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Reboot: Mechanic Reboot: Mechanic original

Reboot: Mechanic

Author: Idczhen

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Chapter 1: Great Disaster 1.0

Year 2139

In a crowded park, a tall young man could be seen slowly pushing a bubbly girl on a wheelchair closer to the central fountain at her request.

"Xiao Lan, are you enjoying this weather?" the young man asked, smiling indulgently.

"Un, it's nice to finally be out in the open after being stuck at home for so long!" Sheng Lan nodded her head rapidly while licking at her vanilla ice cream cone.

As she reached out to touch the fountain, some ice cream dripped on her jeans, but she was too delighted to notice.

Shi Tian smiled lightly at her clumsiness and grabbed a napkin, going on his knee and gently wiping the ice cream away.

While he was focused on wiping the ice cream, something else occurred and the people around them began showing a look of horror.

"Brother Tian, what's that in the sky?" Sheng Lan asked nervously, pointing at the large crack in the sky.

"Hmm, let me see?" Shi Tian replied once he was finished wiping off the ice cream.

As he turned around and glanced at the sky, his eyes squinted slightly and his expression changed drastically once he saw what happened.

The sky cracked like an egg and armored dinosaur-like monsters lurched out of the fissure. The split, though small at first, quickly widened.

"What the heck?" Shi Tian exclaimed in shock, seeing the ferocious monsters dropping from the sky and killing humans.

Without hesitation, Shi Tian quickly turned the wheelchair around and began running away from the crack.

Although he doesn't know what it is, Shi Tian was sure that the monsters dropping down from the sky were anything but friendly.

"What's going on, Brother Tian?"

"I don't know, Xiao Lan. But it's best to forget about that incident."

Within a few hours, the sky began to split larger as numerous monsters filled with murderous intent landed on Earth.

Soon, Worldwide news reporters on television stated that similar cracks had appeared everywhere in the world.

And it didn't take long before Earth was plunged into what is known as the Greatest Disaster 1.0.

"Breaking news, the monsters have been identified as catastrophe danger levels that only have one goal in mind, slaughter!"

"Government had ordered a statewide emergency and to retreat into the shelter center immediately. The military had been deployed to deflect the incoming disaster."


The television that was broadcasting the latest information in a store was broken in half as monsters roamed around the street, looking for prey.

The monsters seemed to be void of conscience as they attacked every living being they could find. Humans, dogs, cats, and essentially anything that was breathing were attacked with no exception.

In just one day, the world that Shi Tian had known for his whole life had changed into something worse than a zombie apocalypse that was created as fiction.

Pollution occurred everywhere as the monsters carried a unique substance in their body that would change the environment.

In a shelter center, Shi Tian was holding tightly at the handle of the wheelchair while making sure she was safe and sound.

The young girl in the wheelchair was a petite, slender figure, with long, wavy hair that cascaded down her back in a cascade of curls.

She had delicate features, with large, expressive eyes and a small, upturned nose. She was dressed in a simple, but stylish outfit, with a pair of jeans and a sweater that showed off her figure.

"Brother Tian, what is going on outside?" Sheng Lan asked in a worried tone.

Shi Tian was tall and lean, with short, neatly trimmed hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a chiseled jawline and a straight nose, and his skin was smooth and unblemished.

He was dressed in a common outfit, with a pair of dark jeans and a fitted sweater that showed off his athletic build.

Currently, though, Shi Tian was perplexed by the situation but kept his smile to reassure Sheng Lan.

"Nothing is wrong, Xiao Lan. I think the government is just trying to employ a new strategy of propaganda and pinning this on a country." Shi Tian said calmly.

Shi Lan nodded her head.

"I see…"

Although what Shi Tian had said might sound ridiculous or even dumb, Sheng Lan believed each and every single word of his.

They weren't family, but both their family cars had crashed into each other 5 years ago.

From that incident, the only survivor left was him and her.

Shi Tian was fortunate enough to only have his hand scarred from the burn of the car whereas Sheng Lan lost function in both her legs.

Shi Tian was depressed at the loss of his parents but also took pity on Sheng Lan, who equally lost both her parents the same day.

The accident resulted in the two of them being alone, so Shi Tian took it upon himself to take care of her.

Added to the fact that Shi Tian was two years older than Sheng Lan, she came to address him as a brother. As for the past, they decided to not talk about it again.

Meanwhile, when Shi Tian was trying his best to comfort Sheng Lan, a military-dressed personnel appeared from the steel door.

"Everyone, I understand you might be all worried sick about your loved ones and would want to exit the shelter center. However, I must inform you all that the government has declared the current situation as Great Disaster 1.0. Without authority, no one can leave the shelter center until further notice." The military personnel announced.

However, it was a given that this announcement was met with an extreme backlash from the survivors.

"How could you forcefully enclose us in this shelter?"

"Do you even know who my father is? He's a high-ranked government official and I demand we leave this crappy place at once."

"I will call my lawyer for your action. This is completely illegal."

The military personnel listened to their complaint with a nonchalant expression, showing a disdainful glance at each and everyone in the shelter center.

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