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5.55% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 7: Arriving at Gremory territory. Rias vs Jason (1)

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Chapter 7: Arriving at Gremory territory. Rias vs Jason (1)

When Grayfia went through another magical portal, Medea reappeared sitting on Jason's bed but unlike before, she was now with her face uncovered showing her beautiful face, purple hair and pointed ears. No matter how many times Jason looked at her he was always slightly hypnotized. Medea at the sight of his state relieved his frown, which had been furrowed since she had reappeared in the room, and revealed a slight but beautiful smile before frowning again.

Jason freed himself from his stupor and gave Medea a questioning look.

Medea: "Why did you accept her invitation?"

Jason: "It's a good opportunity to see their training grounds.

Medea: "You don't need those installations, I can help you train a lot more. You've grown a lot this year with my help."

Medea had been helping Jason this year to train and improve his skill with magic. With Medea's training, Jason could fight middle class devils with an x5 gravity and win without a lot of scratches.

Thanks to this year's training Jason had raised his statistics quite a bit. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Name: Jason Frey

Age: 8

Title: Murder of criminals

Bloodline: Fire Dragon / Descendant of Hero Jason the Argonaut

Shop Points: 0

Summon Points: 0

Ability Points: 0


Force: 70 -> 175

Speed: 150 (X5 gravity) -> 750

Lifespan: 100000 years

Mana (I have change it because it fits better): 500 -> 1500


Sharingan (2 tomoe) (25/200) -> 3 tomoe (129/1000)

Sword Master Lv 3 (43/500)

Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (A+) (seal -> B): 500 mana every shot



-Noble Phantasm

-Lottery (next ticket 5000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 5000 summon points



Although his physical statistics were not yet close to those of a middle class devil but with the help of the Balmung and his high level of mana he could cope with them without many problems. But Jason had the feeling that it wasn't enough for the mission he had ahead of him so he decided to accept Grayfia's offer.

Jason: "Although it is true that you have helped me a lot with my magic, it is not the same in the physical level. I want to take this opportunity to increase my strength and do not need to rely so much on Balmung or my mana. There will be situations in which the opponent overcomes me in the magical field so I have to increase my physical power to deal with such situations.

Medea: "Tch, if you had enough magic power you wouldn't have to worry about those things."

Jason smiled wryly and thought (Even with all your magical power you still ended up losing against Rin for not having physical power).

Jason: "It's because I don't have it that I want to do this training. I also have a mission for you once we go into the underworld."

Medea smiles mischiviously: "Oh, you finally show your true face, Master"

The next day, Jason told his parents that he was going with a friend to another city to spend the remaining two weeks of vacation at his country home. His parents didn't want to let him go, but they let him go after assuring them he was going to get the best grade this year as well.

That afternoon Grayfia arrived and brought the two of them into the underworld through a portal. When they got there they were surprised by what they saw. Although Jason had already read about this in the novels and seen it in the anime, Gremory's territory was still incredibly beautiful. Medea to seeing the underworld was shocked, after all the legends of her era always talked about it was a terrifying place with red sky, so she was surprised to see that it was practically the same as human territory except for the evil aura that emanated in the air and the great moon that was instead of the sun. After asking Grayfia, she explained to her that it was because the current Maou decided to change the schedule and atmosphere for the sake of the reincarnated demons.

When they arrived at the Gremory palace, a group of servants came out to greet them as Grayfia stepped into her role as maid-chief and bowed to greet the guests.

Upon entering the Gremory palace they found themselves in a large hall in which three people were already present. a middle-aged, handsome looking man with long crimson red hair that is tied in a loose ponytail with a black hairband, blue eyes and he also has a short and red beard or stubble. At his side was a woman who appears to be in his early to mid-twenties, she had brown hair and violet eyes. Behind the woman a girl of about 8 years old with red hair and blue eyes looked at Jason with hostility.

Upon seeing them enter, the man came forward to greet them.

Zeoticus: "Welcome to Gremory Palace, I suppose your child is Jason Frey, I've heard of you." Changing his gaze to Medea his eyes shrugged as he felt the pressure and bowed his head instinctively to greet her." Nice to meet you Miss Medea, I hope you enjoy your stay in the underworld.

