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Chapter 55: Joining a club

Jason and the rest finished breakfast and made their way to the freshman classroom. They entered the classroom and sat in the corner of the classroom ignoring the comments of their classmates.

"It's Princess Elisabeth."

"That blonde boy is very handsome."

"The white-haired boy has a special charm."

"Have you seen the Japanese girl? From now on, she's my goddess."

The different comments of the classmates went through the ears of Jason, Arthur and Elisabeth as if they had not heard them. They were used to hearing similar comments over the years.

Akeno was different. She had grown up with her mother and father and had no friends her age. The only compliment she had received in the past from a stranger was from a grandmother who lived in the same neighborhood and just told her she was cute. So when she heard her new classmates talk about her as if she were a goddess, she blushed like a tomato.

The boys who saw Akeno's blush held their breath and had stars in their eyes. A few days later a strange club called "Goddess Worshippers" appeared.

Jason saw Akeno's blush and decided to joke a little with her.

"Are you Ok?" He put his hand on Akeno's forehead.

Akeno startled, she didn't expect Jason's sudden movement and blushed even more.

"N-No" She muttered softly. She raised her head and looked at the funny look in Jason's eyes and knew he was joking with her.

"Jason, you idiot" She gave him a light blow on the chest and sat quickly on her chair.

"And to think that Akeno had this facet" said Elisabeth surprised.

"I didn't expect it, although I have to say she looks cute when she blushes" Arthur was also amazed.

Akeno listened to their comments and buried her head tightly between her things. Luckily, the teacher arrived and Akeno sighed in relief as she escaped this shameful moment.

The teacher arrived and wrote two words on the board. Apparently it was her name. She finished writing, left her things on the teacher's table and introduced herself to the class.

"Good morning, from today I will be your tutor for the next 4 years. You will have to address me as Miss Smith."

"Yes, Miss Smith!" All the students rose from their seats and greeted politely.

Miss Smith was a woman in her 50s. She had been teaching for almost 30 years and teaching for 10 years in the best high school. Until now, she only taught history and geography classes. This was the first time she was going to tutor a course within this high school, she was quite satisfied with the class in general.

"Well, now let's roll the roll."

The tutor pulled out the attendance book and ran a list one by one.

The rest of the day passed as a normal school day. Jason was bored to death, he had never liked going to school even though he was smart enough and didn't have trouble passing school almost without studying.

Jason initially wanted to put an illusion in the teacher and classmates to be able to skip classes but Akeno said she wanted to go to school and learn, and now with Arthur and Elisabeth it was impossible.

Jason was currently accompanying Arthur back to the dojo. Arthur had offered to join the fencing club and Jason had accepted.

He could train with Arthur his sword skills within the club. Arthur also had that in mind, he had joined the club for fun but now with Jason they could train and improve their skills.

"I am Jason Frey, take good care of me" Jason leaned slightly toward his superiors at the club.

"I am the captain of the club, you can call me Captain John"

The club had about 30 people between the ages of 13 and 16. Jason and Arthur were the only newbies who had joined the club at the time.

"When Arthur came yesterday, we were easily beaten. Why don't we try Jason and get some relief?" One older student commented to another.

"Do it yourself, I don't think a guy who can earn the compliment of that monster Arthur is someone we can mess with"

"Tch, are you afraid?" The older student laughed at the other.

He then stepped forward and placed his hand on Captain John's shoulder.

"I say, why don't we test this boy's abilities?"

John gave him a strange look, he knew what this idiot was thinking. He is probably still frustrated by the humiliating defeat he suffered at Arthur's hands yesterday and wants to vent his frustration on the new boy.

John was going to refuse, but Jason was quicker.

"It's okay."

The older student smiled widely and took two wooden swords, throwing one at Jason. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Come on, kid."

Jason stood in front of the older student and the rest of the club members circled around them.

"Who do you think is going to win?" John asked Arthur.

"One move," Arthur replied.

The older student laughed inside at Jason's posture. He could see countless holes in his defense.

John looked at Arthur confusedly but didn't think too much and gave the signal to start.

The older student ran to Jason, wanting to defeat him as soon as possible.


"You've lost"

One sword flew in the distance and the other pointed at his opponent's neck. All club members were surprised to see that it was Jason's sword that was in the older student's neck and not the other way around.

Although this older student was not the best in the club, he was still one of the best. They did not expect him to lose so easily, they would never have imagined that another monster would have appeared just the day after Arthur appeared.

The older student's eyes were fixed on Jason's cold look. He felt that if Jason wanted to he could kill him at any time.

"I admit defeat." The older student surrendered.

The club members burst into cheers. With the addition of these two monsters, the international competitions between the best high schools were most likely theirs.

The week went smoothly and the first weekend of the year arrived. The students were allowed to return to their families during the weekend, the students who came from other countries could stay at the school to sleep during the weekend.

Arthur and Elisabeth said goodbye to Akeno and Jason and each returned home.

Jason and Akeno also left the school grounds. They walked indefinitely until Jason stopped.

"I say, do we have to fly by ourselves?" Jason said ironically.

"Hehe, Master doesn't seem to have a good sense of humor," Akeno and Jason heard Semiramis' voice.

A magic circle appeared under the feet of Akeno and Jason, transporting them into Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

They appeared inside the throne room. There were the rest of Soaring Dragon members waiting for the two to return.

"Mom!"Akeno ran into her mother's arms.

"Akeno" Shuri embraced her daughter affectionately.

"How was school?"

"All right, even though the first day I had to do what you told me to do and electrocuted a bunch of dumb kids," Akeno commented lightly.

Everyone gave Shuri strange looks, although she acted as if she didn't see anything and took her daughter with her so she could tell her about this week's details.

Jason sat down on one of the steps to the throne and began to explain to the rest the details of what had happened during the week.

"Semiramis, have you investigated what I told you?"

"Yes, but I'll only tell you once you keep your promise." Semiramis gave Jason a defiant look.

"All right, I can't drag it any longer." Jason shrugged and sighed.

He had been dragging the "reward" he owed Semiramis for too long, and now that he had done another mission there was no reason to deny him what he had earned.

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