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18.05% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 25: Jason VS Ingvild

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Chapter 25: Jason VS Ingvild

Following the training battle, Jason looked at Ingvild.

"Are you ready? Remember, I'm going to give it my all in this fight."

"Of course, I also want to see how much I've grown in these two years," Ingvild smiled.

Jason said nothing and red flames appeared in his arms. Ingvild became serious when she recognized that gesture as the beginning of the battle.

Both channeled their magic into their bodies. The first to make a move was Jason.

"Fireball! A ball of fire came out of Jason's mouth.

Although it was the most basic fire spell Jason had ever learned you couldn't underestimate its power, the current Fireball had no point of comparison with that of 2-3 years ago.

"Water Wall!" A 5 meter wall of water appeared in front of Ingvild stopping the fireball.

Steam formed in the collision between the two attacks blocking Ingvild's view. When she recovered the vision of the rest of the room she couldn't see Jason.

Ingvild felt something was wrong and turned quickly but it was too late.

Ingvild heard Jason's cold voice behind her "Don't let your guard down." She couldn't react before being sent flying by Jason's kick.

Ingvild turned in the air and fell elegantly. Although the way she fell was very beautiful it was not enough for Jason to stop to admire her.

"Icicles!" Icicles appeared behind Jason and headed for Ingvild at high speed.

Ingvild was not distracted and dodged quickly. Don't think Ingvild was slow, with Medea's help she had learned to inject magic into her body to increase her physical capabilities. Although she could increase her physical abilities the improvement was not enough to be able to face an opponent like Jason, who was physically strong, and only served to be able to dodge some attacks before launching a major magical attack. She had learned this recently and had saved it as a surprise for this battle.

Jason didn't expect that blow to make contact with Ingvild but was still surprised to see her dodge it as if nothing had happened. It seemed that Medea was training her well. A big grin appeared on Jason's face and a powerful battle attempt shot out of his eyes.

In response to Jason's battle attempt, Ingvild casted her attack spell.

"Brine!" A large amount of water appeared on top of Jason and fell at great speed towards him.

The water fell on Jason with great power and Jason tried to defend himself by throwing another Fireball greater than the previous one. The fireball finally gave way and half of the water Ingvild had summoned fell on Jason.

Large amounts of dust came out of where Jason was. Ingvild alerted herself in case Jason repeated the previous play, but he didn't move out of the previous place.

Ingvild and Medea (Medea was watching the battle) worried that if that attack hit Jason it would do considerable damage.

The temperature in the room began to rise abnormally. The dust was consumed by the flames and Jason came out of them.

Flames came out of Jason's body through his hoodie. His hair was currently fire red, two dragon wings with flames in them came out of Jason's back and a tail came out of the hole in his pants with a red flame on the tip. The former blood red eyes had changed to a fiery red, as if his eyes could burn anything.

Jason was not using his Sharingan because he wanted to depend as little as possible on it. If he depended too much on it and in the future found himself with an enemy he was useless against then he couldn't do anything, so he treated Sharingan as a supplement rather than something to trust.

Medea let out a sigh of relief to see Jason come out of the previous attack intact while Ingvild frowned at his transformation. Jason had previously only fought using his [Human mode] so Ingvild didn't know exactly how much stronger he was in his [Fire Dragon Mode].

Jason had an even bigger grin on his face along with an even bigger battle attempt than the previous one.

"HAHAHA, how interesting!" Jason's character became much more fiery along with his transformation.

He didn't give Ingvild time to adapt to the new temperature and made his move.

"Flamethrower!" A puff of flames came out of Jason's mouth toward Ingvild.

Ingvild felt danger as she saw Jason's improved flames and dodged quickly. Jason only turned his head to where Ingvild was moving as he continued to spit out flames.

Ingvild noticed that running away was useless and launched her movement to block Jason's flames.

"Withdraw!" A layer of water surrounded Ingvild, protecting her from the fire.

The flames gradually weakened the shield and just as the shield disappeared, Ingvild fought back.

"Water dragon!" A chinese dragon made of water magic pierced Jason's flames.

Before the dragon could hit Jason it was turned into ice and fell apart into a thousand pieces.

