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11.11% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 15: Medea (2)

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Chapter 15: Medea (2)


AN: [This is my first time writing this kind of stuff so you can help me with the comments if I lack of something or I did something wrong.

We are currently at 86 in the power ranking, thank you very much for the support. I´m going to make a pat/reon in the next few days and an auxililary chapter to explain the stuff.]

A sound barrier had been planted in a certain room in a Kuoh house. Though that night seemed to have been a silent, cold one like many others, within that room there was only love and passion.

Jason was currently carrying Medea in the famous `princess carry style´ to bed while she buried her face in his chest refusing to look at him. Jason gently placed her on the bed and admired her beautiful features once again, this time with the reddened face of a young maiden receiving care from her lover.

Jason ducked slowly and gave her a slight kiss on the lips, then whispered to her ears "I love your embarrassed face, Medea...". A gust of wind blew into her ear. "Mmmm..." Medea let out a whimper and covered her mouth quickly with both hands as her face reddened even more.

Jason's heart began to beat wildly when he saw her act so beautifully and a part of him woke up completely. Medea felt something touching her thigh and when she realized what it was, smoke started coming out over her head.

Jason: "Cute..."

Medea was going to protest Jason's sudden compliment but could not because Jason had kissed her again, this time more intensely, placing his tongue in her mouth. A small battle broke out between the tongues of both of them, each trying to gain territory without advancing.

Jason tasted Medea's tongue and couldn't help comparing it to Ingvild's tongue. Ingvild's had a more salty and youthful taste while Medea's had a sweeter and more mature one. Jason took those thoughts out of his mind and focused on the woman in front of him.

Their tongues separated and they both looked into each other's eyes. Medea's eyes contained love, shame and devotion to the man above her, and Jason's contained love, tenderness and affection for the woman who was giving her all to him.

After another light kiss, Jason turned his head toward her ears and upon seeing her peculiar elf-like shape he became curious once again and tried to bite her ear.

"Mmm... haa... There... haa... nooo" Medea was breathing heavily while a strange sensation she had never felt began to manifest in her lower part.

Upon noticing Medea's reaction, Jason released her ear and started the battle with his tongue as a weapon. This time he decided to help himself with his hands and grabbed Medea's breasts. Medea's breasts were not incredibly large but they were not small either, they had a kind of perfect balance in proportion to her body.

Jason gently grasped Medea's left boob with his right hand while his left hand caressed her cheek affectionately. Jason marveled at the sensation of Medea's chest deforming in his hands. He felt something straight when he passed his hand through the center of her breast and decided to grasp that tightly with two fingers.

Medea opened her eyes in panic as she began to feel the urge to pee. She forcibly separated herself from Jason's mouth.

Medea: "Ah, Ah, stop Jason, I feel weird... ah"

Jason knew what was happening to her, she probably would never have felt an orgasm and this situation was completely new to her so it was normal to be afraid. Jason was not going to let this opportunity pass anyway.

Jason: "What's wrong with you, my princess?" Jason took the opportunity to give Medea a nickname, one that was going to last a lifetime.

Medea was irritated to hear what he called her, but she put it aside because the feeling she was feeling right now was making her too uncomfortable.

Medea: "I feel weird there... Mmm... down..."

Jason: "Is that here?" He lowered the hand that held her face toward her intimate area" Wow, it looks like it's pretty wet" Medea's breathing was more and more jerky.

Lightning crossed Medea's back when Jason put a finger into her pussy.

Seeing that he was still a bit short of orgasm, Jason lowered his head to the right breast and bit her nipple while squeezing the other with his hand.

"AAH!" A stream of fluid came out of Medea's pussy and soaked Jason's arm. Upon noticing the liquid coming out Jason smiled proudly as he was the first person to make this legendary woman have an orgasm.

Medea's mind was blank as she felt the great pleasure of orgasm. When Jason saw her like this he decided to bring her back by biting her other ear.

"Aahh" Medea moaned again as she was bitten in the ear. Jason realized that Medea's ears are not only elf-shaped but also a powerful erogenous zone.

