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96.87% Rebirth Of A Male Empress / Chapter 31: Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Rebirth Of A Male Empress - Chapter 31 by Precious_Charm17 full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 29

After the duel, Xiao Bai and mingxue decided to call it a day, dingwu also went home early.

"Young master, are you not going home?" Ruo Lan asked XuWei who was watching Xiao Bai leave.

"I need to do something first." He said flatly. He then started to walk back when he saw Zhineng collecting the box to count the votes tonight.

"President Zhou! What a coincidence, I am just about to find you." XuWei said and went to him.

"Oh master Qin. Do you have something to discuss with me?" Zhineng asked while carrying the box.

XuWei, "About the ranking you made for the performance."

Zhineng, "What about it?"

XuWei, "I want to back out."

Zhineng, "Back out? Why?"

XuWei, "I just don't want to join."

Zhineng, "Ah then it's a pity."

XuWei, "What's the pity?"

"Seems like Master Bai will perform alone next week." Zhineng said with a pout but his tone was that of provoking XuWei.

XuWei felt his ears twitch, "What do you mean."

Zhineng then cracked a laugh, "The ranking is just a hoax. It was just to capture the attention of the academy. The union thought that this is a great opportunity to announce your membership in the union along with the ranking. Whoever is the winner of the voting you and master bai will still perform no matter what, isn't that great?"

"Originally we thought to let you answer Xiao Bai have a duet performance so we could attract more attention, I'm also thinking of raising funds for the upcoming competition. We'll we won't talk about that now. Anyway don't worry about it." Zhineng smiled at him.

XuWei, "Then does Xiao Bai know this?"

Zhineng, "Oh that's right. Tell him for me and also it's better if you practice now. It needs to be perfect."

XuWei nodded and bidded his farewell to zhineng. While walking home he couldn't help but feel a little restless. They are going to practice together which means they'll have more time to interact.


"Magistrate Zhao, are you well this days?" Emperor Xin asked.

"This magistrate is well, your royal highness." Zhao fengsheng cupped his hands and bowed in respect.

"It's good to see that you're well, let's chat out in the Red pavilion for a bit." Emperor Xin invited him. Fengsheng issued a 'Yes' and followed the emperor outside.

As soon as they sat, countless maidservants emerged and put countless delicacies and a high grade to on their table.

"Magistrate Zhao, you didn't say that your nephew is attending Yang Gui." The emperor opened the topic.

"Indeed, Your Highness. We have been apart for quite a long time and just reunited a month ago. I sent him to the academy in order for him to gain knowledge and some connections." Zhao fengsheng answered truthfully.

"Good good. Magistrate Zhao, I know your past and everything you have gone through, I wouldn't put you as a magistrate if I am uncertain of your origin. You are also my tactical adviser, I clearly said that if you wanted to take over Li Empire I'm willing to help, how come you still let your dear nephew do it? Even seeking my son who was also attending the academy?" Emperor Xin said with a serious tone.


Years ago the northern border of the Xin State was on the verge of being breached by the neighboring country, the Gu Empire. At that time, it was just a year since FengSheng's sister, Lu Xuan, died.

Fengsheng left Xiao Ling and Xiao bah to some isolated place to keep them from the watchful eyes of Li Shun and went on a journey to accumulate his power. He never really wanted to leave his growing nephew. He saw with hus own eyes in that one year how the little child was always silent and in a daze.

It's obvious that he was traumatized by the events. However with Xiao ling's gentle and utmost care, Xiao Bai slowly went back to normal but he seems to have forgotten the last 5 years of his existence, it was like his brain erased the things that would leave him a psychological shadow.

He left Xiao Ling some money for them to survive at least a few months and set off. He needs to once again start from scratch and slowly gain his standing if he wants to take revenge on the evil concubine. He needs to let her pay the price tenfolds.

After a month of traveling he arrived at the gates of Xin Country. He roamed around the capital when a messenger posted a note on the city square. Fengsheng pushed through the crowds that surrounded the notice ans finally was able to see the announcement.

It seems like the is in a difficult situation and needs a lot of recruits immediately. As soon as fengsheng read this, and idea popped on his mind. This is a perfect chance to start, he was a talented warrior, he is sure that he'll successfully join the ranks in a short time. He just needs to show his capacity in the battle field.

And with determination in mind he knocked on the gates of the palace. He was asked if what is his attention in going in the palace, knowing that he was going to join the army, the imperial guards directly senr him to the left wing of the palace. It was where the training field, barracks, weapons and other things battle related are.

Since most of the commanders and generals are sent to the frontlines because of the dire situation, the emperor himself is overlooking with the newbie's training with the head emperial guard.

