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29.86% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 42: I believe in her

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Chapter 42: I believe in her

"That's enough!"

Semiramis withdrew the pressure and the magic circles disappeared.

"Am I qualified to be your teacher?" she asked in a mocking tone.


"Yes, What?"

"Yes, teacher," replied Kuroka resignedly.

Jason said goodbye to the rest of Nekoshou and returned to the tent accompanied by Medea, Ingvild, Semiramis and a depressed Kuroka. Everyone sat around the table, Jason proceeded to explain the mission.

"You're going to investigate the whereabouts of certain people."

"Mmm?" asked confused Semiramis.

"You're going to look for the previous successor of the Himejima clan and her daughter."

"Himejima clan, one of the five great families?" Kuroka asked.

"That's right."

"But shouldn't they be inside the Himejima clan being the clan's successor?"

"No, she was expelled from the clan"

"Why?" The curiosity grew inside the girls.

"It's a complicated story" Jason proceeded to tell the story of Baraqiel and Shuri.

Shuri saved Baraqiel's life when he was injured, and later fell in love with him. However, her relationship did not go well with her family, as they believed that she had been brainwashed by the Fallen Angel.

The girls had different reactions to hearing the story Jason had told.

"Idiot, he's not even the leader of his faction" Semiramis snorted disdainfully.

"What a beautiful story" Ingvild glanced sidelong at Jason with a flushed face as she listened to the story.

Kuroka didn't care about the story. For her the man should have the best genes to reproduce, she thought Jason's genes were the best.

Medea clenched her fists tightly. She had been deceived by Aphrodite in the past and forced to fall in love with Jason, the part where the Himejima family believed that Shuri had been hypnotized by the fallen angel revealed a painful memory.

"And why do you want to investigate its location?"

"Within a year they are going to be attacked, there is a high probability that they will die".

"Isn't Baraqiel with them?"

"He is only a fallen angel of level Cadre, having 10 wings does not make him invincible" Jason had no qualms in despising Baraqiel.

Baraqiel, a man who let his wife be murdered and leaves his daughter alone for 8 years. For Jason, Baraqiel was no better than a trash in the form of Cadre.

The rest didn't understand why Jason despised Baraqiel so much but they didn't think much about it, he should have his reasons.

Jason looked at Kuroka with a smile that was not a smile.

"Isn't it time you started training?"

Semiramis had a big grin on her face when she grabbed Kuroka and took her to an unknown place. Before she left, she had left a few words behind.

"I'll take her away so you won't be disturbed by the screams."

Ingvild felt a chill running down her back and Jason prayed for Kuroka's safety.

Jason left the tent and headed for what was the training room.

Jason took off his sweatshirt. On his chest were his six command spells, he stroked his spells gently.

Jason concentrated on what he had come to do.

[Ashura Mode]

Dark energy gathered around Jason's body, black tattoos spread from his command spells all over his chest. The tattoos went up his neck but stopped before reaching his face, they also went down but stopped before reaching his stomach.

Jason's hair turned black in the center, the surroundings were still white. (Haise, is it you?)

Ingvild was still inside the store when she hurriedly got up and looked in the direction of Jason.

"Is something wrong?" Medea asked

"It's the same energy as the other day."

Medea frowned and focused her attention on Jason. Although the energy was much weaker than the other day, it gave the same dark sensation.

"Let's go"

Medea grabbed Ingvild's arm and they teleported to where Jason was.

Jason felt something and looked at the two girls who had suddenly appeared. He smiled and both breathed a sigh of relief.

"I thought you'd lost control again."

"No, now I can perfectly control this energy."

"What is it?" asked Ingvild.

"My bloodline."

"Are you a devil?" Ingvild asked as she felt a familiar sense of Jason's aura.

Something burned inside Jason when he heard the question, he felt as if he was being despised.

"Devil? Don't compare me to you" Jason directed his aura at Ingvild instinctively.

Ingvild felt a pressure she had never felt before. Although the energy was weak, her own instincts urged her to kneel.

"What is this strange pressure?" She couldn't take it anymore and asked.

"Bloodline suppression."

Ingvild understood what she meant, but she could not believe that anyone could suppress her bloodline as she was a descendant of Leviathan. Jason understood her doubt and explained.

"I am an Ashura, the pinnacle of the demonic race," Jason said. "Leviathan's bloodline will be very powerful in this world, but you're nothing compared to a real demon."

"To survive in higher planes you need more than a powerful bloodline, you need to train hard and grow your power."

Jason decided to use the tactic of hitting and motivating to make the desire to increase her power appear within Ingvild.

Jason's goal was achieved, but for a different reason than Jason expected.

(If I want to stay by his side without being a burden I have to become much stronger)

Jason saw the fire in Ingvild's eyes and withdrew his pressure.

"I have things to do" Ingvild said goodbye and left.

Medea looked at Jason with a worried face.

"Do I follow her?"

"No, she' s been too relaxed lately" Jason spoke calmly "She must become stronger if she wants to stay with us, if she continues like this she will only become a burden".

"How did you know this was going to work?" asked curious Medea.

"I didn't know" Seeing the confusion on Medea's face, Jason continued "I've been thinking of a way to achieve this goal for some time, the awakening of my Ashura Soul has given me a chance to do it".

"Was it a bet? Did you know it could have had the opposite effect?"

Medea was getting angry.

"Yes, I did."

"Then why did you take that risk!?"

Medea couldn't take it anymore and yelled at Jason. Jason remained calm, withdrew his gaze from Medea's eyes and looked in the direction in which Ingvild had left.

"I believe in her."

He turned his gaze to Medea. "I never doubted that she was going to retreat halfway."

Medea was stunned to hear the confidence in Jason's words. At this moment she remembered the original Jason, he was able to gather the Argonauts without any special power and was able to train them to their full potential.

In fact Jason had recently received his skill by being the incarnation of Jason the Argonaut.

Jason Charm (Inate): Jason has the innate ability to be a leader, he can easily attract powerful allies and can help his peers to reach their limits and even surpass them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This ability can't be used whenever Jason wants, but it passively affects Jason's character and he grows as a leader at a fast rate.

Jason returned with Medea and the 4 Nekoshou home. Before he could retire to his room, he received a call.

"Jason?" A female voice was heard from the phone.

"Irina-chan?" Jason replied.

"This... Do you want to come with me to the amusement park tomorrow?" Irina had a flushed face at home.

"We alone, isn't Issei coming?" asked confused Jason.

"He... He says he can't." Irina responded nervously.

Jason thought for a moment and decided to accept. Tomorrow was the weekend and he had nothing to do.

"Okay, tomorrow we go to the amusement park."

"Well, tomorrow my parents will pick you up at 9:00 a.m." answered an excited Irina.

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