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79.86% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 114: Four fiends, Fourth Beast (5)

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Chapter 114: Four fiends, Fourth Beast (5)

'Si-Xiong HúnDùn Over Booster!!!!'

A massive aura filled the area with Koga and Blitz at its center, and a dazzling brilliance spread along with it.

When the light ceased, what was there was a lustrous black exoskeletal powered suit. It had a bestial shape where the head and limbs resembled those of a dog, and what looked like the long fur which had hardened grew from the back of the head.

In the center of the body, the middle of the chest, there glittered something which resembled a gem.

It seemed that by using the thing resembling a gauntlet that he wore on his right hand, Koga could manifest that powered suit.

Blitz, who had been beside him, had vanished, while the powered suit displayed an appearance that closely resembled Koga's Sacred Gear.

"I see, so research using our armors as a reference has already reached this far."

"How interesting. Use the armor of the two heavenly dragons to force a sacred gear to take the form of armor. And to achieve it before even that adoptive father of mine. Satanael... he seems to be an interesting person." Jason muttered.

That's right. This kind of forced Balance Breaker looked like a scale mail. Although everything has to be said, Jason could feel that he was much weaker than Vali in his Scale Mail.

Jason knew of another Grigori member who had gotten this. Azazel, with the help of Fafnir, had created Down Fall Dragon Spear and its consequent Balance Breaker, Down Fall Dragon Another Armor.

Augusta, who had been watching this, had brought her hand to her chin in great interest. She was observing the gauntlet on Koga's right arm.

"He used that to forcibly Balance Break. No, it appears as though it's a type of rampage. Is there some degree of compensation for it? In any case, it can be said that that man is relentless. I suppose we should also act. Walburga."

At her master's call, a girl wearing gothic loli style clothing stepped up from the rear, dancing as though for joy as she stepped into the limelight.

"Yessir, Oshi-sama"

"You shall cooperate with the Abyss Team along with the other magicians, and go run wild with that boy."

"Ufufufun You got it! What an interesting idea."

Walburga's gaze came to rest on Koga and Tobio and the others. Her innocent eyes also bore a cold-hearted look.

"Now then, I shall…"

Augusta's eyes shifted over to Lavinia.

"I guess I should tell you about Glenda. That's provided that you can defeat me, though. Accompany me, Ice Princess."

Augusta calmly vanished in the mountain's nighttime darkness.

In response to Augusta having distanced herself from them, Lavinia was troubled what to do next.

She wanted to pursue, but she couldn't just leave her companions behind. Lavinia decided upon her companions and formed a magic circle directed at Augusta's subordinates.

However, one arm fell on Lavinia's shoulder.

"I'm here. Go and settle your affairs." Jason assured her.

Lavinia nodded and ran off in pursuit of Augusta.

Jason spoke to the running Lavinia.

"If you think it's a trap, escape immediately!"

"I understand!"

That exchange served as the signal for the commencement of hostilities at that place.

With Augusta and Lavinia having departed from there, Walburga issued instructions to the magicians.

"Well then, first of all, let us start rampaging!"

As Walburga raised her hand, the magicians also held their hands forward in preparation, forming magic circles.

They were about to fire magic from those, but the sound of the air being cut resounded nearby, and before the eyes of Tobio and the others something wriggled at high speeds.

In an instant, raising a momentary *prin* sound, the magicians' magic circles were destroyed.

If they were to focus their eyes, long and narrow black whip-like things were wriggling back and forth at high speeds throughout the area and were smashing the magic circles.

Regarding those long and narrow whip-like things, they were growing from the head of the powered suit-like object that Koga was wearing.

It was something taking the form of hair whose usual stiffness had been altered, and it was destroying the magicians' magic circles as though possessing a will of its own.

At this, Walburga smiled intrepidly.

"Wow. That's quite a method of attacking! Isn't this fun?"

Walburga was also forming a magic circle, from which she was about to release magic. In response, Koga's hair that had taken on the hardness of a whip extended.

Just as it had destroyed the magic circles of the surrounding magicians, it was expected it would also shatter Walburga magic circle but...

Walburga's magic circle, easily repelling Koga's attack, was launching a sphere of flame from the magic circle.

Tobio and the others evaded. Only Jason remained in the flames, taking the attack by himself.

Jason absorbed the flame sphere.

If that mass of flames she released had spread within a mountain wood like this one… it's possible it would have turned into a forest fire. It was scary to imagine what might have happened had reached the point of damaging the village where the residents had been put to sleep.

Just by looking at the ecstatically smiling Walburga, one could see that she thought it would be fine if such a thing occurred to those people.

Walburga and the magicians watched with open eyes as Jason absorbed the flames. Not only were they, Koga and Shigune who had not seen Jason in action equally surprised.

"Really, a fire attack on me... I don't know what to say, should I laugh or should I cry?"

Jason was intact after absorbing the flames of Walburga. His clothes bore no trace of burning.

Samejima shouted while forming Byakusa's tail lance on his right arm.

"Ikuse! Chase after the magical girl! Birdbrain, Toujou, and Nanadaru go with him! It's just my intuition, but I have a hunch that victory or defeat between that hag and the magical girl has yet to be determined. Vali, you'll remain here with me and smash these guys!"

Vali gave an unusual response to Samejima's proposal.

"It can't be helped. It's annoying to be given instructions by Samejima Kouki. However, I'm interested in the forced Balance Breaker of this man named Koga. While fighting here, I may get a chance to watch it from up close."

Jason had other plans, though.

"Why bother with them? Since they like to play with fire so much, let them burn."

Looking at Tobio, Jason ordered them.

"Go and look at the idiot Lavinia, I wouldn't want anything to happen to her."

"Aah? And who are you to command me?" Koga interrupted.

"Do what you want. Just don't get in my way." Jason replied, coldly.

The temperature in the forest rose rapidly. It had already increased before when the signs of the beginning of the battle between Lavinia and Augusta began to occur, but this sudden change in temperature was clearly felt in the place where SlashDog and Walburga were fighting.


Seeing Jason in his Fire Dragon Mode, Tobio and the rest knew they wouldn't be of any help and would only bother Jason.

The magicians noticed that Tobio and the rest wanted to leave and tried to stop them, but a wall of flames got in their way.

Curiously, the flames didn't burn the trees. This highlighted the great control Jason had over them.

Thanks to Jason's help, Tobio and the others were able to go after Lavinia. Koga felt Jason's power and decided to go with the others aswell.

Seeing things weren't going as planned, Walburga began to get anxious.

"This isn't funny at all! Who are you, and why don't you let me have fun?"

Watching the Gothic loli throwing tantrums in front of him, Jason for a moment didn't know how to act.

"You're no fun at all. I'll kill you!"

And with that simple reason, Walburga tried to use the same spell as before. And again, Jason absorbed the flames.

"So a Loli Yandere, how scary."

Although Jason said that, his face was expressionless.

"Gothic Loli is fun. Redhead big brother is boring."

"Oh, and why am I boring?" Curious, Jason asked.

"Because you don´t burn in my flames," Walburga explained.

"So, if the rest burns because of me, will I be fun?"

All the magicians who heard Jason speak felt as if their bodies were losing all their strength.

"Can you really do that?" Walburga excitedly asked.



Jason raised his hands and dropped them.


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