter-patter on the window.

I stare out at the window being grazed by droplets of water but still showing the nice horizon.

Something I've noticed is that looking out the window relaxes me, but even more so when it's raining.

Ah, I really like this rain.

Let's get to grinding some skills, shall we?

Well since I haven't gotten modeling or acting skill yet, I should probably keep trying.

It does take a small while to finally get a skill. I had to play a few games of chess to finally get the chess skill and draw and write for a while before I got the drawing skill.

I head towards the mirror and smile at myself from the mirror.

I feel a little awkwardness doing this, but I'm going to have to get used to this.

My legs shift and my back straightens a little more, slightly puffing the chest.

Oh man, I look stupid right now.

Well, it's been a few minutes of posing in front of the mirror so I'll probably have to do a few minutes of posing every day to get the skill.

Well, at least it'll help me get used to posing. Right now I'm feeling awkward posing with myself, I'd probably make mistakes if it were with other people.

No skill gain for now, though.

It's 7:21 PM right now. Since it's raining right now, I'd think more people would be looking on the internet?

Therefore it'd be a good idea to stream for a little bit.

I also really want to get those 3,000 achievement points to open the Achievement Egg.

I open up the computer and check on discord to see if anyone's online.

Clicking on the only discord server I'm on, I see that everyone's online but none are in a voice chat.

I scroll through the chat and see they've scheduled to stream at around 8 PM.

Yeah, I'll join.

(Charlie: ill be on at 8 too)

(LoafofBread: ye same)

LoafofBread oddly reminds me of a certain person that goes by the channel name of Toast, yet they're completely different people.

It seems as if many of the streamers here are oddly based on Earth's Offline TV streamers, but they have completely different personalities and appearances.

Bread here has an extremely deep voice and I'd like to think a quieter personality.

Or maybe I just haven't seen the full-on crackhead that he is, because sometimes he gets loud and then gets quiet back again.

Who would Reed be, though? His name doesn't seem to correlate with any past Offline TV streamers.

Ah, I'm dumb. He's just a streamer in Pangaea like the rest of them are. I shouldn't be thinking of them as replacements for Earth's streamers.

I take out a clean notebook from one of my table drawers.

It's not new, but most of its pages are unused so I'll be using these to grind the drawing skill.

I blow away some of the dust in its cover.

I still think it's weird that my streamer friends have names similar to those on Earth, yet are completely different.

Hmm well, it shouldn't matter much.

I take out a pencil. Now, what should I draw?

Oh! My family.

Well, let's draw the four of us at the dinner table. I think that would make pretty nice practice.

The first thing I can say about my father is that he's aging very well. He's still got his dark hair and very little signs of wrinkles.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

His jawline is still sharp and his cheekbones are still pronounced.

He sports a very common Asian hairstyle which is just a side part.

He's a very extroverted, social, and intelligent person who I look up to.

Haha, look up to. Not quite literally anymore with my height of 6'3.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

He's 6'1, which was the same height I had back on Earth so I always looked at him either from below or the same level. Now though, I stare at the top of his head.

My mom is pretty short. She's 5'4 and my sister got her height from her as well. They're quite similar and have big eyes and cute smiles.

My mom has a gentle smile while my sister's looks more energetic.

She used to look similar to Charlotte but just a little shorter.

She wasn't the brightest, but she was very passionate about things.

Now, she likes to cook things for us, watch tennis games, and read books.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

A little calmer in comparison to her hot blooded days.

We should play tennis one day. I think she'd like it very much.

My mom and dad have a very calm love story. They were best friends who knew each other since extremely young.

They helped each other through their struggles until finally, they realized their feelings for each other at the end of high school.

Funnily, both of them thought they were in each other's friend zone.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

My mother thought Dad wouldn't like her since he had a lot of girls going for him, and dad thought the same for mom.

Not wanting to regret anything, they confessed to each other on the last day of their high school days.

They were happy but regretted not confessing before, since by that time they were going to different colleges.

They visited each other often to compensate and my grandparents, or their parents were very friendly with each other, so they too saw each other often on holidays.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

It's a little sad that they didn't spend their young middle and high school days together, though, as that's when being in a relationship is the most fun.

They too regretted it, and now just tell me to have fun these days while they last.

Funny, because Chinese families usually are a little more strict on studying.

I finish by drawing Charlotte's smiley face.

Naturally, she's also good looking from both our parents' genes.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

The sketch was okay. There are some things I could have done better but I'm satisfied with this.

I stretch my fingers and squeeze them.

I wish my parents happiness.

Well, what else should we draw?

Ooh! Let's draw the streamers.

I start with Reed.

He's got reddish brown auburn hair, pretty tall at 6'1, white skin, and is a complete chad of a dude.

Like I explained before, he's a pretty boy who looks to be up to no good until you get to know him.

I attempt to outline his face from memory.


[Drawing has increased by 10 points.]

I draw his high cheekbones and diamond-shaped face.


[Drawing has increased by 10 points.]

Well, it looks like it isn't too hard to increase Drawing skills.

I tone and shade the face a little bit.


[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

I draw his Almond-shaped eyes and just brush in the eyebrows.

Easy. It's not too realistic but it does look like a pretty nice sketch.

I turn over the page.

Uhhh, who next?


As much as we've talked, I haven't seen her enough to be familiar with her features.

