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75% Rebirth of a Nation's Darling - Prince Charming / Chapter 30: Men Shouldn’t Touch (1)

Men Shouldn’t Touch (1) - Rebirth of a Nation's Darling - Prince Charming - Chapter 30 by Shui Qianche full book limited free

Chapter 30: Men Shouldn’t Touch (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The reason?

In the room...

Qin Fan placed the unconscious Si Huang on the bed, then unfolded his comforter, which had been folded into the shape of a large piece of tofu, and covered her with it. He had initially planned on leaving after doing this, but for some strange reason, he found himself unable to do so. He frowned as he stared at the figure in his bed. 'Such soft skin… It's like white jade! I can't see any flaws even with the powers of my eyesight!' He could see her long, thick lashes very clearly, as she had her eyes closed. They created a nice contrast against her eyelids, which made her seem even more exquisite and vulnerable than ever. In fact, she looked even younger now than when she had her eyes open. She seemed younger than an adult.

Si Huang looked fragile in Qin Fan's eyes. He was simply too delicate! No one could possibly bear to raise a hand against him! His tender, fair complexion was far more exquisite than a woman's! However, there was still one satisfactory aspect about him— the great potential and power hidden underneath this frail body.

Qin Fan nodded darkly when he remembered the kid's swift, high leaps in the forest. A smooth, soft sensation suddenly snapped him out of his stupor. He narrowed his eyes again and stared at his long, coarse fingers, which had automatically gravitated toward Si Huang's cheek.

He poked his cheek once, then did it once more.

His heart followed the rhythm of his fingers like a scratching cat—scratching once, then once more.

Qin Fan gradually felt a little sleepy amidst the mess of these strange new feelings.

This was certainly rare!

For anyone suffering from insomnia for more than ten days, a sudden bout of sleepiness was a blessing.

Qin Fan did not fight this increasingly seductive lull to sleep. Seized by this supernatural coincidence, he lay on the bed and shut his eyes. He felt a strange sense of attraction in his blurry state, as if he had discovered an oasis in the middle of a desert. This feeling made him lose all control and filled him with the urge to rush toward the oasis and claim it as his own. He wanted to submerge himself in the oasis, for the refreshing feeling of it would fill him with endless ecstasy.

In stark contrast, Si Huang was not sleeping well. She was having a dream filled with memories of her past life.

In her past life...

Si Huang had just graduated from high school at the age of eighteen. She was beginning to look forward to her future as a college student with great joy when Si Zhihan suddenly ordered her to marry a man she had never met before! Based on Si Zhihan's actions, she knew that her future spouse was definitely an alarmingly powerful person that would provide him with great benefits.

At the time, Si Zhihan had taken her on a private helicopter to Divine Qilin Summit, an antique mansion in the middle of the forest. Si Huang was amazed by the sight of it until a loud scream interrupted her thoughts and a scene she would never forget for the rest of her life occurred. She felt bile surge in her throat at that very moment.

The topless man had jet-black, messy, slightly wavy hair that covered his eyes. However, even so, she could still feel the cold, cruel gaze in his eyes. His face was lined with sadistic, twisted features. She could even see veins popping out on his neck. His bright white teeth biting viciously was a sight that would always terrify Si Huang. His tall, perfect body seemed like a flawless marble carving due to his exquisite skin, yet he looked like a maddened wild animal at the same time, causing the hair on her entire body to stand on end as she trembled.

"A'fan! Stop!"

"Brother Fan! Calm down! Please calm down!"

The other people were frantically trying to stop the topless man, their faces filled with awe and anxiety. Suddenly, a stocky, middle-aged man touched the man's arm, and everyone's ears were filled with tearing, cracking sounds, followed by the middle-aged man's blood-curdling shrieks. The middle-aged man's arm had been bloodily torn off his body. No one had seen how the topless man had done it.

Si Huang felt her eyes redden. Her nostrils were filled with the smell of blood. She was so shocked that she simply could not move. She stood in the same spot as if her body had turned into stone. Her stomach churned.

Then, the shirtless man seemed to sense her eyes on him and turned to her. Si Huang felt as if she could see his ferocious, bloodshot eyes through his jet-black hair and felt a throbbing pain in her chest. She wasn't sure if this was a mistake or her imagination.

The man's expression seemed to switch hesitantly. His entire body released a strange, oppressive, wild aura. Then, he extended his hand toward Si Huang.

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His large hand was drenched in blood!

It was the very hand he had used to tear off another man's arm!

Si Huang's throat released a whimpering noise that sounded like a broken wind box. Her body instinctively urged her to back away. Then, she turned around, no longer able to keep the churning in her stomach under control. She puked, releasing a mouthful of acid. The nervous throbbing feeling in her heart and the smell of blood that filled her nostrils made it extremely difficult for her to breathe.

The large shadow inched closed to her silently, causing her chest to tighten again. She nearly lost her breath. She stared at the man, who was half a meter away from her, with eyes filled with panic and terror, like an injured cub. "D-D-Don't… come any closer!" She let out a hoarse cry.

To her surprise, the man stopped advancing toward her. He remained silent for two seconds, then turned around and left.

She didn't know what happened next. The Qin Family refused to see them and sent someone to escort them home instead.

Everything happened really quickly. It felt like a dream to 18-year-old Si Huang, who had spent her days at school or at home before. When she found out that the person Si Zhihan had wanted her to marry was that terrifying man, Qin Fan, Si Huang rebelled against Si Zhihan for the very first time.

Si Huang's still-rattled heart plunged into a wave of disappointment that chilled her to the bone when she saw the look on Si Zhihan's face. Her eyes were finally opened, and something inside her shattered.

'Father… you were obviously frightened too. So frightened that your knees gave way and you landed on the ground. You knew how terrifying that man was. You were afraid too. How could you have pushed me in there?'

The most surprising part was that Si Zhihan had not sent her to college but had made her sign a contract with Prime Entertainment and debuted her as a celebrity from the very beginning. Soon, she'd faced the first bleak moment of her life. Si Zhihan had sent her to a business partner. She still remembered the first words that the seemingly gentle and decent-looking man had said. "This is the one that Master Qin liked? Hmm… Not bad at all."

'Master Qin liked me?' Si Huang was certain that that terrifying man would not have said this to anyone, which meant that her father, Si Zhihan had planned this himself!

Si Huang remembered every detail of her dream when she woke up. The dream had begun with the many tribulations she had endured in her life. Then, for some strange reason, the scene had changed from a tragic show to a ridiculously cute fantasy clip. She had dreamt that she had turned into an egg and had been stolen by a huge beast. The beast had placed her in its nest and then hugged her very tightly and chanted, "Hatch, hatch, come on out, little butter ball. I'll raise you, fatten you, then eat you! Eat you! Eat you!"

She, the egg, had been hugged so tightly that she'd begun to feel very hot. It was so hot that she wanted to wiggle away, afraid that she would be fattened up and eaten if she stayed. 

Finally, the heat had woken her up.

She opened her eyes but met only darkness. For a moment, she felt uncertain… Until Wu Bao cleared its throat in her mind and said, "A-hem, Your Highness. Please look up."

Si Huang raised her head. Her eyes then narrowed.

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