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73.61% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 105: Beast Empress, War, Sacred Gears?

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Chapter 105: Beast Empress, War, Sacred Gears?


Tears fell from Nekohime's eyes as she watched the man sitting on the sofa. She could not believe what she was seeing.

Nekohime approached Jason and stroked the boy's face.

"Is this real?" She asked Blair.

"Of course I do, you idiot princess."

Nekohime looked at Blair and realized something was wrong.

"What are you doing naked, aren't you ashamed?"

"Shame? None at all. Jason can see as much as he wants.

Nekohime couldn't stand Blair's shamelessness. Her face flushed, she shouted at her.

"Go upstairs and get dressed!"

"Yes, yes."

Blair got up and proceeded up the stairs. She met Chloe and Sarashiki as they came down.

"Is something wrong with the princess?

Sarashiki also expressed her doubts.

"Nothing too important, we have a visitor," Blair explained.

"Nyaa, is it Shuri, or is it Ingvild?" Sarashiki asked.

"Neither, Nyaa" Blair smiled mysteriously.

"Say it, Blair-Nyaa" Chloe insisted.

"Come down and find out for yourselves."

Blair ignored Sarashiki and Chloe and went up the stairs to her room.

"Nyaa, let's see who it is."

The two cats finished coming down and went to the living room. What they found was a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere.

They saw Jason sitting on a sofa and their princess sitting on the couch across him. They were both looking at each other, but they didn't say a word, it seemed that neither of them knew how to break the ice.

"I think I left something in my room."

"I'm gonna do the laundry."

The cats tried to escape from such an uncomfortable atmosphere. When they turned around, they heard a dark voice that forced them back into the room.

"Chloe, Sarashiki, if you take one more step, I'm going to cut your tails off."

"Yes, princess."

Blair didn't take long to get dressed before going down to the living room. Since they couldn't wear Soaring Dragon's kimono, Blair wore the clothes she wore before being saved by Jason.

A sleeveless dress of violet-black wears sleeves that leave her hands free and cover almost all her arm, also wears boots of quite a high heel and the same color as her dress. There was no lack of the witch hat that she was in love with.

When she came down the stairs, she found herself in a rather strange situation. Nekohime and Jason looked at each other without knowing what to say as they sat on opposite sofas. Meanwhile, Sarashiki and Chloe had dark faces as they sat on the only free couch; they seemed to want to escape from there at any moment.

Blair laughed inside. Surely her princess was too embarrassed to talk to Jason and had ordered and even threatened the two poor cats to stay there with her.

Blair saw that she didn't have any free seats for her. Remembering that Jason was currently on "her" couch, Blair had an idea to break the ice.

"Let's see the series, nyaa"

Blair jumped up and sat on Jason's lap.


"It's your fault, Faction Leader. I know you sat on Blair's couch because you wanted Blair to sit on top of you, you can't fool me."

As she expected, Blair felt Nekohime's jealous look. What surprised her was that Sarashiki and Chloe also seemed jealous of her.

Horny Slutty Cats.

Blair snorted inside. Although Sarashiki and Chloe tried to look like good cats in front of Nekohime and Jason, Blair knew they were a pair of whore cats.

Although Blair couldn't say anything, wasn't she also a horny cat? Well, at least she didn't hide it.

She decided to provoke her princess and kissed Jason on the cheek. Jason didn't understand what Blair was looking for, but by looking at her playful smile and the "flames" that exploded from Nekohime's body, he understood what this cat was trying to achieve.

Seeing that her princess didn't react as much as she expected, Blair adjusted on Jason's lap and placed her ass on top of Jason's member. As she moved sensually, she grabbed Jason's hands and made him hug her.

"Blair has missed you, Jason-nyama."

Jason sighed.

"Sigh, I've come here to discuss something important."

"Hehe, I know."

Blair said that, but she didn't change his position at all. Jason mentally denied and focused his attention on Nekohime. He didn't move Blair, as he didn't mind pampering the horny cat a bit.

"Nekohime, I think you know I want to ask you."

Nekohime nodded, she didn't finish explaining things to Jason last time, and that was one of the great sorrows she kept inside. Maybe... no, there was no point in thinking about it.

"Neither of us are originally from this realm..."

"I know all that. I want you to tell me about what happened to me."

Nekohime's face became serious as she remembered the events that had occurred. That dark Jason still gave her chills.

"You had to go through a test left by our ancestor, Bastet Blessing. No one has survived this test, so my mother planned to give the rest of her lifespan to help you pass it."


"I told you, the Bastet clan has a good relationship with your mother, your real mother."

Jason frowned and remembered the note that came to him next to Balmung. Nekohime told him that his mother was the Dragon Empress and his father, the Ashura King.

"Is she not the most powerful woman in the kingdom of beasts?" Jason asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This... I don't know." Nekohime really didn't know.

"I think I know the answer to that."

Unexpectedly it was Blair who spoke.


"My family, like Sara's and Chloe's, have been the closest followers of the Bastet family. I remember reading a text in one of my ancestor's books, and she was one of the closest to Bastet's ancestor."

"In that text, it said something about a defeat in trying to get the Sacred something and how she, Bastet ancestor, sealed itself and the 5 Sacred Beasts Kings in the bodies of their descendants."

Blair finished explaining and waited for Jason's response. Seeing Jason saying nothing, she lifted her head and saw that he was immersed in her thoughts.

Jason looked at Nekohime and asked him what he wanted to know.

"Nekohime, was your ancestor the Beast Empress?"

"Yes, she is the pride of our race."

Jason remembered the woman who served the star Sirius, she looked 95% like Nekohime. Was she the Beast Empress?

So it is, then the five Sacred Beasts should come from the kingdom that Nekohime. But what is that war Blair has spoken of? It has something to do with Sacred something... Is it the Sacred Gear? It can't be, Sacred Gear are only strong in this world, right?

Desire. Sacred Gears are driven with the power of desire. The stronger you desire, the stronger your Sacred Gear will respond to you.

Could it be that Sacred Gear does not have a growth limit? Could a Longinus user get a level of power with which he can rival the most powerful of the God Realms?

Could it be that God was not referring to the gods of this low realm, but true gods in terms of power? Could that be the reason for the system asking me to create a faction by recruiting the talents of this world?

But I still don't understand. If what I had assumed was true, why was this world so inferior in terms of power?

Jason knew it was useless to ask Nekohime and the rest. This was a question he had to ask those who had participated in that war directly, the 5 Sacred Beasts.

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