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59.72% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 85: Have you met women?

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Chapter 85: Have you met women?

"How's Vali?" Jason asked Azazel.

"Unconscious, he hasn't woken up yet. Luckily you woke up a few hours later, or we wouldn't know how to cover your absence from school."

"Can't Grigori do something that simple?" Jason frowned.

"Yes, we could in normal cases, but what are you going to tell your roommate when he doesn't find you there? I don't think a Pendragon is easy to fool."

"Sigh, I guess you're right." Jason sighed.

He didn't worry about the fact that Azazel knew who his roommate was. This information was something the Governor of the Fallen Angels could easily obtain.

"I guess I'll be back now, I'll return when I have time."

"And how will you get here?" Azazel curiously asked.

"I have my own ways," Jason shrugged.

Azazel nodded. It didn't seem strange to him that Jason could get to Grigori on his own. Azazel wasn't worried either as he relied on his security methods to protect Grigori.

"Do I have to drive you to school?" Azazel asked.

"You don't have to."

Jason left the room. As he left, he saw Lavinia leaning against the wall, she had her eyes closed and looked quite tired. Even with her eyes closed, Jason knew that Lavinia was awake.

"Do you need anything?"

"Hey!" Lavinia was surprised to hear Jason's voice. She saw the handsome young Ashura, and her face blushed with shame.

"It's nothing... Sorry, it is something!"

Jason looked at Lavinia in confusion. Did she want something or didn't she? Women were so hard to understand.

"You can tell me anything, I'm not going to eat you" Jason made fun of her.

"Hmph" Lavinia cutely pouted.

"Are you okay?" She asked him.

"What do you mean? I feel pretty good," Jason frowned.

"It' s just..." Lavinia seemed to doubt whether to continue or not.

"You seemed to have a nightmare while you were sleeping, I was worried about you, so I have been by your side during that time," Lavinia's beautiful white cheeks blushed. She was quite embarrassed to admit that she had been watching him while he slept.

"Nightmare? I don't remember not-"

Jason tried to remember the nightmare Lavinia was talking about. Images of a forest and a snake passed through his mind when a sharp pain covered his mind, blocking his way to memories.

"Are you okay?" Concerned Lavinia asked.

"Yes... It's just a headache."

"If you don't feel well, you can stay here a while longer. If Grigori is the second, no one dares to say that they are the first in terms of both technological and medical advances."

Jason smiled. Thinking of the research fanatic Azazel, it didn't surprise Jason that Grigori was the most advanced in the rest of the world.

"Don't worry, it's just a headache. Besides, I have to come back, or I'll be late."

"It is so..." Lavinia showed a sagging face.

"Will you come back?"

"Of course, I will come here when I have time."

Lavinia's face lit up.

"Hmm, I'll be waiting for you" A bright smile appeared on Lavinia's face.

Jason said goodbye to Lavinia and left Grigori's high school. Once he went through the outer door, he tried to communicate with Semiramis.

"Do you hear me, Semiramis?"

"Yes, Master. The connection is back." Semiramis' voice rang in Jason's head.

Jason sighed in relief. Communications between him and his Servants had been disabled from the moment he entered the Grigori institute. They could have broken the interference easily, but Jason didn't want to draw excessive attention to him. It was not yet time to make himself known to the supernatural world, everything had to follow step by step.

"How did your business end there, Hubby?" Medea's voice sounded in Jason's head.

"As I had planned. I've also been able to gather some interesting facts. As I thought, here at Grigori, there are future members with potential."

"Have you met women?" Medea asked.

"Yes, Penemue, one of Grigori's leaders, Lavinia Reni, and Natsume Minagawa, both members of SlashDog."

"Are they beautiful?"

Three different women appeared in Jason's head when Medea asked him that question.

Penemue, she has eyes that look strong, long purple hair, and large breasts. She was undoubtedly a beauty.

Natsume Minagawa, she is a young woman with light brown hair that is usually tied up. She has a slim and voluptuous figure, with her rather large breasts being often concealed by her clothes. It could not be denied that she was a beautiful woman.

Lavinia Reni, she was the woman who had remained marked in Jason's mind. Although he had not developed any kind of romantic feelings towards her, Jason could not deny that she was a woman who attracted him.

Lavinia is a gorgeous young woman of Italian descent with a slim voluptuous figure with long blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.

Seeing that Jason was slow to respond, Medea could vaguely guess what was going on in Jason's mind.

"Hmph, you don't have to answer." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason scratched his cheek. The women were so hard to understand.

"Master, you can't go on like this. We'll run out of space in the bed."

Jason's eyebrow twisted.

"Take me to school," Jason ordered.

"Yes, Master."

Jason saw the stage in front of him change. In front of the boy was the male bedroom.

Looking up at the sky, Jason saw that it had not yet dawned. Entering the bedroom, he went directly to his room.

He saw Arthur sitting on the bed. Young Pendragon was looking at Jason with a severe expression.

"Are you awake?" Jason asked.

"Yes," Arthur gave him a dry answer.

Jason nodded and lay on his bed.


Arthur didn't say anything. He continued to watch Jason for a while.

"Hey, is something wrong?" Jason asked him, he couldn't stand the look of a boy on him for so long.

"Nothing," Arthur gave him a dry answer again.

"Then stop looking at me, you creep me out," Jason complained and went back to sleep.

Jason didn't take long to fall asleep, he was still tired and needed to recover the mana spent in the fight against SlashDog and Vali.

Snoring was heard all over the room. Arthur smiled when he saw that his friend seemed to be the same again.

A few hours later, Jason woke up completely refreshed. The fatigue in his body and the lack of mana had utterly disappeared.

This was one of the passive effects he had discovered from his Ashura Soul. While his dragon body helped him heal his physical wounds quickly, his Ashura Soul allowed him to recover his tiredness and mana while he slept.

Jason wondered if sleeping had any special meaning. He had realized that this didn't work when he fell unconscious, it only worked if Jason slept voluntarily.

Although Ashura Soul also helped to heal his physical body, this was only possible when Jason absorbed large amounts of natural dark energy in the air. It was because of the formation within Hanging Gardens of Babylon that Jason could withstand the pressure of Nirvana Rebirth.

(If you don't remember what Nirvana Rebirth was, I recommend re-reading chapter 62.)

Jason wondered how many benefits Ashura Soul had left to discover. His status within the System still said he was at 20%, so there was still a lot to develop. Jason had realized that no matter how much negative energy he absorbed and no matter how much the baby grew into his soul, that 20% didn't change.

Jason asked the System.

[Sealed information, insufficient system level. The user is still incomplete]

(Incomplete? What do you mean?)

[System can't give you that information. User must find out for himself]

Jason thought carefully about the words in the System. Was he incomplete? No, that was impossible.

The image of a boy with dark hair tied in chains went through his head.

"Impossible, that's not true."

"Do you deny my explanation, Jason?" Professor Smith asked him.

Jason lifted his head. He realized that he had spoken aloud in the middle of the class, all the students and Professor Smith were looking at Jason.

"Sorry, I was thinking out loud," Jason apologized.

Professor Smith did not follow through. Jason sighed, another image came to his mind.

The dark-haired young man, tied to a chair, looked at him as he smiled.

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