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56.25% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 80: I´m all fired up

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Chapter 80: I´m all fired up

A burst of flame covered the place.

"Withdraw!" Tobio quickly ordered.

Tobio, Jin, and Natsume retreated quickly. Tobio's intuition told him that continuing to attack Jason would be the same as committing suicide.

Jason came slowly out of the flames. Fire red hair and eyes of the same color, two dragon wings covered with fire could be seen on his back.

"T-this, he´s a dragon!" Albion exclaimed.

"A dragon?" Vali asked.

"Yes, I too was surprised to find out." Azazel nodded.

Vali felt that his desire to fight him increased even more. Every time Jason showed an increase in strength, something inside Vali moved and told him he had to fight him.

"Albion, my hands are itchy," Vali told his partner.

"Do you want to fight, Partner?" Albion asked.

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it," Vali replied.

Inside Vali, a white dragon was lying on the floor of a luxurious room while watching what was going on inside.

"Fight all you want, Vali Lucifer. I will always be supporting you, I hope you take the title of Hakuryuukou to a new level".

Jason came out of the sea of flames that he had generated. Jason looked for Tobio and the rest, he saw that they had retired and were on guard against him.

"What's the matter, weren't you going to finish me off?" Jason smirked.

Tobio frowned slightly but didn´t respond to Jason's provocation. He grabbed his scythe tightly and stood on his guard, waiting for Jason's attack.

Jason watched the remaining two members of Slash Dog. Natsume had climbed back on top of Griffon and Lavinia was in the same place as before, she had a pale face after performing a high-level spell.

"I guess the second round starts now," Jason commented slightly.

"The same strategy, follow as before" Tobio led his team.

Jason ran towards Jason, a trail of flames was left by the places Jason passed.

Tobio repeated the same play as before. He defensively attacked Jason, trying to keep his distance from him.

A smile appeared in Jason's mouth when he saw Tobio repeat the same move.

"Tobio has made a mistake," Azazel commented.

"As long as Jason can't get near Tobio, he shouldn't have any problems." Vale didn't agree with Azazel.

"No, the strategy is good if Jason could only physically attack," Albion spoke.

"But Jason can only attack physically," Vali replied.

"That's what he's shown so far. A fire dragon spits fire, that's obvious" Albion explained to Vali.

"Albion is right. If Jason has been able to create that burst of flame, how could he not use medium and long-distance attacks?" Azazel complemented Albion.

"So why does he keeps trying to hit Tobio?" Vali asked confusedly.

Vali couldn't understand Jason's actions. Being able to use long-distance attacks, why was he still physically attacking?

"Jason's target is not Tobio."

"Eh?" Vali looked at Azazel, the young man couldn't understand the governor's reasoning.

Azazel looked at Vali and smiled.

"He is forcing Jin to expose himself. Once the wolf comes out, he will be vulnerable to Jason's flames," Azazel explained to the young Lucifer.

Tobio had a bad feeling while he was attacking Jason with his scythe. Something wasn't right.

It was evident that Jason had used fire to melt Lavinia's ice. The problem was as follows, why didn't he use the fire to attack?

Tobio quickly thought of the reasons that led him to this, but he couldn't find any. Tobio came to the conclusion that Jason didn't use them because he didn't think they were necessary to win against them.

The feeling of being underestimated filled the young Tobio's chest with anger. He put more strength into his scythe and ordered Jin to attack with all his might when Jason dodged his attack.

Tobio attacked, and Jason dodged, everything was just as the leader of Slash Dog had anticipated. Well, everything was not as Tobio had expected, the slight smile on Jason's face brought back the lousy feeling that Tobio had felt.

Tobio saw Jason stretch his hand to his left. Tobio glanced and saw Jin coming out of his shadow to attack Jason. Seeing that the path Jin was following coincided with the direction Jason was pointing with his hand, something clicked in Tobio's mind.

"Jin, NO!" Tobio shouted, but it was too late.


A flare engulfed Jin. Jin tried to cover himself with his sword, but the force with which the flames fired at the dog caused it to retreat quickly until it was crushed into the wall.

Tobio wanted to run to help his faithful companion, but a blow to the face by Jason sent the young man to crash into another wall. Tobio was knocked unconscious.



Both girls screamed in panic at the sight of the hard blow Tobio had received from Jason.

"You should worry about yourselves," Jason muttered.

"First, the annoying girl and her bird."

"Oh no, Griffon fly!"

Although Natsume was irritated to be called an annoying girl by Jason, she didn't let that cloud her thoughts and ordered Griffon to fly quickly.

"It's no use."

Jason spread his wings and rose into the air. He accelerated and flew quickly towards the griffin.

Griffon saw Jason approach and attacked him quickly. Countless wind blades were thrown at Jason.

Jason simply dodged the blades smoothly. Maybe it was Jason's pressure on the griffin that made the griffin's attacks very vague.

Seeing that his attacks did no harm and that Jason was getting closer and closer. The griffin dropped Natsume and attacked Jason head-on.

"Griffon, no!" Natsume screamed as he fell.

Natsume was picked up by an ice mass formed by Absolute Demise and fell next to Lavinia.

The griffin attacked with its lion's legs and Jason returned with an attack with a fist. Jason's entire right arm covered in flames.

"KYAAAH!" Griffon shrieked.

Jason smiled at the intensity of his opponent. Jason felt his body burn intensely.

Jason remembered Natsu and his famous phrase.

Tightly clenching his fist, Jason attacked Griffon.

"Fire Dragon Fist," Jason shouted.

Griffon's claw and Jason's fist of fire collided.


Griffon had the same fate as the previous Slash Dog members who had already been defeated, crushed against the wall.

Jason descended to the ground and looked at the remaining enemies. Lavinia and Natsume were also looking at Jason.

"Absolute Demise, Attack!" Lavinia panicked.

The doll behind Lavinia raised her multiple arms. Many icicles were created by Longinus and shot at Jason.

Jason smiled contemptuously. Didn't Lavinia know it was useless to use ice against a fire user?

Jason used his fire to burn the icicles as he advanced toward Lavinia.

Jason stopped for a moment, why was Lavinia alone? Wasn't Natsume with her?

He closed his eyes and began to feel his surroundings. Jason felt a presence approaching from his left.

Jason stretched out his hand and caught a fist that went to his face.

"So you can conceal your presence," Jason commented and glanced at Natsume from the corner of his eye.

"Let go of me, you bastard," Natsume shouted.

"That's not how a lady should act," Jason smiled.

"Shut up!" Natsume blushed.

The smile disappeared from Jason's face. He knocked Natsume out with a quick blow to the neck. Jason grabbed the falling body and placed it gently on the floor.

Jason then ran to Lavinia without waiting a moment and knocked her out before the blonde woman could react.

Azazel smiled mischievously when he saw the difference in Jason's treatment of girls compared to boys. While he had hit the boys against the wall, he had gently knocked the girls out.

<< - Behowlest the slaying of one thousand mortals >>

<< - Besingest the slaying of ten thousand goblins >>

<< - Mine name, which tis immersed in deepest darkness, tis the Imitation God traversing the Polar Night >>

<< - O ye, perishest by mine own black blade >>

<< - Fools ye art, deformed Creator Gods >>

Jason looked at Tobio. He had risen and was singing a dark song.

Jin was next to Tobio. Darkness was gathering beside Tobio and Jin, slowly covering both their bodies.

"Balance Breaker: Night Celestial Slash Dogs"

Jason grinned when he saw Tobio activate his Balance Breaker.

"I'm all fire up."

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