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Reborn As A Jormungandr Reborn As A Jormungandr original

Reborn As A Jormungandr

Author: Werewolf

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My name is Ryan I am 19 years old, I was walking around at nighttime and I feel like someone is following me; I start running and I run into an alley.

A hand grabs me and I get stabbed multiple times, I fall to the ground and blood goes everywhere; I see darkness and I then feel like I'm in a circular object.

I can move around, but I feel like my body is different, I move around and I break out of something.

I open my eyes and I see that I'm in the ocean, I also see an egg, I then see a game like a message in front of my eyes.

[You have been reborn as the sea serpent, also known as the jormungandr]

I can breathe when I'm underwater.

Wait, I'm a sea serpent?

[Yes, and you can bring up your stats by saying or thinking, status]


[Name: Ryan]

[Race: Baby Sea Serpent]

[Gender: Male]

[Age: 0]

[Level 1]


HP: 1800

Attack: 300

Speed: 400

Defense: 150

Magic: 550

Intelligence: 5

Luck: 50


[Appraisal](S) [Nightvison](A) [Water Breath](A) [Shrink](S)

Titles: None

I am very big for a baby; I guess I'm a monster?

I swim around and I see that I'm at the bottom of the ocean; I swim around for a while and I see a mermaid and merman kingdom in the ocean.

I can see the beautiful mermaids and I swim towards the kingdom, I use my shrink skill to shrink to half the size of the mermaids and merman; I am now in the kingdom and I see the biggest building in the kingdom.

I swim up to it and there are guards; they stop me from entering the building, but then a beautiful sexy mermaid with big breasts with a crown on walks out of the building.

Is she the queen?

(Mermaid Queen) - "You can let him in."

The guards step away from me and I go into the building, I see that there is a throne room, the mermaid queen sits on her throne and smiles at me.

(Mermaid Queen) - "You look like a monster that can do me a favor."

(Ryan) - "What favor."

(Mermaid Queen) - "Well the krakens want to take over my kingdom and I would like your help, I can feel that you are very strong, so with you help me then I will reward you."

The mermaid queen flashes her big breasts, I only saw the mermaid queens naked breasts for just a second, but they are very pretty.

(Ryan) - "You think I would help you for just a look at your breasts."

I said that because I want more.

(Mermaid Queen) - "You will also be able to stay at my castle as well and I might even reward you with something else."

(Ryan) - "Fine how do we begin."

(Mermaid Queen) - "First, my name is Lily and what is yours."

(Ryan) - "Ryan."

(Lily) - "You are going to train to get stronger, so follow me."

I follow Lily to an arena.

(Lily) - "You will fight monsters in this arena to get stronger, tomorrow you will kill a monster."

Lily takes me back to the castle and shows me to my room, the bed is like a normal bed.

(Lily) - "Do you want any company from some girls."

(Ryan) - "I guess yes."

Lily leaves.

5 minutes later...

My bedroom door opens and 2 mermaid girls walk in wearing almost nothing.

(Mermaid #1) - "Ryan you wanted company right."

They both sit down on the bed and they both are very cute.

(Mermaid #2) - "The queen said you are strong, well let's see what your cocks looks like."

They touch my cock area and it doesn't take long until my 2 cocks come out, they then start licking my cocks, I like being touched by them, and getting licked by them.

They then put my 2 cocks into their mouths and they suck on my cocks.

I feel lots of pleasure and I release a large amount of cum into their mouths, they take my cocks out of their mouths and they swallow my cum.

(Mermaid #1) - "My name is Caitlin, and this is Sapphire."

They tell me their names and they cuddle with me, we then fall asleep. 

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