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Realm of Beasts: My Husband Wants More Babies

Realm of Beasts: My Husband Wants More Babies

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After transmigrating to a world of beasts, Ye Zhizhi turned out to be the only woman in a population brimming with handsome men.

Forget competing for territory or food—why were they competing for her too? Tiger took the initiative. “Don’t run off. Give me a child and I’ll protect you.”

His ears might be fluffy and adorable, but she’s a human, and reproductive isolation meant she couldn’t bear his child even if she broke her hips! Although it was bizarre enough to meet a perverted tiger, it turned out everyone was perverted: foxes, wolves, snakes, and peacocks!

This world was so indecent! While the tiger went out to hunt, the fox flashed her a droopy look. “Tiger is lying to you. He just wants to possess you, but I’m different—I’ll pamper you.”

Ye Zhizhi shook her head—there’s no way she would trust a fox. The big black wolf licked his long fingers and spoke alluringly, “Us wolves are always monogamous. You’ll be happiest with me.” The white peacock flashed its golden tail feathers and shoved the wolf aside, twerking its butt at Ye Zhizhi, “Loyalty is useless, you oaf—it’s only natural to pick the prettiest partner. Ye Zhizhi: “I’ll never be charmed by beauty!” before she finished, something icy coiled around her legs—unbeknownst to her, the emerald snake had slipped behind her, and things were heating up as his tail slithered over her body…

“Stop, stop, stop!” Unable to fight back, Ye Zhizhi had to set ground rules.

“Calm down, let’s go one-by-one!”

Tiger said, “Why didn’t you call me if you’re doing it in a group?!”

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