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12.5% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 17: Jason parents (1)

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Chapter 17: Jason parents (1)

Jason came running home and didn't stop until he went inside. When his mother saw his condition, she anxiously asked him what had happened. Jason reassured her that nothing was happening, he was just very hungry. His mother gave him a suspicious look but did not ask anything and went to prepare the food.

Jason went up to his room and turned into his teenage (17 years) form before going to bed and hugging the body that was lying there.

Today Medea had not followed him as she was too weak after the intense exercise the night before, so she did not know what had happened. Seeing him so tense as soon as he arrived worried her a little and blamed her own weakness for not being able to be next to him.

Medea got out of bed with difficulty, Jason tried to stop her but she stopped him. She gently took his shirt off.

Jason: "I don't think we should go on with last night, it's better to let your body rest."

Jason obviously misunderstood her.

Medea: "Shut up and turn around, you idiot."

Jason blushed when he realized he had misunderstood her and turned around. Medea sat on top of him and began to give him a massage she had learned from Hecate. Jason was enjoying the massage and small moans were heard in the room. When Medea realized that he had already relaxed she asked him what had happened.

Jason: "I've met the sekiryuutei today, he's my kouhai."

Medea was surprised to learn that he had met a figure who was going to play an important role in the future, or at least should. Jason had told her all the things he knew about this world and its future and she knew that more or less everything revolved around the sekiryuutei. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Medea: "That's good, isn't it? You can convince him now to join our faction. I don't understand why you're so tense."

Jason:" He has appeared in front of me, calling himself Harem King. Imagine a 7-year-old boy introducing himself as the Harem King, that would make anyone stressed. Besides, I've been thinking about it and I don't want to get involved in this world any more than I need to, right now I just want to spend time with you and Ingvild."

Medea was happy to know that her beloved wanted to spend time with her and was disappointed to learn how little ambition he had. She also knew that the future wasn't going to be that easy, even if Jason didn't want to get involved he would be forced to do it, so why not be one step ahead?

Medea stopped the massage when she reached that conclusion.

Jason: "Nooo, why are you stopping?"

Medea: " You disappoint me Jason."

Jason turned around and looked at Medea's face in shock. (Haven't I said I want to spend the rest of my time with her? What have I done to disappoint her?)

As if reading Jason's thoughts, Medea smiled softly and gave Jason a slight kiss on the lips.

Medea: "I'm happy that you plan to spend your days with me, but I'm disappointed that that's your only ambition. I fell in love with a Jason who worked hard for his goals, with a Jason who struggled to grow and ascend to higher worlds. All that has disappeared with your current attitude. Didn't you want the strength to meet your parents in the future? Didn't you want to thank that goddess for the opportunity she gave you? Has all that disappeared from within you?"

Jason plunged into his thoughts as he listened to Medea's words. He realized how pathetic he looked when he thought like that. Had he lost his ambition? Of course not! Had he forgotten his goals? Of course not! Even if he only wanted to live in peace with Medea and Ingvild, would it be that simple? Of course not! Rizevim was going to release the Trihexa to attack the Earth in the future and he could not allow that to happen.

Thinking about all this Jason looked affectionately at his princess and showed what for her was the most beautiful smile in the world. Jason kissed Medea's lips with more passion and started a new battle of tongues. Once they separated Jason whispered in Medea's ear "Thank you" to what Medea only smiled before kissing him again.

Outside the room a couple in their early thirties smiled at the conversation between them.

Martin Frey: "What was expected of my king's son, he has such a capable woman by his side".

Mikoto Frey: "You mean how the empress's son was expected to have that charm and physique."

That's right, these two were Jason Frey's current parents. Martin Frey was the subordinate of the strongest of the 3 demonic kings of the demon kingdom, King Ashura. King was a title given in the God Realms to those who reached a level only surpassed by the beings of primordial rank who were called by the title of Emperor/Empress.

In the past, King Ashura had formed an alliance with the Dragon Kingdom by marrying the Empress Dragon and having a son with her. Because this would destroy the balance of power between the 3 God Realms the other two demonic kings had reached an alliance with the kingdom of light, which was governed by another being of primordial rank who was not known if it was man or woman for what he was commonly called as God. This God was in charge of maintaining the equilibrium between worlds and sent his subordinates to these so that the creatures in these worlds live in equilibrium. In fact, the God of DxD's world was a subordinate of the true God, who had died in an attempt to achieve the balance so much sought by his master.

While it is true that Jason wanted to travel to DxD's world, it was also a coincidence that just thousands of years earlier God's subordinate had died. So Empress Dragon paid him a visit and asked him to let his son be reborn there on the condition that he would help regain the balance once again, which God accepted. Hence, the missions of the system have to do with the balance between the three factions and the external attacks.

The reason Jason was `abandoned´ on earth was because the Empress Dragon is not allowed to act personally due to the pact that had the 3 primordial rank beings in the universe. Taking advantage of this restriction, the two demon kings and their faction pressured the faction of King Ashura to leave Jason in a world under the charge of Jason's fiancée knowing that she was going to protect him from enemy attacks.

How did Jason get a fiancée before he was born? While Jason's father traveled to the kingdom of light for business some 3,000 years before Jason was born (3,000 years is 3 days for that kind of beings) he had met a group of Fallens (The parents of the fallen angels hehe) who were trying to **** one of the top 3 beauties of the kingdom of light. At that time Alysa's powers were nothing compared to the supreme goddess she was now, who was only below the primordial God and one of his ranks king Gabriel. She was a promising angel just 200 years old and although she could handle two of the same rank she could not handle the third so she was about to succumb against them.

Seeing the precarious situation of the young angel, Ashura decided to help her because even being a demon he could not bear the situation in front of him. He quickly put an end to the 3 Fallens and healed the little Alysa who was unconscious. 5 minutes later Gabriel arrived and in gratitude for saving his younger sister she promised to marry herself to his firstborn son. When Alysa woke up and heard about what had happened and the agreement they had she refused and swore that she herself was going to marry him. The 3 took the agreement in secret and it was only knew by the 3 primordial ranks. Not even the 3 kings under the Empress Dragon nor the two remaining kings under God knew about this.

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