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26.38% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 37: Elemental Dragon (1)

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Chapter 37: Elemental Dragon (1)

Temple in Kuoh.

"Phew, that was close."

Medea sighed for relief. It would have been impossible for her to stop Jason's attack if they were anywhere but the temple.

Jason was unconscious on the floor, he had exhausted all his mana in the last attack. Semiramis had already recovered from the shock and was looking at Jason with a complex look.

" Thanks for saving me" Semiramis bowed to Medea and thanked her for saving her.

Medea had created a crack in space and transported Jason's attack to a part of the Atlantic Ocean. That would have been impossible if they had not been inside the temple, Medea had spent most of her mana reserve to stop that attack.

"Don't worry about that, we're both his Servants."

Although Medea said not to worry, worry could be seen in her eyes. She had never seen Jason react that way.

What worried her most was the dark aura that emanated from Jason, she didn't know if it was good or bad.

Medea approached Jason and checked his condition. She frowned when she saw that his mana was completely empty and the most worrying thing was that he had almost no vital energy in his body, he was on the verge of death.

Semiramis also realized Jason's condition but she couldn't do anything, she was an expert in poisons so she didn't have much knowledge in potions that weren't antidotes.

"I don't have enough knowledge to help him, can you do anything?" She asked Medea.

Medea thought of what potion she could give him to improve his health.

Jason's body began to shrink as she thought about what potion to give him. Semiramis was surprised but said nothing.

Medea decided to try a high level health potion. The result was naturally useless.

She continued to try higher quality potions but none were helpful.

"I can't do anything" Medea felt the anxiety go through her body.

Semiramis was also worried, she felt guilty for being the main reason Jason was in such a state.

A few minutes later.

Jason's body began to shake, his eyebrows frowned, and a dark murderous intent emanated from his body. His body stopped shaking soon after.

Medea and Semiramis were shaking on one side. That dark energy was too frightening.

Soon Jason's body began to change. His body grew again, but this time it didn't stop at 180cm but continued up to 190cm. His face became more mature and his muscles increased.

If Jason could see himself he would be surprised to see that he looked just like the man on the battlefield. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Medea and Semiramis looked at Jason hypnotized. Jason's mature version could not be described by any word other than perfection.

A red light began to emanate from Jason's body. The temperature in the room rose dramatically, Medea and Semiramis felt they were going to suffocate.

Jason's body burned in flames, fire wings grew from Jason's back. Unlike his [Fire Dragon Mode], those wings were physical and not just formed by fire. The quality of the flames was infinite times greater than Jason could use right now, Medea and Semiramis felt that before those flames were nothing but ashes.

The temperature returned to normal shortly thereafter. As soon as Jason's transformation arrived, the flames left again.

After the red light stopped shining, a blue light replaced it. The temperature dropped to arctic levels.

A transformation similar to the previous one took place, changing fire for ice. The wings were blue with layers of ice around them, in their [Ice Dragon Mode] they are formed solely by ice.

The blue light was replaced by a yellow one and with that the temperature returned to normal, remains of ice still remained in the room.

Until now the effects had been isolated from the outside thanks to the innumerable layers that Medea had created before for the Semiramis call.

This time a wave of electrical energy came out of Jason's body, breaking all the barriers formed before. Dark clouds began to form around Kuoh's forest.

Lightning began to fall, all directed at Jason. Medea initially wanted to protect Jason, but realized that it was Jason's body that attracted the rays and let it be.

Screams were heard from outside the training room. This alarmed Medea and called Semiramis who was still in shock.

"Come on! We have to protect the Nekoshou!"

Jason's parents' house. Mikoto and Martin were playing with their daughter.

Kaida raised her head and asked her parents confusingly.

"Papa, Mama, why do I feel Oni-chan in the sky?"

His parents looked at each other with a deep look.

"He seems to be waking up," Martin said deeply.

"This time it's going to be dangerous," Mikoto said.

"Are you sure?" asked Martin worried.

Mikoto nodded and said nothing. As a dragon, she had felt that Jason had awakened a small part of his bloodline earlier.

But this time it was very different, apparently now he was waking up his entire bloodline. This was something very dangerous, especially for someone with a bloodline as powerful as Jason.

Dragon of the elements, the most powerful bloodline among the dragons. Although there were elements more unique and powerful than the 5 elements of this bloodline, if someone managed to awaken the five elements and merge them into one they would become the most powerful dragon. Only the current dragon empress had managed to awaken the 5 elements.

In the Elemental Dragon clan, dragons awakened different elements. Mikoto belonged to one of the branches of the family that controlled the ice element, normally dragons of the same branch would awaken the same element but sometimes there were exceptions.

The dragon empress belonged to the ice branch, but she had been born with the potential to awaken more elements.

Dragons that possessed two elements were quite rare and constituted the main force of the family, along with dragons that awakened unique elements. These dragons could fuse the two elements, for example if you put fire and ice together you could use [Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode] and your flame would enhance Icycal Flame.

Dragons with 3 elements were the core members of the family and dragons with 4 elements were the secret force of the family.

Never in millions of years had a dragon appeared that possessed the 5 elements before the current dragon empress did.

The clouds stretched along quickly, completely covering the sky of Japan. Civilians panicked, yokais panicked, devils panicked, gods panicked, everyone panicked.

A person surrounded by a dark aura appeared in the sky of Japan.

"So the boy is in Japan, I can't let him wake up completely."

Man channeled impure dark energy. A ball of dark color appeared in his hand growing little by little.

The ball did not take long to have the same magnitude as a skyscraper. If that ball fell all Japan would be destroyed.

"Do you think I'll let you kill my son so easily?" A cold voice sounded behind the man.

The man turned scared and saw a 35-year-old man standing behind him.

The man shook and his voice shook as he spoke.

"A-A-A-APOLION" The man's fear was evident.

" You are mistaken, now my name is Martin" Martin spoke coldly, looking at the man as if he were already dead.

Martin raised his hand and countless locusts came out of his sleeves. The locusts surrounded the man until nothing could be seen of him.

The energy ball disappeared and Martin summoned the locusts to his side. You couldn't see the man anywhere.

Martin then disappeared. In Kuoh, the bathroom door opened and Martin came out of the bathroom.

"Sorry Kaida-chan, but Dad had urgent business" Martin smiled.

"I didn't know that pooping was more important than playing with your cute daughter," murmured Kaida.

Martin's eyebrows twisted slightly and his veins were marked on his forehead.

Why does my daughter only treat her mother and older brother well? ´

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Apolion: General of the empire of darkness who cleared his way with his army of locusts.

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