Jason: "Thank you for hosting us during these two weeks Count Gremory."

Medea didn't say anything and just nodded.

Venelana also followed basic courtesies as a member of the underworld nobility. When the basic courtesies between them were finished Zeoticus spoke.

Zeoticus: "I hope you'll excuse me, but these two weeks I'm busy with work and I won't have time to entertain you. I hope our training facilities here will meet your requirements and make full use of them.

Jason: "Thank you very much Count Gremory"

Venelana:" Jason, Grayfia told me that you and Rias are the same age. So why don't you train together?

Rias behind Venelana opened her eyes wide to her mother's words and her face turned red with anger as she heard Jason's words.

Jason: "I'm afraid it's going to be too hard for her."


A glint pass through Jason eye when he thought of how arrogant and easy to provoke was Rias, he lamented inside as he thought, (In the series she wasn't so arrogant, was it because of age? but she overestimated herself so she never took the training seriously and it was only until the main events took place that she began to seriously improve. That attitude of hers in the end brought problems to all her peerage and they didn't grow as much as they could. I must fix that attitude of hers or else I won't be able to take them with me when it comes to a higher world.) With that thought in mind Jason make a plant o change her personality.

Jason: "If you're so strong, why don't we fight one against one? If you defeat me, I'll join your peerage voluntarily, but if I defeat you, you'll withdraw your words. Deal?"

When Rias heard his words she didn't think much and accepted directly, she was very sure of her victory.

Rias: I accept!

Venelana and Zeoticus were surprised and confused by the development of the matter, also curious to see the strength of someone whom Grayfia had recognized for his potential. (Grayfia had said nothing to anyone other than Sirzechs about the powers of and bloodline of Jason by an earlier agreement)

Grayfia was worried but also relieved to discover the true intentions of Jason, her younger sister was too arrogant and relied too much on her innate power and her older brother. (In the future she enters a rebellious cover in which she does not want to be considered as Lucifer's younger sister if not as Rias, although I guess you all know it hehe)

In a training camp at the Gremory Palace, a boy with white hair and red eyes faced a redheaded girl. The boy wore a white sweatshirt with black sports shorts, he was looking at the girl as if she were nothing more than an insect in his eyes. The girl wore a blood red sports outfit to match her hair and also her face as she was red with rage at the sight of the boy in front of her despising her.

In the stands of the training field Venelana and Zeoticus cheered Rias while Medea stood silently by their side.

Grayfia who was in charge of being the referee recited the rules of the match.

Grayfia: "These are the rules of the match:

1. No weapons may be used.

2. The match doesn't stop until one becomes unconscious or admits defeat.

With this I begin the fight between Rias Gremory and Jason Frey."

At the sound of the bell Rias start casting her magic and runic circles began to form while Jason simply watched her without moving. Rias thought he was afraid and started smiling thinking about what he would do in the future when he became part of her peerage.

A minute later the magic of Rias was formed and when she noticed that Jason was not yet moving she smiled arrogantly while mocking him.

Rias: "Are you afraid?, hehe."

Jason raised an eyebrow and said, "afraid? I doubt this will hurt me."

Rias was irritated but still advised him: "Surrender, I don't want to hurt you" She was a Gremory after all and since she assumed he was going to be part of her peerage she didn't want to hurt him.

Jason only laughed slightly while appreciating the detail. Rias no longer spoke and launched her attack with the power of destruction.

BOOM, rays of dark reddish light shot out in Jason's direction which resulted in an explosion at the spot. Rias began to worry as she didnt hear any screaming and then panicked when she did not see anyone when the smoke rose. Just as she was about to start crying a cold voice came out from behind her.

"Is that all you have?"

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I am thinking about how I can divide de Devils power with the system numbers (for average devils not the series characters). I thought about this:

Low class devil: Strength/Speed/Mana: 0-499

Middle class devil: 500-4999

High class devil: 5000-19999

Ultimate class devil: 20000-49999

Super devil: 50000-???

For example Medea´s mana out of her territory is about 200000 and Balmung rank B Noble phantasm damage with Jason current level is about 7500.

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