I look up an image of her.

I draw the shoulder-length black hair and bangs that cover her forehead.


[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

She has an oval-shaped Asian face with big eyes and looks pretty adorable.

Dang, she looks more like an Idol than a streamer.

Rather, it's not just her and Reed. They all look like celebrities.

Did they do plastic surgery?

Is it common in this world to do plastic surgery?

They all look pretty young though, so I don't think they'd ruin their face with plastic.

Maybe that's also one of the reasons they were successful at streaming? They were just good looking?

Because bzoomster, Reed, and Bread so far have been the only ones I've noticed to be competent at videogames.

The rest look more like people who got decent at playing videogames from doing it so much, rather than Reed, Bread, or Zoomster who have a big following from being skilled.

Reed hasn't even done a face reveal yet.

If he did a face reveal, I think he'd be way over the 1 million mark by now.

Funny how my first stream I was already doing face cam and he hasn't done it in 3 years.

Doesn't matter that much, though. Since I got more than 10K followers from that.

I move on to Rykun.

Yeah. As expected, he also looks like an Idol.

I draw his nice features.

He's Eastern Asian, similar to Yvettel, blacklily, and LoafOfBread.

He's got a thin flower-boy face. Almost like me, except I look more emaciated and paler than him.

Almost like the current me, but with a more healthy complexion.

Pangaea Charlie did not go out to the sun much or did any exercise, after all.


[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

I wonder how much I'll need to draw before I get to the next level?

Blacklily now.

Yep, very good looking as well.

She's got long black hair reaching to her back and wears white round-rimmed glasses.

Her features are adorable, just like Yvette's except her hair is parted instead of with bangs.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

Bzoomster's next.

I search up his face and dang he's got a pretty nice beard.

He's a well-built brown-haired dude with a fresh smile.

Pretty fun guy, honestly.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

Well, a trend I've noticed is that these good-looking people aren't too skilled at videogames and are instead, people who socialize well with their fans.

Poodlefluff has dark-chocolate brown hair and there's not much to say other than, like blacklily and Yvettel, she's got many simps.

[Drawing has gained 10 points.]

Her features are soft which makes it a little easier to draw, as well.

I check the time.

Hmm, I've already spent around 30 minutes sketching their faces.

Should I show them the drawings? I think they'd like it.

Ah, I'll show them later, though. Since I haven't drawn Bread, Julian, and Wip.

Bread is an Eastern Asian and he's got soft features, completely opposite of what you'd expect from a guy with such a deep voice.

Juliamn is blonde and is probably one of the louder ones.

Honestly, he reminds me of a golden retriever with his almost permanent like smile.

He's very happy about everything and chatters a lot.

wipL still hasn't revealed his face, yet. I can't deduce anything from his voice, either.

I open discord back up and see people already in the voice channel.

Some still haven't joined but most are already chatting by now.

I click the join voice channel button and hear them yelling over the top of their lungs once again.

The yelling abruptly stops when they hear the sound of someone joining.

[blacklily: "Uhhh who is it?"]

[Yvettel: "Charlie? CHARLIE! HI!"]

[bzoomster: "Yooo Charlie, what's up?"]

"Hey guys, nothing much. How have you been?"

I'm going to start streaming in a few minutes. They probably are already streaming and their chat has already heard me.

[Poodlefluff: "Hi Charlie, nothing much."]

"Haha, really? I thought I heard you guys yelling?

[wipL: "Nope, it wasn't anything. Nothing at all."]

[blacklily: "Yup don't worry about it, Charlie!"]

[Yvettel: "Mhm."]



I can just look into their stream, anyway.

Well, let's get the streaming set up.

After deafening myself on discord, I go to streamtv, the biggest streaming website that I was streaming on previously, and clicked on my dashboard.

I connect my recording software to the streaming platform and clicked the 'Stream Now' button.

Before the stream had even started, people were already tuning in to my stream because the streamers had advertised they'd get together at 8 PM.

The chat, that I haven't put any filter on for yet began blowing up after seeing my face fill their screen.


Doorguy: anyone else just waiting for him to start? OHDHIT NVM

Charl1esximp: sup

ceywarriorrrrr: sup

controllermanx: oh its charlie

simp_police22222284: dad is finally here]

I cracked a grin at the chat while feeling a little nervousness from my stomach.

I looked directly at the camera.

"Good evening, guys."

Today, I'll open the Achievement Egg and finally get that second point of luck.

I'm going to assume opening it will also bring numerous benefits so if nothing goes wrong, after today I'll have jumped multiple steps into success.

I talk with chat for 10 minutes until I saw my screen getting lit up by mentions from the server.

Yvette and Bread were both spamming me to undefean myself, and soon the others were spamming me as well.

Goodness gracious, they're impatient.

[Author Note: Please enjoy! I apologize for the very late chapter. I've been getting overwhelmed IRL by tests and assignments so chapters might be releasing a little late.

Today's Chapter will talk more about people's appearances. I think I just skipped on how they looked and a few readers pointed that out. I'm still not very good at explaining people's features and I don't know if I implemented this well enough.

I feel like the writing was boring, since people don't really like to read about how people look.

I tried adding some skill points gain but I still feel like it was a little boring.

Next time I do info dumps like this, how should I implement them without it being like this?

Thank you for reading, and please leave your thoughts in the comments.]

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