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3.47% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 4: Main mission

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Chapter 4: Main mission

"The Evil Dragon shall fall and the world will reach its sunset. I will bring you down - Balmung!"

In a forest outside Kuoh, a 7-year-old boy was performing a chant while holding a sword. After finishing the chant, a beautiful blue ray shot into the sky before falling to earth. The lightning disappeared before hitting the ground and the child fainted. Before the child fell to earth a beautiful woman with purple hair appeared behind him and took him in her arms. The woman had a complex look in her eyes, as if she was not sure what to do with the child. In the end she decided to inject manna into the boy's body before putting him to bed in a room inside the temple.

This woman was Medea, the witch of betrayal. Leaving Jason in bed she approached him, observed his facial features and she could not help but sigh.

Medea: "Even though I know you're not really Jason's incarnation, you still have his aura around you.

I don't know what to do, I want to kill you because you remind me of him but I'm also attracted by his aura, I also feel a feeling inside me that if I follow you I will be able to live an exciting journey like the one I lived in Argos with the other heroes.

But I'm afraid, little Jason, will you treat me like a tool and the abandon me in the future as `He´ did then?

At that time Jason was unconscious for having used too much mana when activating Balmung's Noble Phantasm.

12 hours later, Jason woke up looking at a roof he wasn't familiar with. He tried to remember where he was until he realized that the sun was no longer outside.

(Shit, my family must be worried about me)

Jason got up running but was stopped by a big headache. As he was about to get up again he heard the voice of the system.

[ User has run out of mana trying to activate the Noble Phantasm Balmung with unsatisfactory result.

Because the user's mana is not capable of loading a Noble Phantasm from range A+ the system has decided to lower the level from Balmung to B, once the user has the ability to launch an attack from level A+ the system will restore its original strength.

Even if the Noble Phantasm attack is down, the weapon will continue to generate the same damage in normal attacks.]

(So that's it, eh. It's normal that not everything is perfect.) Jason let out a sigh before leaving the room again.)

In the temple hall he saw Medea casting spells and creating formations to form the territory.

Jason: "Medea, can you take me back home quickly? It's late and I don't want my parents to worry."

Medea responded without turning around with a cold voice: "Don't worry, the moment you fainted, I called your house pretending to be your friend's mother to report that you were going to sleep outside."

Jason looked at her in surprise and didn't know what to say for a few moments. Noticing his gaze on her, Medea turned around before asking, "Is there a problem?"

Jason: "No, none." So he went out the door without looking at Medea again.

When she saw him ready to go out without saying anything, Medea couldn't help shaking his head with frustation, (As expected from an incarnation of Jason, I'm just a tool to him).

Jason kept walking and noticed that Medea's resentful gaze followed him out. He couldn't help but feel a little grief as he guessed what was going through her mind.

Jason knew Medea's story very well, as a character in one of his favorite animes he had learned a lot about her story.

He knew that Medea was not a witch because she wanted to, in fact she was a very pure princess before falling under the spell of Aphrodite to fall in love with the original Jason (whom she had never seen) to betray her father.

Under Aphrodite's spell, she was forced to cut her brother to pieces before throwing him into the sea. Later she found herself in a foreign country where her companions despised her and treated her as a witch and traitor, later it was the people who began to call her that. In the end, the person she loved abandoned her in order to become a king.

In her desperation, Medea decided to become a true witch, killing the entire family of Jason's wife on his wedding day before escaping to a place of retirement.

For Jason (MC), Medea was not a witch of betrayal, but a betrayed princess who knew only the dark side of people. Jason decided to bring her to the light side and show her that she is not a tool, but a person who has the right to stand beside her peers.

He also knew he couldn't rush things so he decided to take it easy.

Jason stopped at the door one step from leaving, turned around and gave Medea his best smile and said, "Thank you, Medea," before he left to continue training.

Medea at the sound of those words felt as if she had been struck by lightning and her body shivered slightly.

(Hey!) Medea was surprised when she felt something wet running down her cheek. (Am I... Crying?)

Then she looked at where Jason had gone with a thoughtful look.

Medea: "I still can't fully trust you, but I guess watching you a little longer to see how you grow must not be so bad either.

Unconscious of her, Jason's shadow had already begun to form in her heart. The two did not know the terror and admiration their names would provoke in the future in most God Realms.


While Medea was lost in thought, Jason was feeling a headache as he watched the mission the system had given him.

[DxD World's Major Mission

Start to create your faction for future battles againts people from higher worlds.

Convince talented people within this world to follow you to subsequent battles against members of the rival faction to your original family.

For each member who voluntarily follows you, you will receive rewards equivalent to their talent and difficulty in getting them to join.]

[Secondary Mission

To the rescue of the sisters.

Rescue the sisters Kuroka and Shirone from the hands of their evil master before the deadline.

Requirements: To finish before the deadline, not to be able to ask for outside help.

Deadline: 3 years

Rewards: Stats X3, 200 shop points, 200 summon points.

Failed mission: Kuroka dies and Shirone becomes part of the experiments.

Additional Mission: Let Shirone join Rias Gremory's peerage and help Kuroka escape so she can join Khaos Brigade.

Reward: 1 lottery ticket.]

Jason: "Fuu, it looks like I'm going to have to train hard these 3 years, with my current strength I estimate that it allows me to deal with an middle class devil in a one-on-one fight, but I would be seriously injured. For the system to say that if I fail the mission Kuroka will die means that there are changes related to the main story. If so, who is supporting that mad scientist and that member of the Naberius family? Well, now is not the time to think about it".

At the end of muttering his thoughts Jason returned to perform a hard training while trying to increase his mana to be able to shoot Balmung more times, something told him that he would need the sword to complete this mission.

Meanwhile, in a laboratory in the underworld, a 2-meter man surrounded by a filthy dark aura watched as experiments were performed on a 10-year-old youkai.

When the experiment ended, he withdrew from the room with a serious face. When she left the room a diabolical smile could be seen on his face.

(Jujuju, this world is really interesting, I can perform many experiments on beings of this world and the imbeciles of the devils here believe it is to help them. I do not understand why the superiors gave us the mission to hunt a small child. Well, I guess I'll leave it to my peers to deal with it while I do my experiments, jujuju)

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Guys I have problems with the translator when translating He and She, I tried to revise the hole chapter to fix it but some of them still remains. Sorry of that bothers you but I´m doing my best.

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