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Chapter 16: The Evil Prince

16: This is an important backstory, don't skip it.


Royal Palace -ATLANTA

Over 150 half-human, half-fish creatures have been assembled in a magnificent building that resembles a palace.

It was unexpectedly beneath the water, and the gathering inhabitants were lovely mermaids.

Every mermaid, either the male or woman, was stunning in their own way.

They all appeared to be aristocrats, dressed in opulent gowns with a variety of beautiful gems adorning their heads and tails.

Particularly there was male and female who were more in the spotlight.

The woman had chestnut brown hair, large green eyes, a small button nose, rosy cheeks, and pink lips. Her skin although not that white, was fair. She was strong-willed with a slight hero complex. In short, she became the fiance of the 2nd prince and her name was Emily.

Today was the day that their king, the great ruler of Atlanta, Ecolinius, would name the next crown prince from among his three sons and two daughters.

The man beside Emily was the 2nd prince, he was very stunning as well.

The jet-black long hair is partially tied back with a silk ribbon of the same color, the eyes are not smudged with dust, the thin lips are gently arched, and the limitless aura quickly flows out.

The brows are beautiful, dazzling like stars and moons, the long body jade, clear as a spring mountain, clouds appear to be shaking off him, and his lower half, which was adorned with golden crystal, shined brightly, piercing the eyes of spectators.

After some time .... the trumpets sounded, and several guards swam into the royal hall from the royal doors.


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

The guards stood all around the perimeter of the stage..... excluding the front view.

And very quickly, everyone instantly rose to their feet.

The trumpets sounded, and soon... Ecolinius and his 2 wives walked in majestically, while being surrounded by more guards.


Immediately, everyone kowtowed to their king.

"May you long live your majesty," the mermaids said as their hands were in their chest and their heads were bowed.

The one who was called king had a long beard waving in the flow of water which added domination in his appearance.

He was wearing a pearl-colored shirt, his lower body was decorated with bright-looking red pearls which seemed to be red jade.

Finally, their Almighty king spoke "Today is the big day for our Atlanta kingdom"

"After the careful consideration of our future opinions of all the nobles and my beloved people"

"I decided to announce my youngest son, Aaron as the CROWN PRINCE!!"

His first son frowned as he sent a signal to another young man who was standing in the distance after hearing their king's words.

The second prince was pleased and delighted, and he raised his head high above the water to gaze at the nobles who were still kowtowing.

The nobles who favored the first prince trembled on the inside, while the nobles who supported the second prince laughed heartily and were anxious to learn about their brilliant feature.

Though there is no assurance that he would succeed as king, but the current king will back him up with all of his authority.

So, it is obvious that Aaron will become the king,

Those who allied with the first prince are likely to perish or have their influence in the Royal Court substantially reduced.

The nobles who backed the 2nd prince, on the other hand, will gain unending power and money. It will also elevate their social standing in the Royal Court.


When his father declared his younger brother as crown prince, no one knew the 1st prince had already made plans to deal with it.

And on the other hand, the ball began.

One by one, they all gave their precious gifts to the newly announced crown prince.

Even those who had before opposed him talked in a flattering tone and gave their presents to him.

Those at the lowest degree of nobility were naturally grouped together since the middle and higher classes believed that those below them couldn't possibly contribute anything exceptional.

As a result, people at the bottom just put their "wretched" gifts on a huge table in a lonely corner.

Those in the middle class who didn't have anything special to present had to put their gifts on the line table as well.

However, if a member of the middle or lower classes thought that their presents might truly blow the prince's mind, he may step forward and proclaim his gift.

And ending it all..... ALL the upper-class nobles were obligated to come up one by one and present their gifts.

As the event was going on something unexpected happened at a distance three Trident were racing towards the palace.

As it neared they could clearly see who's Trident was it is.

The black thunder, it was 1st prince's Trident another one was the commander's son's weapon, Shocker.

Seeing two Trident racing towards the palace, the king's anger erupted in anger and questioned the 1st prince.

"My SON!! what is the meaning of THIS!!" as he said the water blasted and the sound waves pierced the ears of the nobles.

"Haha...You old MAN! you should DIE NOW!!" the waves of water formed into blades and rushed towards the king.

But, before reaching him they were turned into ice and frozen instantly.

"My SON!! you should know what it are doing a...REBELLION" the water rumbled as a Trident formed in the king palms.

"Ice prison" the king cast the high-level magic.

"The ruler of the sea Huh! BUT, OLD MAN, it will not work!! I poisoned you a long time ago, and if you had declared me as crown prince, I would have healed you stealthily, but you bought it on your own."

"Now DIE!!"


Clash, Clash, Clash! The father and son were in a constant battle.

"This is not ORDINARY POISON!! It's extracted from the evil weed the...ANGELE'S NIGHTSHADE!!"

Cough, cough, cough, As he continued to defend, the king spewed blood from his mouth.

"What is your method of obtaining it? Isn't it only found in the TERRITORY of our ENEMIES?"

"YES!! I handed him one hundred MERE PEOPLE! In return for this!!"

"You BASTARD SON!! HOW DARE YOU!!" the king couldn't continue, his hand loosened and his breath gradually stopped and he died.

The nobles were in a panic, the palace has become utter chaos.

After the death of Ecolinius his ocean ruler, which was Trident used by the king slowly dissolved in water and vanished.


Stylish_Demon Stylish_Demon

Hmm...Guys I don't know why, but I fell some dissaticfaction in this matter who many times I re-edited it.

please comment an let me know...what is your opnion on it.

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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