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72.72% Reborn as the Son of The Wolf God / Chapter 15: XV. Unexpected Sighting

XV. Unexpected Sighting - Reborn as the Son of The Wolf God - Chapter 15 by Has_Adeek full book limited free

Chapter 15: XV. Unexpected Sighting

After having left the guild and said my goodbyes, I head in the direction of the Inn the male receptionist recommended, The Sleeping Angel, which is in the Sky District, a medium-sized area meant for the mid/upper-middle class of the city.

Getting there only took a few minutes.

A few middle-aged women looked my way and smiled.

No thanks, I had my fill of MILFs today. Plus, they weren't even that pretty.

I see the Inn a few feet away with a sign that says 'Special For The Week: Half off your stay without meals! A quarter off with meals!'.

That's some good timing.

I screwed two women without even trying within the week and now I get a discount at an inn? Uncle must've blessed me with a whole lotta luck when I was reincarnated.

I enter the inn and am unfortunately greeted by a nice, strong-looking old lady.

Inn Lady: "Hello there, kid. I'm the Inn Lady. You looking to stay a night or two? Meal, or no? How about access to the showers?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

They have showers in this inn? As expected of an Inn in the rich area of town.

Valister: "Yea, I'd like to stay one night with a meal, please. No shower, already had one."

Inn Lady: "You got it, kid. A room, for one night and a meal. With this week's discount, that'll be 98 ryō. What kinda meal do you want?"

So without the discount, a room and meal is about 130 ryō? Expensive.

Valister: "Here's the ryō. For the meal, I'd like some liver if you have. If not then some meat dishes would be alright."

Inn Lady: "We got liver for you. Dear! get some liver ready! The usual way!"

The Inn Lady yelled towards the back to the kitchen, and a gruff voice responded.

Chef(?): "Aye! Liver, the usual, got it!"

Inn Lady: "Your meal will be ready in a short while. Here's the key. Please, let my daughter guide you to your room. Tomoe! Please come down, sweetheart. I need you to guide a customer to his room."

Tomoe: "Yes, mother!"

Quick steps can be heard coming down a set of stairs, and through the doorway, a catgirl appeared.

Catgirl. A girl. That has. Ears of. A cat. And. A tail.

She had Bright orange hair cut into a boyish bob, long and thick dark orange lashes surrounding her large green eyes, strong brows, and small lips that look slightly similar to a cat's. She was about 5 feet tall. Short for a beastkin, but maybe she's young.

(A/N: Lips like the letter 'w' but not that noticeable.)

An overall cute, wild-looking face.

I knew the legendary catgirl existed, but to see one in real life. It's like actual magic.

I shed a manly tear.

Tomoe: "Um... Customer-sama? Are you okay?"

Valister: "Oh, no, it's just my first time seeing a beastkin. I was just a bit surprised."

Tomoe: "Okay. If you say so. This is also my first time seeing an elf, as well."

Valister: "Heh, then I guess we have something in common."

I smile at her as I said that.

Tomoe blushes a little and looks to the side, but she doesn't let out that vanilla scent.

That's okay though, I'm tired anyways, and I know I'm not THAT lucky.

Tomoe: "Ahem... then let me guide Customer-sama to his room."

Tomoe bows a little and quickly goes into work mode.

She takes me down the hall and we walk for a few seconds before she asks me some questions.

Tomoe: "Is Customer-sama an adventurer? Are you strong?"

I can smell her curiosity. Smell like... mint.

Valister: "Yea, I'm an adventurer. You can say that I'm strong."

At least in my werewolf form.

Tomoe: "It's good to be strong. I wish mom would let me be an adventurer. Also, are you really an elf? You don't smell like I expected. Do all elves smell like wolves, like you? I like wolves. Did you know there's a wolf god? Sometimes I wish I was one, because wolves are free, unlike me."

Whoa, she talks fast. I guess she's just that curious.

Valister: "Uh, yea I'm an elf. I don't know about how other elves smell since I was born here, but I'm pretty sure they don't. Also, about your freedom, I'm sure your mom just wants to keep you safe from dangers, but, uh, all you gotta do is get stronger? Your a beastkin, so you should already be stronger than your mother at your age, right? If you show your mom that you can protect yourself, then maybe she'll let you join the Adventurer's Guild."

Tomoe looks up at me with sparkles in her eyes. She may be airheaded. How old is she?

Tomoe: "Really? You really think I can become strong like you?"

Valister: "Yeah. you're a beastkin. All beastkin are born warriors, at least that's what I read in the history books."

Tomoe: "Wow! Awesome! Okay! I'm gonna train and become strong! So that I can be free!"

Haha, she's just like a cat, wanting to go out and do their own thing.

Valister: "Yeah, it's best to start as soon as possible. But, remember, you can only apply when you're 15 years old. How old are you now?"

Tomoe: "I just turned 14 a few weeks ago!"

She's basically my age. She is short for a beastkin. Usually, females would be around 5'7 at her age, with noticeable muscle. She's not a stick, but she's not very built.

Valister: "I'm sure you can get strong enough to apply in a year. You're probably as strong as an adult anyways, even if you hadn't trained. Strength is a trait of all beastkin."

Tomoe: "Yes! Thank you for your advice, Customer-sama!"

Valister: "Your welcome, Tomoe-chan. You can just call me Val. I'll be leaving this city tomorrow, but if I ever come back, I'd hope by then you'll become a known adventurer."

Tomoe: "Yes, thank you, Val-Aniki! I promise to become stronger next time you see me! Oh, and your room is this one! Have a good night, Val-Aniki!"

Tomoe points to the room a few steps away and says her farewells, then runs off excitedly.

Very much like a cat. She's not tsundere like one, but maybe she becomes one when she's older.

I can just imagine it.

'I-it's not like I became strong for your sake, Aniki. Baka.' *Blush*

After getting out of that delusion, I enter my room.

It's a small and simple, yet elegant room.

I crash on the bed and rest my eyes until I hear a knock on the door.

Inn Worker: Customer-sama, the food is ready now. Would you like to eat in your room?"

Valister: "Uh, yeah. If you can bring it to me that would be nice. Thank you."

Always be polite to service workers is what I say.

After a few seconds I hear the knock again and I open the door to receive the plate of food.

Inn Worker: "Please put the plate on this tray when you've finished, Customer-sama."

Valister: "Got it. Thank you very much."

It's Deer liver with pieces of its venison around it and a side of vegetables.

Smells good.

I set myself down on a small table in the room and literally lick the plate clean.

After putting the plate on the tray outside my room, I knock out early to wake before sunrise.

Has_Adeek Has_Adeek

Sorry for this boring-ish chapter. I was on a roll, writing what was coming to mind and it ended up with 1.2k words.

But its all good. We got to see a catgirl early. Was the interaction between the MC and her a flag? IDK, maybe. You'll find out.

Or maybe I'll pull a Toriyama and forget about her a few chapters later.

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