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69.44% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 99: Azure Dragon and Vermillion bird

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Chapter 99: Azure Dragon and Vermillion bird

The "discussion" between the members of the 5 clans, represented by Suzaku and Seiryuu, and the members of Grigori ended.

As they were exiting, Barakiel spoke to Suzaku without glancing back.

"Suzaku, I believe that you haven't changed."

Suzaku replied while smiling.

"…Barakiel Oji-sama, not one thing has changed since that time. Not one thing about the Himejima Suzaku who played with Oba-sama and Akeno. However, regarding the Himejima…the present heads of the Five Principles Clans, be cautious of them. Of course, the same for the exorcists."

"Aah, naturally."

After Barakiel exited, just as the others were about to exit as well,


Suzaku's voice called out to him.

With even more gentle facial expressions, Suzaku spoke to Tobio with an expression like one speaking to their family.

"Thank you for placing your trust in me. Let us speak openly now. When things calm down, I will have a proper banquet."

For some reason, Tobio blushed in response to those words.

"S-Sure, yes…"

Jason was the only one left in the room with Suzaku and Seiryuu. He looked at Suzaku once more and confirmed what he had thought before.

"Do you need anything more, Jason-san?" Suzaku politely asked.

"You really look like them. No matter how you look at it, you are a younger version of the mother and an older version of the daughter."

Jason spoke as he approached Suzaku.

"The only visible difference is the color of the eyes."

Jason stopped in front of Suzaku, their faces were separated by a very short distance.

"You don't like my eyes?" Suzaku asked with doubt.

Seiryuu looked at the interaction with wide eyes, even Suzaku didn't know why she was behaving that way.

"I never said that. I think your vermillion eyes have nothing to envy of violets."

Jason gently smiled as he caressed her cheek. Suzaku blushed, she never had such an interaction with a boy, and she was slightly nervous and a little expectant.

As Jason looked at Suzaku, two more images overlapped next to the appearance of the young Himejima.

Young girl with purple eyes and a mature woman with the same violet eyes. These two, together with Suzaku, were like a copy of each other.

(Suzaku really looks like Shuri and Akeno.) Jason thought.

Jason took a step back. Although Suzaku was a bit disappointed, she didn't show it on the surface.

Jason took a glance at Seiryuu.

"Azure Dragon, we'll have a conversation at a more convenient time. Right now they are waiting for me, so I don't have time to entertain you."

Seiryuu showed a confused expression. Was Jason talking to him?

"Okay, I will search for your current host in a few days." Jason nodded towards the confused Seiryuu.

"Four-eyes, I will visit you in a few days, so be prepared."

Seiryuu's lips twitched for a second before reluctantly agreeing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"At least, can you told me why?"

"Your companion hasn't told you?" Jason asked him.

"My companion?" Seiryuu asked back.

"You don't know? Or probably you can't talk to him"

"It's pointless, I tried in the past, but he can't hear me" An ancient voice spoke in Jason's head.

"So is like that" Jason nodded.

Telepathy. Jason was surprised the first time he heard a voice on his head that didn't come from one of his servants, he was more surprised when he learned that the sound came from the sacred beast in the interior of Seiryuu; The Azure Dragon.

Jason glanced one more time towards Suzaku. Suzaku felt strange because she can tell that while Jason's gaze was on her, he wasn't looking at her. She felt like he was looking in her interior like he was searching for something.

"Since the Azure Dragon has taken the initiative, why are you not showing yourself, vermillion bird?" Jason asked towards Suzaku.

Suzaku didn't know how to react at this bizarre situation. She wondered if Jason has any mental disorder, but he doesn't look that he has any problem. Then towards who was he talking? He seems to want to talk to the sacred beasts within her and Seiryuu and apparently he had succeeded with the Azure Dragon.

That was unbelievable! It was known that the Sacred Beasts can't talk, it was told by the ancestors of the clan.

But Jason here looks like he can talk with them, was him an exception within the rest?

Suzaku was worried. If the head of the five families learned about this, they would surely persecute Jason to kill him.

Thinking about Jason's death, Suzaku didn't know why, but she felt that her heart was crying… Why? She has only known this boy for an hour or so, and he didn't even talk that much. Was it because he was extremely handsome? Or was it because of the mysterious aura that surrounded him? Or was it the curiosity toward the women he had said they were similar to her?

Women similar to her… Realization struck Suzaku. Two women were really similar to her, and they were her aunt and her little cousin. Did Jason know anything about them?

If Jason knows anything… She could found about her lost family. She missed the times when she played with her little cousin and her kind aunt. The day that they disappeared, Suzaku throw a tantrum towards her uncle Suou and ask him why he allows that to happen.

She wanted to change the system within the five great clans because of the tragedy of her loved family. She wasn't going to allow something similar to happen again.

She decided to return her relationship with Jason closer for the sake of getting information about her cousin and aunt, and because she wanted to get to know him better.

"Sigh," Jason heard a soft sigh in his mind.

"So you've finally decided to show off," Jason smiled.

"Sooner or later we were going to have to talk, the chosen one" The feminine voice spoke again.

Jason frowned when he heard that title again. It wasn't the first time that he had heard that title today, the Azure Dragon also refer to him with that title the first time that he had to speak to him.

That was the reason that keeps Seiryuu alive. The Azure Dragon wasn't the first one referring to Jason as "The chosen", he even got that title in the System.

The first time was when he entered The Fate Path for the first time. Ojiisan has told him that he was the chosen one who will dictate Fate.

How was the old man called? The creator or something like that.

Jason returns his attention toward the real Suzaku, the vermillion bird.

"Why didn't you talk to me before?" Jason asked.

"Hmmph, do you think that I don't know it?"


"You took my successor for yourself. Fortunately, there was another gem inside the Himejima clan."

"I took your successor?" Jason was surprised.

"Shuri Himejima, she was and still is the most talented within the Himejima clan in his more than 1000 years of history."

"Is Shu- she that talented?" Jason asked. He almost spat Shuri's name in front of the oblivious Suzaku. He didn't know that she had already some doubts about it, call it female instinct.

"Yes, if she is properly trained her flames and the correct resources are given to her, she can surpass any flame user in this low realm."

Jason was shocked when he heard the news. Wasn't Shuri one of the weakest members of Soaring Dragon? Why is she know someone who with that talent?

"Tch, you don't see the diamond when it is in front of you? You truly disappoint me, why did the beast empress choose you?"

Jason frowned again. Beast empress, this wasn't the first time that Jason heard the term "emperor". Something within him pulsed when he heard that word.

"I should have a serious conversation with you as well, vermillion bird" Jason seriously spoke.

"Not just with the Azure Dragon and me. You should search for the other three Sacred Beasts, or as we were called back then- Five Sacred Beast Kings."

Jason nodded. He felt that the connexion with Suzaku was cut by the bird.

He looked at Suzaku and Seiryuu. Both of them were looking at him with serious expressions. While the sacred beasts could use telepathy, Jason didn't have that ability, and they had heard all the words that Jason had spoken.

They didn't understand the conversation as they could only hear Jason, but both of them know that Jason could speak with the Sacred Beasts.

"I hope you'll keep what just happened a secret. I say this for your own sake and for the sake of your clan, I don't think any of you want the 5 clans to become 4." Jason didn't only release his dragon aura, he also let his Ashura aura leak within his body.

Suzaku and Seiryuu agreed with him. They didn't doubt that Jason was telling the truth and they don't want to be the reason for their clan disappearance.

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