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15.97% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 22: Conversation in the park

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Chapter 22: Conversation in the park

""I want you to accept me as your apprentice!"

"Why do you want to take me as your teacher?" Jason didn´t answer him directly and instead asked another question.

"Because I, Hyoudou Issei, want to and will be the Harem King."

Black lines started appearing on Jason's forehead when he heard he wanted to be his apprentice for that. Irina looked around with a face that said `I don´t know who he is´.

Medea who was in the shadows watching laughed low, a laugh Jason obviously heard.

Jason couldn't take it anymore "And what am I going to teach you?"

Issei did not hesitate and replied to the moment "How to pick up girls!"


Irina, who was standing next to them without saying anything, couldn't stand it anymore.

Issei and Jason were completely stunned, not by the fact of the blow to the face but because the hit had been received by Jason instead of Issei.

"Why me?" Jason asked as he stroked his cheek.

Irina did not answer Jason's question. How could she tell him that she hit him because he was her crush and she didn't even want to think about seeing him pick up some girl who wasn't her.

"Senpai, BAKAAA!" Irina turned around with teary eyes and ran away.

Issei still didn't know what was going on and looked at Jason "Then, you'll be my mas...".

He didn't finish the sentence when he saw Jason's cold eyes.

"Let's find Irina"

"Irina?" Issei was confused (Who is Irina? Is senpai going to take me to meet a girl from his Harem?) When he got to that thought Issei was glad and followed Jason who had started to run after Irina.

Jason caught up with Irina quickly. Obviously Irina hadn't gone through any training yet so it didn't take much effort to reach her.

Jason found Irina crying in a park sitting on a bench. Jason sat next to her and said nothing.

"Why are you crying?" Jason decided to break the silence.

"Don't you, Sniff, you care, Sniff, leave me alone" Irina answered in tears. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

If Jason would just back off because of those words then he would have been reborn for nothing. Jason put his arm around her waist and gave her a hug.

"Why are you crying?"

"You don´t hate me, senpai?" Irina did not answer him and instead asked Jason a question.

"Why should I hate you?"

"Because I' ve hit you before" Irina buried her head in Jason's chest when she remembered her previous act of impulsivity.

Jason didn't say anything and instead held her tighter. Jason really didn't know why Irina had hit him before, although he was a little mad at first all the anger passed when he saw her crying alone in the park. Imagine seeing a cute 7 year old girl crying alone in the park, anyone's heart would hurt!

Irina felt that her Senpai's hug was very warm, she wanted to stay that way forever.

Previously she only had admiration for his Senpai, he was tall, handsome, the best in school and mysterious. But when she heard Issei talk about Harem and pick up girls with Jason her heart started to hurt, so she acted impulsively and hit Jason before running away. As she ran she realized what she had done and remorse began to come. Irina saw a park and sat on the bench, shrugged and cried. She was sure that her Senpai hated her now.

Just as she was at her lowest point she heard someone sit next to her. Irina became afraid because her parents had told her that there were old men kidnapping pretty little girls (LOLICON) and she believed that the person next to her was exactly one of them.

"Why are you crying?"

Before she could react she heard his voice, her Senpai's voice. She was even more afraid, she was sure that her Senpai hated her. She answer as hard as she could to make her senpai leave her alone.

"Why are you crying?"

Jason ignored her and asked her again, this time hugging her. Irina did not dare to answer and asked instead "Don't you hate me?" to what she was sure was a yes. His answer shocked her so she stopped crying and responded unconsciously.

When Jason held her tighter she began to feel waves in her heart. She didn't know what these emotions were that she was feeling but in the near future, when they would have to separate, she was going to discover what exactly those feelings were.

Jason let out a sigh of relief when Irina stopped crying. He let go of the hug and sat correctly when he heard the sounds of someone running into the park, probably Issei.

Irina didn't understand why her Senpai had separated so suddenly until 10 seconds later she heard the same thing Jason had heard before. She hurried to wipe her tears and get her clothes done before sitting next to Jason.

"I finally find you guys!" Issei shouted as he arrived at the park and saw his Senpai and his best friend sitting together.

Black lines began to appear on Jason's forehead when he saw Issei again, a feeling of his was telling him that he was not going to be able to get rid of him for a while.

Jason said goodbye to Irina and left without a single glance at Issei.

"You seem to get along with Senpai, hehe"

"Shut up, baka Issei" Irina got up and left the park in the direction of her home.

Issei went blank until he remembered something important. "Aaaah, he hasn't told me if he's going to accept me as his student!"

Jason arrived at the temple after lunch. After greeting Ingvild he went directly to his training room with Medea.

"Why did you ask me to accompany you?" asked confused Medea.

Since Jason and Medea had arranged their relationship she was no longer hidden in the shadows but remained talking to Ingvild or helping her control her demonic power. Except at night and when Jason went to and from school, she was always with Ingvild, the relationship between the two girls had improved a lot.

"I'm going to see how many petals I can activate right now with Rho Aias."

Medea nodded and said nothing as she also wanted to know how many he could activate. She had realized that he had called her in case he fainted again.

Once prepared Jason raised his right arm "Rho Aias!" A pink light came from Jason's hand. First a pink cape formed and a petal appeared and Jason began to breathe heavily. A single layer of Rho Aias had already cost him 1000 mana points.

Jason continued injecting mana in order to form the second layer. The pink light became brighter and brighter.

It wasn't until Jason injected his 5000 mana points that the second layer of Rho Aias was activated, forming a second pink petal in front of Jason's hand.

Jason was able to hold the shield for about 10 seconds before he began to feel dizzy. He reached his limit at 15 seconds and fell to his knees on the ground.

Jason stood up and sighed, "This seems to be my limit so far."

"Are you all right, hubby?" Medea asked with concern.

"Yeah, just a little tired."

"Tell me Medea, how much power do you think the shield can hold?" That was Jason's concern.

"If I'm not mistaken with the second layer you can withstand an attack of a weak ultimate class devil while with the first you can withstand any attack below ultimate class devil." She stopped for a moment and then she added "You have to keep in mind that to stop an ultimate class attack you have to spend all the mana you have currently so I would not recommend facing one head-on for the moment".

Jason heard Medea's warning and smiled. Medea thought it was because he didn't take it seriously until she heard Jason say "Thanks for the warning, I'll be careful" then Medea relaxed.

Jason smiled because a system notification had arrived.

[User has exceeded his limit without fainting. Mana +5]

Apparently Jason had found a new way to increase his mana.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Tell me your opinion of the new dialogue format. Do you prefer the previous one (Jason: "this Fan-fic is the best) or the new one ("This Fan-fic is the best" Jason assured)

A new family member is coming soon. Would it be an annoying otouto or a cute imouto?

If we get to top 50 (Dificult) I would have a 5 chap release on sunday.

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