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84.02% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 120: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (5)

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Chapter 120: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (5)

"Let her come now," Jason ordered.


While Jason was talking to Semiramis, Augusta was attacking Jason with Absolute Demise. Jason meanwhile was defending himself from Longinus' attacks with fire magic. He was simply dodging the rest of the magical attacks.

A magic circle appeared to Jason's left. It was purple, and it was possible to see the letter M between all the runes that made up the circle.

A woman covered in a hooded bluish-purple robe, her purple lipstick was the only thing visible on her face.

"Do you need me, Hubby?"

Jason, seeing Medea's appearance as Servant that she hadn't worn for years, smiled warmly at her arrival.

"I need you to leave me that dagger of yours."

Medea nodded. Curiously, she watched the beautiful blue-eyed blonde girl facing Jason and the silver-haired boy.

The silver-haired guy should be Vali Lucifer, Jason had already talked about him before.

"Who is she?" Medea asked.

She was confused; the girl's appearance matched that of Lavinia Reni. But according to Jason, she was on Grigori's side. What was she doing facing Jason and Vali?

"She's Lavinia, but she is not Lavinia. I'll explain later."

Medea nodded and pulled out her Noble Phantasm.

It was an iridescent and jagged dagger that is thin, brittle, and blunt.

Augusta had stopped attacking with Absolute Demise when the magic circle appeared. However, Incinerate Anthem kept pushing Vali. The young Lucifer and the fire giant seemed to have reached an impasse.

The witch from the east was paying attention to the newcomer. She seemed to be weak and fragile, but Augusta didn't dare to look down on her.

Jason took the dagger. And without waiting a moment, he threw himself at Lavinia. He aimed at the chest, without hesitation in cutting the young woman.

"You're crazy!" Augusta screamed when she saw the determination in Jason's eyes.

Jason answered as he stabbed in her chest.

"Do you think so?"

Jason had moved so fast that the witch had not been able to react. She didn't think he was going to stab his partner's body either.

Augusta then felt her body separating from Lavinia's, something that was impossible for her.


Jason grabbed Lavinia's unconscious body and moved back to Medea's side. To the surprise of Vali and Augusta, Lavinia had no mark of having been stabbed.

Augusta was still in shock. She had been forced to leave Lavinia's body. She had felt all her spells destroyed one by one.

"The name of this dagger is Rule Breaker. It is not a weapon made of very powerful material, nor is it a super destructive weapon; in fact, it is a very normal weapon. But it has a detail that makes it belong to the top of weapons, have you noticed what it is?"

Augusta grimaced.

"It seems so. This is a sword of negation and betrayal that nullifies every kind of magecraft in the world."

Greatly differing from other Noble Phantasms, the conceptual dagger's unique ability is that it is the ultimate anti-magic Noble Phantasm capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of thaumaturgy, an effect suitable to the Noble Phantasm that is a manifestation of Medea's nature as the "Witch of Betrayal". It "transgresses" on all the magecraft of the targets it pierces, contracts made from magical energy, and life born from magical energy. Once it comes into contact with the ensorcelled item or person, enchantments, connections bounded through contracts, and creatures created and maintained by magical power, they will all be returned to their original components in a state "before they were made." Contracts will be wiped clean, and those with life will immediately cease to exist. There is a limit to what it is able to dispel, meaning artifacts on the rank of Noble Phantasms will never be returned to their original state no matter how low their rank, but it's more than enough to deal with Augusta's magic.

Jason spoke.

"You're a witch proud of her magic, aren't you?"

Augusta revealed her filthy, creepy smile.

"Only Oz is superior to me, and apart from the witches of the south, north, and west, the rest are garbage."

"Did you hear that, Medea? Maybe we should teach her a lesson of reality."

Medea's lips curved.

"As you say, Hubby."

Jason nodded.

"Vali, back up. I can't guarantee your safety."

Vali immediately stepped back. Normally he would have protested, but he could feel the seriousness in Jason's words.

"Let the show begin."

While Jason and Vali were dealing with Augusta, Tobio and the rest were hiding 200m back as Jason had ordered them.

Natsume couldn't help but complain.

"Aah! This is so frustrating. I want to help Lavinia too."

Tobio and Sae agreed with her.

"If I could control the Balance Breaker," Tobio clenched his fist.

"Who's the white-haired guy?" Koga asked.

"He is Jason," Kouki replied.

"He's strong, Same-chan."

Kouki didn't seem to mind the nickname, or maybe he was already used to it.

"He is the strongest of us all. You wouldn't stand a chance against him, even in that form."

Koga frowned but said nothing. He only had to see the battle that was taking place about 200m away; the powers that were at work were not something he could compare to.

"If Jason didn't have to hold back, then the battle would be over," Shigune said.

"Is he holding back?" Koga was surprised.

Everyone nodded.

Jin then focused his attention on one direction within the forest. The dog's hairs stood up, and he stood guard. Tobio noticed this and notified the rest.


"Someone's coming. They're two people." Koga warned the rest.

A Catholic priest accompanied by a white-haired boy. The priest seemed to be middle-aged, and the boy was about 13 years old. The boy of thirteen was making a mischievous face. As for his garb, it was a priest's clothing for boys.

"Look, Professor David! There are people here. Are they witches and magicians?"

Before his merry pupil. The male Catholic priest, David Serro, rapidly confirmed the contents of the job from a note in his pocket. The description of different people was written on it.

"Ikuse Tobio. Seventeen-year-old, black hair and pale gray colored eyes. The large black dog accompanies him, Canis Lykaon.

Natsume Minagawa. Light brown hair with brown eyes. She's accompanied by a hawk, one of the Four Fiends, specifically a Sacred Gear bearing the spirit of Qióngqí/Kyuuki.

Kouki Samejima. …"

David analyzed the students one by one in front of him. The boys' faces darkened.

"Teacher David, Teacher David! As 'spected, it turns out we found them."

David nodded.

"Hyahahaah! They are from Grigori! Let's go beat down the heretics of Grigori! This I do for the breasts of the Archangel Gabriel-sama, for having slowly raised my faith again!"

"Looks like the reports were true. Something dark was happening in this country. According to orders, we have to clean up Grigori and Oz."

Jin's hair stood up, Byakusa jumped on Kouky's shoulder, and Griffon began to squawk.

"Watch out!"

Tobio shouted and pushed Sae aside.

A bullet of light passed through where Tobio and Sae were before.

Freed had a gun in his hand and a blade made out of light.

"Do you like my toys? It's a pity you're human. If you were devils, it would hurt you more."

"Freed, don't be impatient. You could die."

"Don't worry, Teacher David. With you here, I don't think anything will happen to me. You have the Galatine after all."

Freed Sellzen, directed his gaze at what was hanging from his teacher's waist, the 'Holy Sword Galatine'.

"You should also remember that judgment is done under the justification of compassion, Freed."

At his teacher's words, Freed made a salute pose.

"Yessir, Teach. We shall beat them down with restraint."

He said that, but the crazy look in his eyes couldn't be confused. Freed was wishing he could cut and kill heretics in front of him.

"Get ready for a tough fight. We have to hold out until Jason and Vali come and help us."

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