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36.11% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 51: Arriving in England

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Chapter 51: Arriving in England

An 11-year-old boy came down from the XXX airport in London. People looked at him curiously as it was not common to see a boy with white hair.

"It' s just as I remembered" Jason looked around London with nostalgia.

Jason took his suitcase and stopped a taxi on the road.

"Where do I take you?" A middle-aged man.

"Take me to XXX High School."

The taxi driver nodded and headed for the world's most famous high school.

It didn't take long for them to arrive, Jason paid the taxi driver and headed for the school entrance.

It was really early in the morning, so the students were sleeping at the moment.

Jason watched the school from the entrance. He nodded positively at the school facilities, they were the best of the best.

Jason went to the clerk's office to notify his arrival. A middle-aged woman was behind the counter organizing papers. Jason rang the doorbell to get her attention. The woman raised her head and saw Jason.

"You want something, boy?" She asked professionally, all the students who entered this school were from powerful families or were geniuses so she could not afford to be disrespectful to them.

"I'm here to notify my arrival," Jason replied.

The middle-aged woman nodded, "Name and surname".

"Jason Frey."

The woman then searched a pile of papers and pulled out the paper that corresponded to Jason.

"You have to sign here, here and here." She pointed out where Jason had to sign. Jason signed without hesitation and returned the papers to the woman.

The woman checked that everything was fine before putting the papers back, she pulled out some keys with a number 15 on them.

"These are the keys to your room, your partner already arrived yesterday"

Jason took the keys and went to his room, he was curious to meet his roommate.

He didn't take long to find the boys' bedroom. His room was on the first floor. Jason opened the door and entered the room. He took a look at the room, the room was quite luxurious with two beds, two desks, two large closets for clothes and a large bathroom.

Jason saw that one side of the room was already occupied, but he couldn't see his new partner. Jason didn't think too much about it and started tidying up his things. He didn't take long to put the clothes in the closet and the books on his desk. When he finished lying down in bed and closed his eyes, he communicated mentally with Semiramis.


"Why did you call me, Master?" Semiramis' voice was heard in Jason's head.

"How much longer do you have to get to England?"

"If we continue at this speed, I think we'll be there in about 2 hours."

"Well, remember that Akeno also has to come to school so you can't be late," Jason reminded him.

"Don´t worry" Semiramis relaxed Jason.

Jason cut off communication with Semiramis ahead of time. If he were a normal person, Jason wouldn't have paid attention to him, but he could feel a powerful sword energy emanating from that person's body.

Jason didn't move, but secretly put himself on guard. The door opened and Jason's roommate entered.

Jason looked surprised at the blond boy with glasses, his face seemed strangely familiar. The boy had long hair tied up in a ponytail and was sweating profusely, he seemed to have finished training recently.

"Hello, I´m yout roomate" Jason greeted his roommate.


The blond boy nodded, picked up a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. Jason didn't know how to react to his new partner's distant attitude.

Jason scratched his head when he saw the blond boy enter the bathroom. He was going to wait for the boy to come out of the bathroom to introduce himself, but Semiramis sent him a message saying that Akeno was waiting for him at the school door. Jason smiled as he thought of the girl waiting for him.

Jason left his room and went to the entrance to pick up Akeno. He arrived at the entrance and saw a group of older boys in a circle surrounding someone, Jason didn't pay much attention to them and looked for Akeno.

Jason passed by the side of the circle and looked at the person in the middle of the circle, Jason stopped stunned to see Akeno in the center looking shyly at the ground.

"Tell me girl, do you need us to escort you to the dorms?" One of the boys said to Akeno, the rest of the boys nodded and said the same thing to Akeno.

Jason saw the lustful looks in the boys' eyes and became furious, he was going to come in and stop the boys as cold sweat ran down his back. He looked for where the malicious intent came from but couldn't find it.

He looked back at Akeno and trembled as he saw the sadistic smile on her face. Jason made the wise decision to pretend he didn't see anything and slowly returned to where he had come from. Jason thought he had made the right decision when he heard the screams of the group of boys.

"Jason!" Jason stopped when he heard Akeno call him.

"Are you done?" Jason asked.

"Yes! Mom told me that if some guy bothered me, I had to give them a little lighting to activate their brains" Akeno showed a beautiful sadistic smile.

Jason smiled wryly, who would think that a kind mother like Shuri would give such advice to her daughter.

Jason accompanied Akeno to fill out her papers and receive her room key. The students passing by stopped to look at them, they were stunned to see the Jason/Akeno couple.

"What a handsome boy."

"Is his white hair natural?"

"What a beautiful Japanese girl, what a lucky boy."

The voices of the students were naturally heard by both of them, but both passed by and pretended not to hear them. Akeno tried to ignore them, but her blushing cheeks betrayed her.

The murmurs ceased to be heard when a handsome boy turned to Akeno and Jason.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Prince Zack, can you tell me your name, beautiful lady?" The boy didn't even look at Jason.

"Akeno Himejima" Akeno answered calmly.

"A nice name, I wonder if I could show you the way to the dorms?" The prince asked politely.

Akeno did not want to cause trouble knowing that the boy in front of her was a man of great status and looked to Jason for help.

"I´m with her" Jason gave the prince a smile that wasn't a smile.

Zack felt a chill at the sight of Jason's smile, but he didn't step back. Zack had fallen in love with Akeno at first sight and being the Prince of England, it was impossible for him to turn back now.

"Could you let me go with her?" he asked politely, but his gaze was menacing.

"No" Jason instantly denied.

"Boy, do you know who I am?" Zack decided to throw out his educated boy facade.

Jason also withdrew his fake smile and gave him a chilling smile.

"I don´t know who you are" Jason approached the prince's ear and whispered a few words that only he could hear.

"All I know is that if you don't get out of here right now, I'm going to cut you to pieces."

"First you'll lose your arms so you can't defend yourself, then your legs so you can't escape, I'll cut off your tongue so you can't ask for help and your nose so you can't smell your own death."

"I'll give you relief by cutting off your ears so you won't hear my laughter and finally I'll turn off your light by ripping out your eyes."

Jason broke up with Zack and talked so Akeno could hear him.

"I'll never let anyone touch what's mine."

Jason then kept walking and Akeno followed him quickly. A blond boy with glasses watched the spectacle with curiosity, he approached the prince who had been paralyzed.

"You are pathetic." The blond boy said to Zack.

"Shut up, I swear I'll kill that boy" Zack clenched his fists furiously.

"I doubt it." The blond guy didn't think Zack could do that.

"Why do you say that, Arthur?"

Arthur put a finger on Zack's neck and slipped it through his skin.

"I'll kill you before you do anything stupid, I don't want to see the royal family disappear."

Arthur retired and headed back to room number 15.

Zack took his hand off his neck and felt the blood stain his hand.

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