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23.61% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 33: New Servant (1)

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Chapter 33: New Servant (1)

Jason came home the next day. A little girl jumped into his arms as he opened the door.

"Oni-chan!" Kaida greeted her brother warmly.

"I missed you, Kaida-chan."

Jason greeted his mother and entered the house.

Jason sat on the couch and left a box next to him. Kaida sat on his lap and looked at the box curiously.

"Oni-chan, what's in the box?"

"It's a surprise I've prepared for my cute little sister."

"Meaow ≈"

Kaida was alarmed to hear the noise from the box and Mikoto opened her eyes in disbelief.

"Jason, have you brought animals home?" She asked in a dark voice.

Jason felt a chill running down his back as Kaida had an excited face when she heard that her brother had brought animals.

Jason opened the box, inside it were 6 small cats. Kaida's eyes shone as she saw a little white girl.

Jason smiled shamefully at his mother and gave her a look of plea. Mikoto sighed when she saw that her two children liked the cats and went to prepare the food.

Kaida tried to grab the white cat, but a black cat jumped to prevent her from catching it. Kaida panicked and hid her head in her brother's chest.

Jason tried to calm her down and grabbed Kuroka and gave her a dangerous look. Kuroka felt the hairs on her body stood on end and curled up on Jason's arm.

Kaida then took Shirone and placed her in her lap, then began to scratch her head. Shirone was a little afraid to see the girl she didn't know catch her, but she relaxed as she felt her care.

"You seem to like playing with Shirone," Jason said.

"She's not called Shirone, she's now called Koneko!" Kaida cheerfully exclaimed.

"Meaow≈" Shirone seemed to like the name.

Jason laughed low as he noticed the depression coming from Kuroka.

"Come on Koneko, let's play in my room"

The pretty 3-year-old girl and the cute white cat went to play in Kaida's room.

The other 4 cats in the box watched the development in amazement.

Since Jason had become his boyish way of going home he had been receiving dangerous looks from a black cat, obviously Chloe's fetish for shotas was not for nothing.

Blair didn't care what Jason looked like and kept sending him lustful looks. Her cat look has black fur and large golden eyes, pointed ears and a long tail that ends in a spiral.

Sarashiki in her cat form had blue fur like her hair in human form, she was lying lazily in a corner of the box.

Nekohime had a beautiful blond fur just like her hair in human form, her eyes were blue and she had an air of royalty even in her cat form.

Jason took them all to his room. Once inside, they all jumped and transformed into their human form.

They all wore a kimono just like Ingvild's. The kimono had a two-color design, light blue and fire red. The design was made in such a way that it seemed that both colors were fighting each other, as if it were water against fire. On the back the characters `Soaring Dragon´ were written.

Kuroka, Blair and Sarashiki wore the Kimono open, leaving part of their breasts exposed. Nekohime and Chloe were more reserved and wore it tightly closed, although Nekohime's large breasts could not be hidden (Chloe is not a board but does not have much breast).

Jason sat on the bed and adopted a serious expression.

"While you are in my house you will keep your cat form, I don't want you to cause problems with my parents or my little sister".

All five nodded seriously. An uncomfortable silence came into the room, until Blair broke it.

"Do you want us to warm your bed, Faction Leader≈?"

Jason couldn't say he wasn't tempted to see the Nekoshou's body, but thinking about Medea and possible future consequences, he decided to reject it.

"No" But he continued "For the time being"

A strange glow came into the eyes of the Nekoshou and an air of competitiveness was felt between them, even the calm Nekohime was mumbling things like ` I'm not going to lose´ ` I as a princess must get it first´.

" Turn into a cat" Jason didn't think much about it and ordered them to transform before going down to eat. Before going out he remembered something and said to Kuroka "Tell your sister about everything we've talked about".

The Nekoshou returned to their cat form and followed Jason from behind.

Issei and Irina arrived at Jason's house after lunch.

"Irina nee-chan" Kaida ran towards Irina when she saw her, she still had Shirone in her arms.

"Little Kaida!" Irina hugged Kaida.

Kaida quickly turned away. "Careful, you're going to crush Koneko."

Irina then realized that Kaida was carrying a cat in her arms.

"Since when do you have cats at home?"

"Oni-chan brought them today"

"Have you brought more than one?"

Just when she asked that Jason went down the stairs with 5 cats behind him. Irina thought the scene was quite strange, it was like seeing a leader walking in front of his subordinates. Who would have thought that the mere mention of any name of the 6 cats in Jason's house would bring respect and terror at the same time.

"Jason-senpai, let's play!"

Issei didn't even bother with the cats and dragged Jason to his room to play with the console, Irina said goodbye to Kaida and followed them.

Issei and Irina left around 6pm, Jason then took the opportunity to go see the remaining Nekoshou.

Jason went to the temple, when he arrived he saw tents to spend the night. The place was apparently empty, but Jason could feel movement inside the temple.

Jason entered the temple and was greeted by 20 Nekoshou dressed as maid. In front there was a small maid about 8 years old, she gave off an aura similar to that of the Nekohime.

"Welcome, Master" The 20 maids bowed in front of Jason.

Medea and Ingvild laughed from one side at Jason's stunned face.

The little maid stepped forward, she had blond hair and green eyes.

"I hope you liked our greeting, Faction Leader."

Jason nodded unconsciously. The girl smiled sweetly as she saw him nod.

"Little girl, what's your name?"

"My name is Andrea Nya≈" answered the little maid.

"What's your relationship with Nekohime?"

"She's my cousin Nya≈"

Jason already imagined something when he felt her aura and her physical resemblance so it didn't catch him by surprise.

Jason went to Medea and Ingvild and asked them "What's going on here?"

Medea shrugged and Ingvild answered.

"They said they weren't going to stay for free and asked what they could do to pay us." She gave Medea a provocative look. "I told them they didn't need to do anything, but Medea thought you'd like to have maids."

Jason looked at Medea strangely, she turned red and quickly responded "It was Jason who told me he would like to have maids while we had XOXO".

Ingvild and Jason were astonished at Medea's words. Medea realized what she had said and teleported to avoid the embarrassing moment.

"Mmm, I think I have things to do" Ingvild had flushed cheeks and left the place.

Jason laughed shamefully, didn't expect Medea to still remember something he had said by chance more than a year ago.

Jason went to his training room and called Medea, who still had a red face because of shame.

"It's time to summon another Servant" Jason got straight to the point.

Medea's face changed to a serious one and the preparations began. Countless barriers were placed around the training room.

Summon points -> 5000

Next random servant -> 5000 summon points

[Are you sure you want to spend 5000 summon points?]


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