This new recruits only have a few days to train before setting off to the battle field, they don't have the time to seriously train them one by one. At most Emperor Xin would give them some important points and advice. This also raised their morale and will to come back alive.

The emperial guard send him the emperor, "Your royal highness, this gentleman here wants to join the army."

Emperor Xin was busy looking at the ones training in the field so he didn't even take a glance at fengsheng and just told him to go the barracks and geae himself up to start training.

Fengsheng immediately did as he was told and went back to the emperor's side, "Your highness, I'm ready."

This time emperor Xin observed him from heas to toe, "You have a nice body built. Did you have a training?"

Fengsheng bowed, "Answering, your highness. This one has received a training since young."

Emperor Xin nodded in delight. Finally seeing a true warrior, even his temperament shows that he was rather experienced with this kind of things. However upon looking at him longer, emperor Xin felt like he seen him before.

With that in mind he called his servants to fetch his sword and asked FengSheng to have a round with him. Fengsheng naturally couldn't refuse. The people immediately give them the space and have the honor to witness the emperor's play.

"Don't hold back." Emperor Xin said as while unsheathing his sword. Fengsheng didn't verbally respond but instead nodded and also unsheathed his sword. Normally if they are in training, they only use sword sticks to avoid injuries since it would lower their performance in the battle field but this time the emperor was using his sword it means that he was acknowledging Fengsheng as an individual.

Thus without any go signal they show down started. This was one of the points Xin ShiHui pointed on them, in the battle field there's no go signal that tells you to start fighting, whoever attacks first gets the upper hand when he uses the opportunity smartly.

At the first 15 minutes, you could that they were just sizing each other up, constantly attack a few times to determine the capacity of the opponent. But as the time runs the exchange between the two became fiercer, they also move very fast that they just couldn't see them clearly.

While attacking and defending they couldn't help but boil in excitement. Finally a worthy opponent! They draw out each other's full potential, and this also made the people watching watch in awe. They are both so powerful!

XuWei who was roughly 6 to 7 years old was watching this with stars in his eyes. Promising in his heart to surpass this two people when he grow up. In the end, they ended in a tie. But instead feeling down, emperor Xin was happy to find a powerful person to join the army.

Because of his talent, Xin ShiHui appointed him as a 26th squadron commander that will set off in the next few days as reinforcements.

"You look so familiar, have I met you before?" He asked Fengsheng who immediately stiffened. Today was the day that they are going to join in the front lines.

Thinking hard fengsheng really seemed like he once encountered this emperor Xin before. If he remembered correctly it was an autumn hunt where countless royalties joint the event, and he of course went with his brother-in-law, the former emperor Wang YuJin.

However it wouldn't be a good move to reveal hia identity as soon as he got here so he played the safe game, "Emperor Xin must be mistaken, how can a lowly me deserved to be recognized by you."

"Well it doesn't matter, make sure to bring victory to the country." Emperor Xin said with a confident and serious tone, like it was a matter of fact. The squad immediately issued a load cheering and shots as response to him.

Arriving at the battle field, it was indeed very bloody. Bodies are littered and bloods and spilled everywhere, it was like hell. But fengsheng was already accustomed to this bloody scene and directly went to the general's tent. Only to know that his foot is already buried, he was on the death's door.

The general seems to recognize fengsheng since they did talked a while at the autumn hunt and exchange some pointers as fellow generals. With his last breath he fengsheng to take charge of the remaining force and deliver them victory.

Since then fengsheng was able to show case his leadership and intellegence in the battle. Almost every time they took an offense they came back with victory and low casualties which made the soldiers happy.

Little by little they regained control of the borders and forced the enemy to step back and eventually decided for a seize war. The whole ordeal took full 2 year and by this time fengsheng being a talented general already spread out of the whole country and Emperor Xin was able to grasp his origin.

Going back triumphantly, people constantly waited for their arrival and even praised him as a war deity, they also praised the emperor for having such a keen eyes on choosing his people. Fengsheng jumped down from his horse and entered the hall.

He knelt down to the emperor and announced their arrival and victory. Xin shihui stared at him from his dragon seat with complicated feelings, "Please rise. General Zhao, why didn't you honestly said that you were a former general of the Wang State?"

Fengsheng already knew this was coming so he was rather calm, "This one asks for your pardon. It seems like His Highness already had a rough idea about me and knows what I've gone through, I disn't say it last time because there was currently an upcoming war and as a soldiers I don't dare mix my duties and personal life."

Xin ShiHui was quite satisfied with his proffesionalism, he was thankful for Fengsheng and was ready to fulfill his request as a reward, "You did an amazing job in the front lines. As a reward tell me what you want. Do you want to take revenge? I could give it to you."

