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6.94% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 9: Ice dragon mode - Fire dragon mode

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Chapter 9: Ice dragon mode - Fire dragon mode

Grayfia was the only one who felt the barrier placed around Jason's room because of her magical power and her knowledge of barriers. Supposing Jason was secretly training she decided to let it go.

The clone of Medea who was with Jason also thought the same, since Jason had many secrets and it was better to hide them.

Because the rest of the inhabitants in the Gremory house didn't have enough level to feel that type of barrier, they didn't bother.

At dinner time, a magic circle appeared in the hall of the Gremory palace. From the circle came a man in his early twenties who looked very much like Zeoticus. He was Sirzechs Lucifer, current Maou and older brother of Rias Gremory.

Sirzechs: "Rias-Chan, I'm back!"

Rias ran away when she heard that her beloved older brother was at home. When she found him she jumped into his arms with a smile on her face.

Rias: "Oni-sama!"

Sirzechs: "How are you? Have you met our little visitor?"

When Rias heard about the irritating boy, she remembered the humiliation he had given her and began to criticize him in front of his brother.

Rias: "Jason is a stupid, idiot, arrogant! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!"

Sirzechs was astonished to see his younger sister's reaction, although she did some tantrums from time to time she had never exploded like she did now.

Grayfia had already informed him about Jason and told him about his peculiarities. He was very curious about this child and wanted to meet him today, so he had left his duties as Maou and had gone out to dinner with his family. He did not expect to find himself in this situation, he thought that since Jason and Rias were the same age they could fit together well. Now he was even more curious about this child who had managed to make Rias behave like that.

"Welcome, Lucifer-Sama" Grayfia greeted her husband that way while still in her maid-mode.

Sirzechs smiled as he saw his beautiful wife and asked, "Hello Grayfia. Tell me, why does my sister hate our little guest so much?

Grayfia let out a giggle and explained what had happened. Sirzechs was shocked to hear the events while Rias had the red face of shame for being defeated so easily.

Sirzechs: "Jason seems even more interesting than he looks. Why don't you take me to meet him?"

Grayfia nodded and led him into Jason's room, thinking he had already lifted the barrier by dinnertime.

When they reached Jason's room, Sirzechs couldn't help but exclaim.

Sirzechs: "What a powerful barrier!"

Grayfia: "He put it up a few hours ago, I wonder why he hasn't picked it up yet?"

Sirzechs: "Since that's the case, let me try the barrier and I'll let him know about dinner."

Grayfia didn't say a word and stepped aside to make way for Sirzechs as Rias watched from behind with bright eyes to see his older brother in action.

Sirzechs tried to cross the barrier with the help of his magical power. After a while Sirzechs frowned when he saw that the barrier did not even tremble even though it was channeling all its magical power, so he decided to use its destructive power. Using its destructive power the barrier shook a little before stabilizing again.

Sirzechs was in a state of shock and thought (It really is a powerful barrier, maybe even with my destruction-mode I can't break it!).

Grayfia, Rias, Venelana and Zeoticus were shocked to see this result. In the end they decided to dine alone and ask when they went out.

Back to Jason's room. 17 hours had passed since the beginning of the fusion of the two blood lines and Jason just regained consciousness.

Jason: "Where am I?"

False Medea: "You're in the room that the Gremorys have left you for these two weeks".

Jason: "Oh, is that you, Medea?"

False Medea: "No, I am the clone of Medea used to hide her absence"

Jason then opened his eyes and remembered where he was and what he was doing before he became unconscious.

Jason: "How long has the active barrier been in place?"

False Medea:" 17 hours"

(So 17 hours eh, that leaves me an hour. For now I'll check my status.)

Name: Jason Frey

Age: 8

Title: Murder of criminals

Bloodline: Dragon of the blazing blizzard / Descendant of Hero Jason the Argonaut

Shop Points: 800

Summon Points: 4800

Ability Points: 0 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Strength: 175 -> 350

Speed: 150 -> 300 (X5 gravity) -> 1500

Lifespan: 100000 years -> 200000 years

Mana: 1500 -> 3000


Sharingan 3 tomoe (129/1000)

Sword Master Lv 3 (43/500)

Fire Magic Lv MAX

Ice Magic Lv MAX

Icycal flame Lv 1 (0/100)

Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (A+) (sealed B) -> B+: 1500 mana every shot



-Noble Phantasm

-Lottery (next ticket 5000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 5000 summon points



(Wow, my stats have doubled again with this evolution) (System give me a summary of my new skills)

[User has successfully merged ice dragon bloodline and fire dragon blood to form the Dragon of the blazing blizzard.

With the new bloodline the user capabilities have doubled.

The seal on Balmung has been weakened due to the increase in user mana from B to B+.

User is now able to use ice magic.

User has learned the skill Icycal Flame.

User is able to switch between Fire Dragon mode and Ice Dragon mode].

(Wow, I've got a lot of improvements!)

Jason wanted to try how strong his attack with Balmung was and was curious to see his new flame, but something inside him told him that his Fire and Ice Dragon modes were going to be even more key in future events, so he decided to try them first.

Jason decided to try his Fire Dragon mode first.

(Fire Dragon mode)

Jason began to feel a familiar warmth flowing through his veins and the cold disappeared, his blood changed color to fire red again. Jason felt that his fire magic in this form was much stronger than before.

The fake Medea was shocked to see his appearance, after all he looked like a totally different person. Jason saw her in shock and asked with hesitation.

Jason: "Is something wrong?"

Medea: "Just look at yourself in a mirror and you'll know."

Jason smiled wryly, there was no mirror in the room, in fact there was nothing left in the room. The fake Medea realized that and cast a magic mirror.

Jason looked in the mirror and was amazed. His original white hair had changed to a fire red color, his pupils had changed to the same color as his hair while his eye took the shape of a dragon eye, his arms were covered with flame-like scales and from his back came two flame-like Dragon wings. If there were people around them they might feel a suffocating heat.

Jason looked at their wings and wondered if he could keep them and was amazed to see them pick up inside his skin as well as his scales, but his hair, eyes and aura remained the same.

The voice of the system sounded in Jason's mind

[Barrier will rise in 30 min]

(It seems I only have time to see my Ice Dragon mode)

(Ice Dragon Mode)

Jason felt how the heat in his veins was replaced by a cold glacier but comfortable, his blood red as the fire changed to blue again, but this time a darker blue.

Jason felt his fire magic disappear and replaced it with unknown magic which he assumed was ice magic.

Jason watched himself as his body began to change. His red hair changed to dark blue, his eyes changed to blue with a touch of coldness in them, his arms covered with scales similar to pieces of ice and wings formed of ice came out of his back.

[The barrier will rise in a minute]

Jason returned to his original state when he heard the system announcement and was prepared to receive questions from the Gremorys when he came out.

A big smile appeared on Jason's face as he began to plan for the future with his two new appearances.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Sorry guys about yesterday chapter but I was hospitalized so I can´t write anything.

I´m glad to say that I am fine and to celebrate today i will post two more chapters.

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