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Chapter 14: Richest man in [HORIZON]

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds can be heard, throughout the sky.

"Fireball" as Adam said a huge fireball formed on his hand shot up the bird in front of him.

Surprisingly he was flying and enjoying himself.

"Enjoying my Ass, I am doing my quest"

Oh sorry! sorry.

Adam was currently doing his quest, related to wind affinity.

[Quest: Lenox wants you to use the basic skill of Wind magic: 'Fly' to fly in the air and kill ten birds.


Reward: You can proceed to the last floor.

Upon failure: You can't enter the mage tower for the next 3days]

"Ice spear"




[+Hawk's claw]

Black Hawk, was commonly found flying monster in beginners town. It gave huge XP with an uncommon grade item.

He cast another "Fireball"

"Khak... Kerr.." letting a painful moan it finally died with this one, Adam finally killed a total of 10 Black Hawk.

[Quest: Completed]

He thought it would take time but, fortunately, he finished the quest before he expected.

There was still time so he decided to visit his dungeon.

Upon reaching there he can see 100's of parties and thousands of people gathering around the cave.

Three were two pairs of NPCs on either side of the entrance.

The first team was collecting money and 2nd was checking the players and giving them one time passes.

Adam hired these NPCs from the merchant guild.

There are two primary guilds in each city of [Horizon] that are not managed by players.

Merchant guild and Adventure guild.

Even though he has to pay 10% of the money to the merchant guild from his total earnings there was a reason for him to do so.

If he hired any other normal players to manage the guild there are two serious problems.

The first one was they can cheat his second one was there were also evil players in [Horizon].

The player who manages the guild will be eventually PKed and all his money and passes will be lost.


They can't do that to the NPCs from the merchant guild.

If they do so they will be caught by castle guards and locked up in jail.

Once a player was locked up in jail he/she can't log out of the game, the only way is to kill themselves.

Because of this rule, many players will not dare to kill an NPC.

He checked the earnings, it had exceeded his expectations.

[Total earnings: 3,845,67]

He already has 3millon G that means he is the richest player in [Horizon] for now.

Even the players who activated the emerald package will be only given 1millon G.

'Haha...I am the richest person in this whole Game world'

From young age Adam loved money, he also worked hard to earn that money.


Now, not only he is rich he is also the richest man in this whole game world.

Adam was very happy as he made his way to get the final quest.


'Err...I fell creepy' Adam thought as he entered the 7th floor of wizard tower.

The environment was dimly lit, with a single blue-coloured candle visible from time to time.

Despite its height, this floor did not even get a single ray of sunshine.

As he was the first to arrive, he can't see a single soul on this floor.

"Welcome, Aspiring Young Mage,"

The voice was creepy and solemn, Adam's body flinched.

Adam spun around as quickly as he could and focused on the source of the voice.

"There's no need to be afraid; you're the first person from the Aconia continent to get here."

After that some time has elapsed, Adam noticed a middle-aged guy with a blue candle approaching him.

'It's is same, as it was mentioned in Guide book'

"Young Mage, If you complete my quest, I will give you extraordinary reward, as your the first one to reach here"

Adam nodded his head, he can't speak because of the blood lust it felt so realistic.

"Good, I wish you good luck"

With a flash in his eyes, Adam was transported to another place.

When he came to sense he can feel the weather.

'So cold...COLD?!"

[Quest: Harper Diren wants you to use the basic skill of Dark magic: 'Death Ray' and all the skills you have learned so far to exterminate SilverWolf Lord of snow territory.

Grade: Unique


Reward: •Class: Mage


Upon failure: -5 level]

'What the heck is this!? This wasn't mentioned in the players manual'

'I have to contact the GM'

Adam hurriedly contacted the GM.


"GM, I think there is a technical error in my quest, please check"

[Player Adam Crystal, there is nothing wrong with the Quest, this was a hidden quest made for the player who reaches the last floor for the first time]

"GM, I don't need this"

[Individual Adam crystal you can't go against system settings]



The GM disconnected before he can speak the next word, he was now very depressed.

'What the heck is this variable? If I didn't complete it. I will miss my unique skill'

He still needs time to max out his proficiency in wand/staff and get a unique skill.

'Ah...Damn! I'm screwed'

There was one point blinking on his map; it was the location of Silver Wolf Lord's residence, which was guarded by over 200 underlings.

Adam first sought a cave in order to improve his physical condition.

"Ahhh..." he heard a girl cry in the distance.

Adam dashed over; how can he sleep well while someone is in danger?

It's also a young lady.



[Hawk's claw


Grade: Uncommon

Description: Can be used to make hooks and various home appliance]


[Black hawk

Grade: Uncommon

level: 8

Description: A monster who mainly eats birds and resides in the sky]



Grade: uncommon

-Once it's activated player can fly as much as the distance he wishes. MP will be constantly reduced.

MP: 20 for 10min CD: 20min]

Stylish_Demon Stylish_Demon


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