Fengsheng calmly refused, "We just finished a war and it would be too much to add another. This lowly one doesn't want to add another burden to His Highness."

Emperor Xin didn't find his answer unexpected, instead his favorability to him increased. "Then what do you want as a reward?"

"I, Zhao Fengsheng, wants to quite the army and live as a magistrate in some sub-urban areas of the kingdom."

This remark made Xin ShiHui's eyes wide, "Why do you want to live the army?"

Fengsheng, "I personally want make my own army to face with the Li Country, His Highness need not to worry, I won't use this to rebel against you. I just hope that His Highness would let me do this." He knew that Xin ShiHui would certainly not let him off easily.

If he secretly make his army and the emperor knows then he would surely become suspicious of Fengsheng so it was better to let him know beforehand.

Xin shihui thought for a moment. Fengsheng is originally not obliged to help them win but still made them conquer victory so it was only logical that he'll leave the ranks. Fengsheng also already assured him that he would betray them so it was already good.

Xin ShiHui let out a sigh, "Okay, I'll make you a magistrate. For bonuses, I'll even give you the riches you deserve for gaining victory for the country."

"Thank you, Your High

"However! There's some conditions." Xin ShiHui cut him off. Fengsheng nodded his head in recognition and waited for the emperor to continue.

"You need to stay by my side as a tactic adviser." Xin ShiHui said in full smiles.

There seems to no room for negotiations and he agreed with this setup. The people was sad to hear his retirement but was able to understand that he finally wants to settle down.

After sitting steadily as a magistrate of Xi'an county. Although he said that being a magistrate of some suburban cities is enough, Xin ShiHui still insisted to give him a country saying he would never mistreat the hero.

When he was settled, Xin ShiHui asked him to go on a journey and find some young talents to fill in the army once again. That is how he got to meet Ruo Lan and Mingxue, as to where, Ruo Lan got scouted in the emperial palace while Mingxue entered Fengsheng's domain.

....End of flashback....

"Your Highness, you know that I don't want to take over the country and rule the entire kingdom. My nephew is the rightful heir to the throne and I'm just here to help him attain it." Fengsheng calmly explained. He and the emperor have known each other for a long time so they communicate more normally.

"Besides I won't be there by side forever when he sits in the throne. He needs to have connections early on." He continued.

"Well I get the point but why are you so sure that he could carry his self alone? He's been a bumpkin since childhood, not even having proper education and just some lessons from his adopted mother. Don't you think you're pushing him quite hard?" Xin ShiHui worriedly inquired, he already met Xiao Bai and knew that he has the guts to surpass his limits. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Of course I'm worried about him. I'm also quite worried a month ago that he would push me away for leaving them but surprisingly he was calm and took in everything in without complains." Fengsheng suddenly remembered the first time they reunited.

"To put it simply, I could his mother in him. I could see her temperant in him. That's why I'm quite confident in him." Fengsheng continued. His sister, in everyone's eyes and mind was some kind of soft goddess that stays in the house and waits for his husband to come home. But she was actually fierce, strong, and beautiful. Like a diamond. But it was because that she's a woman that her opportunity to showcase her worth was only hidden in the depths of her heart.

Only fengsheng knew that she was actually ambitious and dreams high, however she casted it all when she gave birth to her son. She poured all her hidden passion and dreams on raising Xiao Bai, even lowering her pride in front of Li shun to protect his son. This only shows how strong her heart was, her desire to protect.

And he saw all of this on Xiao Bai's eyes. And at that moment he knew, that her son will fulfill all her wishes and achieve more than they could imagine.

Xin shihui didn't say anymore. And they continued their nice little chat about the kids and someother trivia matters.


Author's note: Hi guys! Some of you are probably thinking that the chapter's title is Result And Announcement but the content is flashbacks and stuffs.

Well that's because it's for the thrill, you know? You'll get the idea of what was in the chapter if I said it the title. It wont be surprising like that.

Anyway, you are probably aware that there is no such thing as femenism especially in the past, that's why lu xuan didn't have the chance to do what she wants. She may be the highest woman in the kingdowm, but remember, women can't join political activities, can't go out without permission, etc.

In addition I made this chapter to show you guys how an escapee managed to recover his power and wealth. Don't tell me y'all didn't even ask this while reading the last chapters?๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค“

Up next: Membership

โ˜˜mini theaterโ˜˜

XuWei: Well damn. I didn't get enough exposure once again๐Ÿ™„.

Shihui: well maybe, because I'm more handsome than you are! Hahaha

XuWei: Father, you also don't have long exposure, don't brag around.

Shihui: But mine are much more longer than yours.

Xuwei, sarcasrically: yeah about a few lines.

The one who really got the most exposure, known as zhao fengsheng: ...

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