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50.69% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 72: Dark Blood Refinement Technique

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Chapter 72: Dark Blood Refinement Technique

Royal Palace, England.

Zack was in his bed sitting in a lotus position. He had his eyes closed, he seemed to be meditating.

A dark aura surrounded Zack's room, he opened his eyes as he felt this aura coming.

"Welcome, master"

A shadow appeared in front of Zack. The only thing discernible about the shadow were two red lights that seemed to be his eyes.

The shadow looked around the room, then looked at Zack and nodded.

"It hasn't even been a few hours since I passed you the [Dark Blood Refinement] technique and you've already put it into practice" The shadow's voice rang through the room.

Zack felt a chill when he heard his teacher's voice. He wasn´t yet accustomed to that tone of voice that seemed to come from an old man on death's doorstep.

"I wanted to test whether the master's technique was as powerful as you had told me," Zack explained.

"And what do you think?"

Zack smiled showing his teeth. Traces of blood could be seen on his teeth.

"Much better than I expected, I must say that the maid was delicious," Zack replied, he was more than satisfied with the technique the shadow had passed on to him.

The shadow looked around the room again and noticed a body lying in a corner of the room.

It was the body of a maid. A young woman who had not turned 20, the few intact traces on her face said she was a beautiful woman.

This woman could not be recognized. There were traces of bruises all over her body, she seemed to have suffered a brutal beating.

Her maid's uniform was torn, leaving her private parts uncovered. One of her tits was missing a piece of flesh, it seemed to have been torn from a bite, and blood came out of her pussy accompanied by another white liquid.

The most chilling thing was the part of her stomach and her neck. Her throat seemed to have been forcibly torn out, leaving a hole through which the spine could be seen.

Her stomach had been opened by a sharp weapon. Its interior was gone, there was no trace of any of the woman's organs.

The shadow approached the woman. He realized there was a hole in the back of her head, her inside was as empty as her stomach.

"You are very greedy, I remember telling you that you should only drink the blood," The shadow told Zack.

"I just couldn't stand it, something inside me was telling me I should eat" Zack licked his lips.

"All right, just don't let them find what you're doing." The shadow advised him before he disappeared.

"Just wait, I swear to eat you one by one." Zack smiled grimly, his eyes showed a reddish glow for a moment.

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Throne Room, Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The atmosphere inside the throne room was heavy. All the core members, except Nekohime and co, were assembled.

"What would you have done?" Jason asked the rest.

No one answered. A deadly silence covered the room, no one knew how to answer Jason's question.

Even Medea and Semiramis, who were most affected by the situation as they had felt the danger and pain Jason had suffered because of their Master-Servant bond, thought Jason should have spoken to Nekohime first or discussed punishment with the others.

But they thought they didn't have the right to say anything at this point either. Especially considering that they almost killed Nekohime while dragging her to her sealed room.

Kuroka and Ingvild were feeling complex emotions. They didn't know how close Jason had been to death and only knew that he was in trouble because they had heard Medea's screams and had run to see what was going on.

They were frightened when Semiramis explained the situation to them. Still, they thought the punishment was a little exaggerated.

"Jason" Shuri caught the young dragon's attention.

Jason looked at her, she was not a core member in Soaring Dragon but had attended the meeting accompanying Akeno as she was still very young.

All eyes were on her. Shuri became nervous and felt a strange pressure that wouldn't let her keep talking.

"Ah!" She was surprised.

A hand was on her shoulder. She looked at the person who had made such a gesture and saw that it had been Jason.

(When did he get here?)

"Calm down, you can give your opinion without problems. Remember that you are also a member of Soaring Dragon, your opinion matters too."

Shuri felt something warm in her chest, she was happy to see that this man gave importance to her words. Shuri gained confidence and expressed her opinion to the rest of Soaring Dragon.

Of course, Jason had generally explained the situation to the rest. Although he hadn´t explained anything about Nekohime coming from another superior realm, Jason had made it clear that his life had been very close to extinction and that Nekohime had been punished for having kept important information secret.

"I think the punishment is excessive, I'm sure Nekohime didn't want to hurt you at any time" Shuri tried to defend Nekohime.

She waited to see Jason's reaction to his words. He looked at her indifferently.

"That's it?" Jason asked.

"No, if she hid information from you, it's because she considered it correct. I think I've known Nekohime quite a bit during this time and I know she loves you and wants the best for you and Soaring Dragon.

She can't do anything against you!"

Kuroka and Ingvild agreed with her but did not show it to the rest. They also knew that Jason was already aware of it, probably the person who felt the most pain due to the punishment that Nekohime was Jason himself.

"So what do you think I should do?" Jason asked Shuri.

Shuri was silent, she hadn't thought of anything.

"I don't know." She answered sincerely.

Jason, who had returned to sit on the armrest of the throne, approached Shuri slowly.

"Should I have left her unpunished?" Jason asked Shuri.

Shuri thought seriously, could Jason leave Nekohime unpunished?

No, it was impossible not to punish Nekohime. She and her companions had to set an example for the rest.

"Wasn't there a lighter punishment?" Shuri asked her, she still thought that the punishment was still too harsh.

"I had a different punishment for her at first" Jason stopped in front of her.

"Yes?" Shuri and the rest looked at him curiously.

Jason put a finger down his throat and slid it slowly. They all understood perfectly the meaning of Jason's gesture.

"Death" Jason told Shuri.

Shuri shook and lowered his head. Jason grabbed his chin with one finger and lifted it, the two pairs of eyes met.

Shuri looked at Jason's red eyes, she couldn't help but think how beautiful these were.

"Tell me Shuri, do you still think the punishment was too excessive?" Jason asked her, her voice carried an indifference that no Soaring Dragon member had ever seen before.

"No" She shook her head.

What a joke, being locked up for a few years or dying. These punishments had no point of comparison and more so given the long lifespan that the yokai had.

Jason let her go and went back to his place. He looked at each of the Soaring Dragon members in the eye.

"Does anyone else have something to say?

Again, no one answered Jason.

"Well, from now on you will take turns taking care of the prisoners.

I dissolve the meeting."

Jason got up and left the throne room.

[User continues to improve as a leader.

Reward: 50 Skill Points]

"Shut up" Jason silenced the system, he wasn't in a good mood.

Jason came to the training room. He frowned as soon as he entered, he could smell the remnants of his moments of passion with Nekohime.

A complicated look passed through his eyes but disappeared quickly.


The flames invaded the entire training room, obliterating any trace of any previous activity. A golden trace could be seen in Jason's flames.

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