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Reborn In 17th century India with Black Technology Reborn In 17th century India with Black Technology original

Reborn In 17th century India with Black Technology

Author: Mithun_ReddyGaru

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Chapter 1: Mission Success

In the year 2013, at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

Ram, a researcher in the ISRO Mars program said, "Chief, we are ready, sir."

In the office, silence fell over everyone as they heard Ram's Words. India's PSLV Mark 3 had successfully reached Mars orbit. Dr Vijay, a strong and handsome man with a scholarly temperament, sat in the central position in the hall. His contrasting image and temperament added to his charm.

Vijay had waited his whole life for this day. After graduating from high school, he joined HAL Aeronautics and worked hard through self-study. His goal was to make India one of the top 5 countries in the space race and to change the underdog status that India had always held. He became a researcher in ISRO and eventually rose to become the Chief Engineer of the Mars mission through relentless dedication.

Next to Vijay sat a slim man in his 30s, dressed in a military uniform. With his streamlined physique and handsome face, he exuded a sense of agility, resembling an F1 car. Vikram, the man in the military uniform, asked, "Vijay, can we land it on the first try? "

Vijay paused for a few seconds, then nodded with determination. "Launch the rover pod," he said, filled with fighting spirit.


As everyone's eyes were glued to the screen, the moment of launch arrived. The men in the room watched with intense focus as if witnessing a mesmerizing sight. The rover pod detached from the rocket, prompting Ram to inform Vijay of the successful launch. Vijay, fully absorbed in the screen, observed the rover's imminent landing on the red planet Mars. This mission represented his life's work, and the stakes were high. With a limited budget compared to NASA, failure meant waiting another five years for another chance. Everything was riding on at this moment.

"Chief... Vijay... the rover pod has landed successfully, sir," Ram reported with choked emotions, tears filling his eyes.

"Yes!" Vijay jumped up in joy, crying like a baby. He had finally achieved his goal of bringing India to the forefront of the world. The entire office erupted in cheers and shouts of elation. They had worked tirelessly on this project, without rest for 72 hours. The successful landing brought relief, and the pressure melted away from their bodies.

"Congratulations, Vijay. You did it," Vikram said with a smile, genuinely happy for his friend.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today we have made history by launching a rover to Mars and succeeding on the first try," Vijay announced.

The room resounded with cheering and applause. Everyone looked at Vijay with teary eyes, filled with gratitude for the honour he had brought them. Vijay sincerely thanked his colleagues for their long-standing support, bowing with a Namaste.

"It's time to celebrate. The drinks are on me," he declared.

"Oohhhhhh!" Everyone burst into laughter, filled with joy.

Lahore, Pakistan, Prime Minister's Secretariat

Minister Iman Khan sat in his office. His face turned red with anger as he read the document brought by his informant. Fuming with rage, he immediately summoned Zaheer, who hurriedly entered the room. Fear was evident on Zaheer's face as he stood before the enraged Prime Minister. Iman Khan handed him the document, and as Zaheer began to read its contents, a complex mix of emotions overcame him. At first, he was consumed by anger, but as he delved deeper into the details, a subtle sense of admiration started to intertwine with his initial feelings.

"What do we do now?"

Iman Khan asked with anger, sensing a hint of admiration. Zaheer quickly composed himself, feeling embarrassed for showing such emotion. As a Director-General of Inter-Services Intelligence, he regained his composure swiftly.

"Your Excellency, I think we should activated agent k0052 and collect the needed data of the PSLV Mark 3 Rocket and silence Vijay...."

"What! Are you out of your mind?" Iman Khan exclaimed, shocked by Zaheer's suggestion. He never expected his general to propose such a reckless idea. He recognized that even China would not dare provoke India easily. With India's flourishing economy and ranking among the top 10 military powers, bullying India had become increasingly difficult.

Zaheer remained confident as he explained, "Your Excellency if we can obtain the data, despite lacking a space station, we can utilize the technology to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. Additionally, by assassinating Vijay, we can delay India's progress."

Iman Khan contemplated the suggestion for a moment and ultimately shook his head. "No, it's too risky. If we take such action, India may retaliate, and the losses would be devastating for us. Furthermore, we cannot activate Agent K0052; we have invested a great deal in him, grooming him to become a valuable asset in India's army. Losing him would result in significant data loss."

Zaheer, however, proposed an alternative. "Sir, we can seek assistance from the United States. I believe they might be interested in obtaining the data. A joint operation with them could increase our mission success rate."

Iman Khan's eyes lit up upon hearing this suggestion. "Contact the CIA and get things done ASAP," he commanded. Zaheer accepted the order and promptly left the office. Iman Khan watched the departing silhouette with an evil smirk on his face.

Vijay, in a drunken state after the party, was being driven home by Vikram. Vijay consumed too much alcohol to notice Vikram's phone ringing.

Vikram saw his phone and there were instructions from his motherland.

"Is the data so important?" he wondered to himself, feeling a sense of guilt.

Vikram glanced at Vijay, who was Sleeping, with a trace of Determination. "You can only blame yourself for being too good,".

His attention then turned to the briefcase on Vijay. After contemplating for a moment, he made a quick decision. He reached for a poison tube on his bracelet and poured it into Vijay's mouth. Vijay woke up feeling groggy, realizing an unfamiliar liquid in his mouth. He tried to resist Vikram's actions, but his body suddenly collapsed, leaving him unable to move.

Aware that he was dying, Vijay's last sight was Vikram's cold and emotionless face. The last thing he did was remember his parents whom he hadn't seen for Four years.

Soon, he lost all consciousness.

TV9 Breaking News: ISRO Chief Scientist Assassinated by Undercover Spy, Data Stolen

News Anchor: We bring you a breaking news update. The chief scientist at ISRO has been assassinated in a shocking incident. Our reporter is on the scene with the details. Over to you, reporter.

Reporter: Thank you. In a tragic turn of events, the esteemed scientist, Vijay, who held the position of chief scientist at ISRO, was brutally assassinated earlier today. The perpetrator has been identified as Kernel Vikram, also known as Mohammad bin Kalif, who was working undercover as a Pakistani spy.

News Anchor: This is indeed a grave development. Can you tell us more about the circumstances surrounding this incident?

Reporter: Certainly. Vijay was ambushed while on his way to the laboratory. It appears that Vikram, with his deep cover and extensive knowledge, seized the opportunity to strike. Along with the loss of a valuable life, the assailant managed to steal crucial data pertaining to the PSLV rocket.

News Anchor: That's deeply concerning. What actions are being taken to address this security breach?

Reporter: The authorities are launching a thorough investigation into the matter. The major general present at the scene expressed his anger and regret over the lack of vigilance, stating that Vikram had been within their ranks for 15 years, leading to a lapse in security measures. Efforts are now being intensified to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

News Anchor: The stolen data must be of significant concern. Are there any prospects for its recovery?

Reporter: Unfortunately, it's not a straightforward situation. The major general revealed that they suspect the involvement of another intelligence agency, possibly Chinese or American, hindering their progress in recovering the stolen data. The complexities of international espionage are at play here, making the situation even more challenging.

News Anchor: This is indeed a troubling development. We hope that the authorities can swiftly address this security breach and ensure the safety of our nation's vital information. Thank you for the update. We will continue to monitor this story closely.

Reporter: Thank you. We'll keep our viewers updated as more information becomes available. Back to you in the studio."

News continues as netizens watch on with anger

End of Chapter 1.

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