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4.86% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 6: Grayfia Lucifuge

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Chapter 6: Grayfia Lucifuge

Grayfia: "I introduce myself, I am Grayfia Lucifuge, maid-chief of the Gremory house and wife of the current Maou Sirzechs Lucifer."

Jason was not surprised because he already knew who she was, but Medea, who did not know her identity, was astonished to hear her.

Jason had already spoken to her about the different powers of this world, the leaders of the different factions and the powers that were in them. Grayfia Lucifuge was one of the most powerful devils, with a monstrous magical power and she was also called the most powerful queen, whom her own husband, being the current Maou Lucifer, was afraid of when she got angry.

Seeing her in person Medea felt that Grayfia was strong, but not strong enough to rival her. Although she was no match for her, it was impossible for Jason to face her and he would not be able to defend himself if she tried to attack him. And in the event that Medea manages to repel Grayfia's attack, Jason would be badly hurt or probably die so Medea put himself on guard and activated an invisible barrier around Jason.

Jason felt the barrier around him and felt heat in his heart from Medea's concern. Grayfia was surprised by the powerful barrier that had been placed around Jason, did not want to cause misunderstandings so she prepared to continue talking but Jason stepped forward.

Jason:" Medea, you don't have to raise your guard. If she had bad intentions she would have made her move during this week she has been observing me."

Medea wanted to reply to Jason but said nothing and removed the barrier. Then she came out of the shadows and sat on Jason's bed without ever looking directly at Grayfia.

The maid in question was shocked to see a woman in a magician's tunic with a hood covering her facial features only leaving her beautiful purple lips uncovered.

Grayfia was worried because she had not felt any kind of magic or power in the magician's body, but the sense of mortal danger that came from her could not be faked.

Grayfia realized that the feeling of hostility and pressure she had felt when she arrived came from her and decided to be careful with her words.

When she had informed Sirzechs about Jason, Sirzechs had told her that in order to have so much power at such an age and to be able to go unnoticed the child would have to have a powerful background or a powerful supporter so he had instructed her to find out what faction Jason belonged to and if he did not belong to any faction she would try to attract him to theirs.

When Jason saw that Grayfia was watching Medea while she was lost in her thoughts, he decided to start the conversation. Although he more or less knew what Grayfia wanted.

Jason: "Mmm, Grayfia-san. Why did you come here?"

Upon hearing Jason's question, Grayfia returned to her senses and remembered what Jason had said to Medea before and was horrified (did they know all this time that I was following him?), though thinking better with the ability of the woman sitting in bed did not surprise her much.

Seeing Jason become impatient, Grayfia regained his serious way and went straight to the point.

Grayfia: "I'm going to be direct, I'm going to ask you a few questions and I'd like you to answer me."

Jason: "Of course, go ahead."

Jason offered Grayfia a seat, and Grayfia politely turned him down before he sat down. When he sat down, Grayfia began.

Grayfia:" Jason Frey, 8, born June 7, 199* (I don't know in what year the main characters of the series were born, if anyone knows, put it in the comments please.). Son of Martin Frey, Japanese of Germanic descent, and Mikoto Frey, pure Japanese. The best of the grade at the Kuoh Elementary School. These are all the data we have been able to find from you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason frowned as Medea turned his head in the direction of Grayfia as she emanated murderous intent.

Grayfia: "I'm not here to threaten you with your parents so you don't need to worry."

Medea's murderous intent disappeared while Jason felt that a great weight had been removed from his back. What worried him most was that they might harm his parents or use them to force him to work for them.

Grayfia smiled slightly at the look on his face and was glad to see that Jason loved his parents. In fact, this had been a slight test of Jason's character in order to identify his personality.

Grayfia: "I'd like to know, Jason, other than the `Jason´ you let people see, who's the real Jason?

Jason was not surprised by his question and answered without hesitation.

Jason: "I am Jason Frey, the incarnation of Jason the Argonaut, a fire dragon."

When Grayfia heard it, she was startled and could no longer remain calm.

Grayfia: "Incarnation of Jason the Argonaut!? A dragon!?"

Jason: "That's right"

Grayfia took a deep breath trying to calm herself, she didn't know how many times she had been surprised since she started following Jason but they were more than in the last 200 years.

Medea was also surprised, although she suspected his dragon aura at first, she believed it was due to his training with Balmung. She never imagined Jason to be a true dragon.

Jason's next words shocked the two women.

Jason" I'm a fire dragon at the moment, I can still improve my bloodline and there is still another bloodline that I haven't awakened yet.

Grayfia calmed down 5 minutes later and regained his maid attitude for the nth time.

Grayfia: "Are you from any faction, Jason?"

Grayfia squinted as she looked at any facial signs Jason let go, she had to find out this or she couldn't sleep peacefully knowing that a monster (Medea) and a dragon with potential for evolution remained in the city where Rias was to settle in the future.

Upon hearing Grayfia's question, Jason smiled and answered

Jason: "We don't belong to any faction." Grayfia was about to invite him to devil faction when Jason continued, "And I don't think I'm officially joining any of them. Although there is relative peace between the factions at the moment, the future is complicated and I don't want to remain in the middle of future problems at least not on a clear side of the battle.

Grayfia felt that Jason's words contained a deeper meaning than it appeared on the surface.

The maid felt it was a pity he didn't join the underworld, but then she thought better and came up with an idea (If he's not going to join, why don't we become allies).

Grayfia: "I know you don't want to join any faction, but personally I think you have a future ahead of you and I would like to offer you help to train. The heir of Gremory family is the same age as you, do you want tk come with me to meet her in the underworld. There we will let you use the training equipment of the Gremory family."

Jason thought it wasn't a bad idea, he could use the Gremory family's training equipment and start building connections with Rias Gremory for the future. Jason thought of Rias and her peerage as potential members to bring to his faction and this could be a good start. There was also Kuroka and Shirone's mission, he could train Shirone for a while and then introduce her to Rias to be part of her peerage.

Medea didn't think this was so simple and was worried that Jason would fall into Grayfia's schemes so she spoke for the first time to ask.

Medea: "Your words are very nice, but I don't think you made that decision just because he has potential, tell me what's in it for you?

Grayfia smiled slightly and replied.

Grayfia: "A magician like you with such a monstrous level of magic and a dragon with indefinite potential, of course I want to form good relationships with you for the future."

Jason smiled at her and thought (as expected of the strongest queen), while Medea just left a snort before disappearing again.

Grayfia: "So Jason, do you accept?"

Jason didn't think twice.

Jason: "I Accept"

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

For the people that don´t want Jason to go under Rias peerage.

I have no intention of letting Jason get beneath anyone at any time. Only with Medea he already has superior power to anyone except Ophis and Great Red.

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