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Chapter 43: Amusement Park


The doorbell rang.

"I am leaving!" Jason said goodbye to his mother and sister.

"Have fun," Mikoto told Jason.

"Oni-chan, remember that you promised to buy me a gift," Kaida grunted tenderly.

"Oni-chan is going to bring you the best gift in the world" he assured her.

Jason left his house and saw Irina standing in front of a 4x4 Land Rover.

"Jason!" She called him excitedly.

Jason greeted her with his hand and approached the car.

"Are you ready?" Jason asked Irina as he stroked her head. Irina blushed and nodded slightly.

"Cough-Cough" Coughs were heard from the car.

A middle-aged man with light brown hair, the same Irina. He was Touji Shido, Irina's father and church exorcist.

Irina blushed even more and ran into the car, Jason followed her and also entered the car.

Touji looked up and down at Jason, he did the same with Irina's father. Touji nodded as if satisfied with Jason, Jason in changed looked at Touji strangely.

"Eto... Shido-san?"

"Ups, I should introduce myself" Touji began to introduce himself "I am Touji Shido, I am the father of the cute Irina-chan"

Irina's face turned like a tomato because of shame as veins began to appear on Jason's forehead.

"I want you to know that my Irina-chan is the most beautiful and gorgeous girl in all of Kuoh, her future husband for sure is lucky" Touji winked at Jason.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Irina couldn't take it anymore.

"Pfft" Jason couldn't stand the laughter at Irina's reaction. Irina gave him a deadly look and he quickly fell silent, he really felt the danger emanate from Irina's eyes.

Jason's look at Touji became stranger and stranger.

(Hey man, don't you think it's too early to sell your daughter, she's only nine years old)

"Eto... Touji-san?" Jason tried to get Touji's attention, he kept babbling things about his beloved Irina-chan.

"Yes?" Touji asked confusedly.

"Why are you wearing a priest's suit?"

Jason wanted to ask from the moment he saw Touji, they were supposed to go to an amusement park not to pray to the church.

"My dad is a super exorcist," Irina quickly replied, pride could be seen in her eyes.

Touji smiled bitterly at Irina's reply.

"Not as good as you say" Bitterness, sadness and remorse could be seen in his eyes.

Jason sighed internally, it should be relatively recently that Touji was forced to kill his subordinate for having a loving relationship with the current ruler of Kuoh.

Masaomi Yaegaki was in an ongoing romantic relationship with Cleria Belial, a High-Class Devil who governed Kuoh town at the time. Their relationship was considered forbidden at the time, and because of that, his superiors, such as Touji Shidou, were forced to kill him and his lover to maintain the status quo.

Because of the grief that resulted from killing their colleague, he forced himself to leave Kuoh Town with his family and move to England. Touji felt bad about separating his daughter Irina from her childhood friends, but decided to retire so as not to attract revenge on her and her mother.

"I am sure you are doing the best you can" Jason decided to encourage Irina's father a bit.

Touji said nothing but a tear fell down his cheek and his hands trembled on the driving wheel of the car.

The rest of the way was quiet, it wasn't until they got to the amusement park that Touji spoke again.

"Well, here's the money for the tickets." Touji gave Jason a set of tickets.

Jason was surprised, "Aren't you coming with us?"

"No, I don't want to be the third wheel" Touji winked at Jason again.

Irina couldn't take it anymore, she felt her face so hot that she thought she was going to faint at any moment. Irina took Jason by the arm and dragged him out of the car without even saying goodbye to his father.

Jason said goodbye to Touji as best he could. They got in line for the entrance tickets.

Soon they bought the tickets and entered the amusement park. Jason looked around in anticipation, this was the first time in his two lives that he had gone to an amusement park. When he was in the orphanage, he once held a field trip to an amusement park but was left out.

"Where do we go first?" Jason asked Irina.

"Mmm, how about the roller coaster?"


Irina and Jason were riding the attractions all morning.

"Grrr" Before they could ride on the roller coaster for the umpteenth time, Irina's hungry stomach rang out. Irina blushed and looked shyly at Jason.

"Let's eat, I'm a little hungry" Jason decided to bail her out, Irina looked at him gratefully and nodded.

They sat in a restaurant inside the amusement park, they were lucky and managed to sit at a table for two. They ordered the food and talked about the attractions while waiting for the food to arrive.

A punk came in with a girl with excessive makeup. He started a fuss knowing there were no free places.

"Sorry sir, the restaurant is full" A waiter tried to explain the situation patiently.

"Don't you know who I am?" The punk spoke arrogantly.

The waiter took a step back, apparently he knew the punk or had heard of him.

"Look Worm, there are two kids with no plates on the table." The woman in makeup pointed to Irina and Jason.

Jason frowned as he heard the woman speak, Irina was starting to get nervous.

The waiter seemed to have found salvation, offending two boys had nothing to do with offending the punk in front of him. The waiter approached Jason's table.

"You've finished eating, can you get up and leave your place?" he asked amicably.

"We haven't eaten yet," Jason said coldly.

PAM! A hand crashed into Jason's table. Irina was frightened and began to tremble, Jason did not react instead and his gaze became colder.

The restaurant became silent, but when they recognized the punk they all went back to theirs without worrying about what was going on at the table.

"I don't care if you haven't eaten!" The punk shouted "If I, Worm, tell you to leave, just leave!"

The woman in makeup was hugging Worm's arm as she looked at Jason with disdain. She waited for them to get up and leave as they always did.

"If you don't take your hand off the table something bad is going to happen" Jason's cold voice went around the restaurant, the restaurant went silent once again.

"Did I hear wrong?" the girl in makeup muttered.

"HAHAHA! You're just a little boy! Do you think you can sca-?"

The punk couldn't finish his sentence, Jason's cold look was fixed on him. Seeing Jason's red eyes gave him the feeling of being in a bloody hell.

"Get out"

The punk didn't think twice and ran out of the restaurant. The people looked at the result of the discussion in disbelief, did Worm, the criminal who frequented the surroundings of the amusement park, have been frightened by a child?

Irina was still scared and didn't calm down until Jason grabbed her hand and smiled warmly at her. She felt that while she was next to Jason no one could hurt her.

After lunch they decided to visit the water attractions and at 6 pm Touji arrived to pick them up.

Touji asked them how it had gone in the amusement park, Irina told him excited about how they had ridden in all kinds of attractions. She avoided the little fight inside the restaurant.

Touji left Jason at home. Jason said goodbye to Irina and Touji and went to the door of his house.

Rushed steps were heard from behind him, he turned alert and was greeted by a pair of arms.

Irina threw him to the ground as she hugged him.

"Did something happen? Jason asked as he hugged her back. Irina was shaking in his embrace and he felt her chest wet.

"Tonight I'm leaving to England."

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