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20.13% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 28: ARGOS (2)

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Chapter 28: ARGOS (2)

"Don't worry about the bad treatment received in this life, I'm sure you'll be rewarded in the next one."

Jason bowed down to the `Crematorium´ and left the room. Flames could be seen inside the room.

Jason continued to advance through the corridors looking for the location of Kuroka and Shirone. It's a shame he didn't ask the previous guard where they were going to do the experiment, but it was impossible for him not to kill him at the very moment.

Jason intended to freeze the guards and only kill those involved with the experiments, but after knowing what the guards were doing he came to the conclusion that they had to be eradicated.

"Hey, don't you think Richard's taking too long?"

"Leave it, he hadn't been able to touch a body for 4 days."

Jason heard a conversation nearby, the contents of the conversation enraged him completely.

Because of the [Ice Dragon Mode] his anger was not visible, yet the look in his eyes was getting colder and colder.

Jason walked through the door where he had heard the conversation and found a group of low level devils inside the room.

"You're finally here Rich... Who are you!" One of the guards spoke.

Jason didn't reply and looked at him for a second before disappearing. That cold look had already made the guard piss his pants, but before he screamed he was dead.


"Kill him!

"Come on! Let's get him!"

Watching his brother die didn't scare the guards, they got angry and attacked.

Jason started killing them one by one. He cut off heads, pulled out hearts, cut through lungs, pulled out arms and legs. All the people he killed, he did it in such a way that no drop of blood touched his clothes.

One after the other the guards began to die. One died, two died, 10 died, 15 died, 30 died, 37 died.

In Jason's head there was only a thought and a voice that said `Kill´ `Kill´ `Kill´ `Kill´. Each time a guard died, Jason's eyes grew colder and colder.

There was only one low level devil left. He fell to his knees and began to beg.

"Please don't kill me! I have family and children waiting for me!"

Jason regained clarity for a second before killing the last guard.

For a moment Jason had thought of sparing the man's life. But remembering what they had done to the Nekoshou, the rage consumed his mind again before freezing him.

Jason looked at the 38 bodies in the room as if he were looking at garbage and went on to the next room.

In the next room there were 19 devils waiting for Jason's arrival. Obviously they had heard the screams of the previous room but they had not gone to help because for them the low level devils are nothing but garbage.

This room had an armchair, unlike the previous room which was completely empty. On the couch sat a man in his 40s, with long, loose hair and a thick beard. The man had an arrogant aura that looked at everyone as if he were superior.

He was momentarily surprised to see Jason enter alone and without any trace of blood.

"You seem to have some ability to get here alone, too bad you won't be able to get out alive," said the high class devil.

"My name is Steve, captain of the mercenary group Horny Devils!"

"We fuck everything that has a hole in it!" His companions shouted back.

Jason's eyes gained an even colder tone, at this rate his eyes were going to turn into two ice cubes.

Jason said nothing and began to summon his ice magic. Multiple cones appeared behind him and shot out towards the 18 medium level devils.

5 of them failed to react in time and died on the spot while 8 of them were seriously injured. Only 5 remained intact, which were obviously more skillful than the rest. These 5 were on the verge of ascending to high level devils and still felt chills at the magnitude of Jason's attack.

Steve opened his eyes in shock at the sight of his companions dying and was enraged at the moment.

"Kill him!"

The wounded devils launched demonic energy attacks from afar while the intact ones pulled out their weapons and rushed to attack Jason before he could make another attack.

Jason created an ice sword quietly and faced the 5 coming devils. He began to fight with them and although he was outnumbered he still had the advantage.

8 attacks of demonic energy were launched to Jason, Jason dodged them elegantly and casually cut the throat of an enemy carrying a battle axe.

"It's time to put an end to this."

Jason's cold words made the whole room tremble.

Icicles began to appear, but this time they were much more numerous and came out from all parts of the room.

Steve was beaten by many of them and knocked on the door to the next room as he retired. The agonizing cries of the medium level devils were heard throughout the room.

Silence returned to the room when the last medium level devil died. Steve had the purple face of anger and clenched his teeth in fury.

"You brat! You'll pay for it!" Steve said.

Jason had nothing to say and prepared for the fight. This was going to be his first battle against a high class devil and he didn't know how powerful it was going to be.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, you're a strong brat but it's a shame" Steve laughed like a madman remembering something.

Jason frowned and stood guard.

"If you weren't an ice magician I wouldn't stand a chance. But my power has to do with the flames, your ice will melt before my flame.

With that a flame appeared in Steve's hands.

"Shake before my [Purifying Flame]"

Jason didn't know how to react when he saw the flame, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. ` Isn't that a flame at the level of a lighter? ´

Jason relaxed and grabbed the ice sword. He rushed toward Steve and attacked in the direction of the arm holding the flame.

"I told you... AAAAAAAH!"

Obviously the sword went through that shitty flame and cut off Steve's arm.

Steve screamed in pain and wet his pants when he saw that his proud flame couldn't melt a simple ice sword. Knowing he had no hope of getting out of here alive he lamented that he had been too arrogant and had not fought hand in hand with his subordinates.

Suddenly an incredible super idea came to him and he set an arrogant front again.

"Don't believe too much" He began to pull out his chest "Now I'm going to pull out my secret weapon"

He waited to see Jason's terrified look, but all he managed was a blur before he lost his balance and fell to the ground. He had lost a leg.

Jason kicked him and sent him through the door to the next room. When he came in he saw that Steve had fallen in front of 3 men who appeared to be the leaders. Then he looked at the beds and recognized Kuroka in one of them and 4 other Nekoshou in the rest of the beds.

When he saw the sick state of the 5 he began to lose his head again and the atmosphere in the room fell 10 degrees. The machines started to sound and Jason was annoyed so he destroyed them all. The scientists went crazy and irritated Jason.

"Shut up forever" Icicles flew and killed all the scientists.

Then he turned around and faced the 3 remaining people. The human scientist, if he remembered correctly (was the father of Shirone and Kuroka), a devil high class that emanated an aura much more powerful than Steve (the devil of the house Naberius) and a man of 2 meters surrounded by a dark aura, the latter was giving Jason a deadly pressure at this time but did not show it at all.

"It would be rude not to introduce myself."

"My name is..."


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