Medea woke up with that and turned around at lightning speed and hid her head in the pillow, she believed she had peed on Jason's arm and had no face to look into his eyes.

Jason took the opportunity to grab Medea's beautiful buttocks and began massaging them to his will. She let him do whatever he wanted with her butt while trying to keep the moans.

"Hey, Jason..."


"Doesn't it bother you that I pissed on your arm?"

"You didn't pee, that's called an orgasm, it's a sign that I'm making you feel good."

Medea was surprised because she didn't know anything about it. She had been a well-educated princess and had never been taught anything about sex except the basics.

Jason started taking Medea's clothes off while she was still on her back. When she had only her underwear left, he turned her around. "AAH" Medea screamed in surprise but calmed down at once. Jason took off her remaining underwear and stood up to admire it.

Jason: " Amazing, so beautiful"

Medea looked away from the shame but you could see a smile on her face, obviously happy. She turned her head to see Jason take off his boxers and leave his 9-inch dragon outdoors.

Although Medea had seen many cocks of all sizes from the men she had killed when she was a witch, she hadn't seen any that looked as magnificent, elegant and as big as Jason's.

She feared the idea that something so big wouldn't catch inside her pussy.

Once the boxers were removed, Jason placed himself on top of Medea and kissed her passionately again. As she was already very wet, Jason placed his dragon at the entrance of her cave.

Feeling something hard at the entrance to her precious place, Medea opened her eyes, separated her mouth from Jason's and sighed softly "It's my first time, be gentle."

Both Jason and Medea had their bodies red-hot and when he heard Medea's seductive sigh, Jason lost the little rationality he had left.

Jason slowly pushed his dragon into the cave. He felt as if something was wrapping around his cock and a pleasant sensation accompanied him as he advanced. Shortly after, the dragon arrived in front of a wall that did not allow him to advance and prevented him from getting more of that pleasure, the bearer of the dragon frowned when he noticed it and the dragon got angry with the wall (A simple wall cannot deprive me of my pleasure!) and pushed harder until it was knocked down. Blood came out of Medea's pussy and tears fell on Jason's face which gave him back his rationality.

Jason: "My princess, are you all right?"

Medea: "It hurts, can you wait a moment?"

Jason stopped because he knew that a woman's first time is painful and he didn't want to rush things. That didn't mean he was going to do nothing, while licking the tears that fell from Medea's eyes because of the pain he started playing with her tits. He began to suck on her nipples like a baby when he ran out of tears to lick.

Soon Medea started moaning again and Jason saw it was time to continue with the main job. He started pushing his dragon to the bottom and didn't stop until he ran into another wall, but he didn't continue as that wall dictated the end of the road. With that he took the dragon out of the cave until only the head was left inside to slowly push it back inside.

Both Jason and Medea were panting in each other's ears.

"Ah... Ah..."

"Mhm... Mhm..."


Medea stopped feeling pain after two minutes and at 5 that feeling Jason had called orgasm was coming again and her moans were getting louder and louder.


Jason: "HA... HA... I am coming..."

Jason kept making piston movements until he couldn't take it anymore and gave one last push until the end and released everything he had accumulated.

When she felt the liquid in her belly, she felt as if lightning was going through her body for the second time today, only this time it was much more powerful.

"Aaaahahh!" Medea let out without restriction a cry of absolute satisfaction.

Jason let himself fall without forces on Medea to regain his strength. Medea hugged his back trying to catch her breath.

As he felt the peaks in his chest and Medea's breath in his ear, his dragon regained strength and rose ready for another battle.

Medea noticed Jason's cock growing in her womb and a lustful smile appeared on her face before whispering seductive words that unleashed the beast.

"Hubby, now make it rougher please"

With those words Jason lost his mind once again.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

And here we have the awaited chapter, Jason finally eats Medea.

It's my first time writing a +18 scene and I have to say it's a lot harder than I thought. But I hope you like it anyway.

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