Jason had realized that he had underestimated Ingvild's improvement in her water magic and cursed her inwardly and switched to his [Ice Dragon Mode].

Jason's appearance changed completely again. His previously flaming wings had frozen, his hair was dark blue and his eyes turned blue with a touch of coldness in them.

"I underestimated you, Ingvild" Jason's cold voice sent a chill to Ingvild "Now your attack can't overcome me so easily"

"Ice beam" An ice blast came out of Jason's mouth towards Ingvild to which she defended herself by placing a more powerful barrier than the previous one.

Ingvild and Jason dealt consecutive blows, but none of them managed to take the lead. Ingvild's previous move had defeated Jason's flames because even though it is the same level, the water is obviously more effective against fire. Now that they were using neutral elements none could take advantage.

Both stopped this round of attack as they were obviously tied. The clothes of the two were still in perfect condition after so many attacks, as expected from something created by Medea!

The two faced each other in silence until Jason broke it.

"It's time to end this"

Jason summoned Balmung. The 2 meter long sword increased pressure emanating from Jason.

Ingvild frowned when she saw the sword. She knew how terrifying the weapon was when the Noble Phantasm was activated, but she knew he was not going to use it in this battle so she relaxed and drew a short sword that Medea had made for her.

The sword was called `Acqua Diavolo´ and allowed her to add her water magic into it to make the sword more powerful. When Ingvild added her water magic to the sword it overcame the power of weapons on a par with the original Durandal, Gram, original Excalibur and rivaled Caliburn. Yet its power was inferior to a Noble Phantasm like Balmung even when sealed.

Jason ran into Ingvild's position at inhuman speed. Ingvild followed him, obviously she was slower than he was.

The sound of swords colliding was the only thing heard in the training room. Drops of sweat fell on Ingvild's face while Jason was calmer, it was obvious that Jason's skill with the sword was much superior and Ingvild had only managed to endure thanks to the fact that she could use her water magic with the help of the sword.

Although Jason had the winning hand during the sword combat he was beginning to get tired. He decided to use his trump card to finish the fight (not counting Noble Phantasm).

Jason stepped back and gave Ingvild room to breathe. She was going to thank him for the light rest when a shiver ran down her back. Jason's words roamed the room as if death itself brought them.

"Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode"

The temperature in the room dropped drastically again, but this cold was different as it was making Ingvild's skin burn. Ingvild had to place a slight barrier around herself in order to protect herself from the temperature.

Jason's appearance changed again. This time it was a higher version of himself, the previously frozen right side was now burning in flames again, his eye and half of his hair changed back to fire red. The flame in his tail that was previously frozen was now shining again, having a pale blue color this time.

"Icycal flame " The pale blue flame began to travel over Balmung, surrounding it completely.

In previous trainings Jason had tried to cover Balmung with his fire magic, but even with his Fire Dragon Mode he had not succeeded. He thought it was impossible to inject his fire magic into Balmung, but when trying his Icycal Flame he realized it was probably because the fire magic was too `ordinary´ for Balmung.

Ingvild smiled bitterly at the sight of Jason's new appearance. She knew it was impossible to beat him without using her devil power.

As if he could read her thoughts Jason smiled slightly and... disappeared.

Yes, Ingvild swore that Jason disappeared. The next thing she noticed was a scorching coldness in her neck and Jason's cold voice in her ear "You've lost".

It was normal for Ingvild to think Jason disappeared. Having been fighting Jason for so long and having calculated his top speed, it was impossible for her to detect a Jason moving three times faster.

"I surrender"

Ingvild dropped her sword and surrendered. Jason undid his [Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode] and saved Balmung. Once that was done he fell to his knees and began to breathe heavily.

"Are you okay?" Ingvild support him and asked in fear that something had happened to him.

"It's nothing, I've just run out of mana after this fight. Switching between different Mode wastes a lot of mana. If you could have lasted another 15 minutes or used your devil power it would have been me who would have had to surrender".

Ingvild didn't say anything and helped him up and both went to the room along with Medea to discuss the next moves they had to make.

In the next few days they were going to start the operation `Rescue the cute Nekos´

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Sorry, I published the wrong chapter before.

First "Big Battle" that I have written, told me your impressions.

3 extra chapters on Sunday -> top 60

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