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25% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 35: I want to be stronger

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Chapter 35: I want to be stronger

Jason woke up in a dark space.

"Where am I?" he asked confusedly.

Obviously no one answered him. Jason looked everywhere but there was only darkness.


He instinctively tried to open the system. He began to panic when he saw that the system was not responding to him.


The status screen didn't appear either.

With anxiety running through his body, he began to run trying to escape the darkness.

Suddenly the scenario changed.

Jason was on a battlefield, countless bodies were all around him.

There were still traces of flame and ice on the battlefield. Part of the land had sunk abnormally, crushing hundreds if not thousands of enemies. A great storm of lightning fell on the battlefield, a strong wind dragged parts of dead bodies across the battlefield.

Strangely enough, Jason felt nothing when he saw so many bodies dismembered, charred, frozen, crushed, etc...

Jason heard a noise and turned to see a hill formed by bodies. At the top of the mountain a man knelt on his sword.

Jason shuddered at the sight of the man's back and his sword, both of which seemed extremely familiar to him. Jason realized that the man was mumbling something so he came closer to hear what he was saying.

"... I can't die yet, come on Balmung" The man breathed with difficulty "There are still enemies to kill, I won't stop until I've avenged them"

Jason standing behind the man was shaking. The man noticing the presence of someone behind him grabbed his sword in alarm and stood guard.

Seeing Jason, the man was obviously in shock.

"I must be freaking out"

Jason was also in shock at the sight of the man's face.

The man had black hair tied up in a bun, he measured about 190cm.

His eyes were completely black, not even a little white could be seen in them, that black color brought an endless darkness that brought to any person a sensation of fear and despair. Jason however felt that those eyes were beautiful, that's how real eyes should be.

Strange tattoos could be seen all over his naked torso, Jason realized that it was a special pattern through which 6 different types of magic circulated (Fire, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Earth and Darkness).

The facial features of the man were devastatingly beautiful, Jason felt that he had already seen them somewhere but did not remember where.

"Jason Frey"

The voice came from the man. Jason felt like he was familiar but couldn't remember where he had heard it.

"Who are you?" Jason asked.

" Me? Hehe, I've had countless names in my life" The man smiled as if he was talking to an old friend "I've been called a monster, murderer, lunatic, trash, genius"

"I have been called Count, King, Emperor"

"I've been called Dragon of the Elements, Invincible Ashura."

Another person talking about Ashura? Felix mentioned something about Demon King Ashura the other day. ´

"Are you Demon King Ashura?" asked Jason.

The man smiled "No, he was my father".

Jason nodded. The man seeing that Jason was not going to ask any more continued.

"I've also been called by other names."

"I've been called an Idiot, Darling, Baka, Sex Maniac."

"I have been called Hubby" A look of sadness and loss was seen in the eyes of the man in black, but that look soon returned to normal.

"For a few years I was called by a certain name"

"I think it was... yeah, it was Argos."

Jason shuddered at the man's name. `Is it a coincidence, isn't it? ´

"As for my real name"

"I had forgotten my real name a long time ago, when I began my pursuit of revenge."

"But seeing you in front of me has reminded me of it."

The man smiled as he slowly approached Jason. Jason was in his original form, in the shape of 10 years old, so he had to raise his head to be able to look the man in the eyes.

"I am the Demonic Dragon Emperor, Jason Frey"

"Impossible, impossible"

Jason trembled as he watched the man in front of him.

Suddenly everything was working out for him.

Wasn't his face familiar? That's because it was his own face.

Wasn't his voice familiar? That's because it was his own voice.

The man had mentioned Balmung, wasn't it Balmung's sword in his hand?

The man opened his eyes in surprise, he seemed to have realized that he was not hallucinating. The man thought of someone and began to tremble.

"HAHAHA" The man began to laugh madly.

"Is this what you meant before you died, my princess?"

"Is this the last gift you left me before you died?"

The man looked at Jason who was still in shock, that white hair and those blood red eyes brought back countless memories that he had sealed in the depths of his mind.

His birth, his parents, his seventh birthday where he met his princess, his beloved younger sister, that Oppai Dragon that had accompanied him as his right hand, the beautiful Nekoshou, that seductress that he almost killed by accident, the sadistic mother-daughter couple who were masochists under him, his tsundere master, the archer with love for children... The man showed a helpless smile, the list of women was so long that even being a dragon he felt a little shame.

Then the painful memories came. Betrayal, their loved ones dying one after the other, his real father self-exploding to open a way for him to escape.

His best friend and right hand, surrounded by more than a thousand enemies of the same level. He ended up dying in his arms after forcing more than 100 Boosts of what his body could handle.

The memory he wanted to hide the most came back. His princess putting herself between a spear and him to save his life. He still remembered her last words.

"Don't worry, Hubby, I've left you a farewell gift."

Tears fell from the eyes of the man when memories came out one after the other, despair and desire for revenge could be seen in them.

He turned his gaze to Jason. In his eyes there was no more desire for revenge or despair, there was only hope. Hope that his former self could prevent the same tragedy from happening.

Jason then came to his senses and asked again.

"Who are you?"

"I am you and you are me" The man smiled "However, we are not the same person".

The confusion reached Jason's eyes. As if he understood Jason's thoughts, the man laughed low.

"It's not something you need to understand right now, for now let me ask"

"Do you want to be stronger?"

Jason was tempted to accept.

"I'm strong enough now."

"Do you think so?" The man smiled.

Overwhelming pressure enveloped Jason and made him kneel. His blood was burning, something inside him told him he'd rather die than kneel.




A familiar voice echoed again in Jason's head, making him lose his mind.

`So, if I'm not mistaken, I suffered something similar when I released the Nekoshou.

A familiar voice echoed again in Jason's head, making him lose his mind.

`So it is, if I'm not mistaken I suffered something similar when I released the Nekoshou. I had not yet learned to control my soul Ashura and I lost control from time to time.´

"Do you still think you're strong enough?" he spoke in a cold voice.

Jason felt desperation, his pride did not allow him to stay that way but he could not get up. He wanted to kill himself, but the pressure kept him from doing so.

He was less than an ant in front of this man!

"Arg... Kill me!" Jason roared, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Do you really want to die? Is your pride that big?"

Jason looked at him with hatred in his eyes. The man smiled slightly.

"I like those eyes" The man paused for a moment "But don't you think it's too soon to despair?"

"Don't you have family, friends, a wife?"

Family faces struggled to enter Jason's now-dark mind. Jason tried to find out who they were, but he couldn't remember anything.

A beautiful face slipped into his mind, purple-blue hair.

"Medea..." he muttered unconsciously.

Another beautiful face appeared in his mind, pure purple hair.


A little girl's face, dark black hair.


Jason regained control of his mind and looked at the man with determination.

"I want to be stronger."

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