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56.94% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 81: Nigh Celestials Slash Dogs

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Chapter 81: Nigh Celestials Slash Dogs

n was calm as he watched the darkness surrounding Jin and Tobio. The physical body of both increased, and Jason could feel the strength of both fired up.

(So this is a Balance Breaker. The ability to break the balance, a failure within the "perfect" system "God" created.

The Balance Breakers classified into three: Crest Side Balance Breakers, Abyss Side Balance Breaker, and Ex Side Balance Breaker.

Nigh Celestials Slash Dogs, Canis Lykaon Balance Breaker. This Balance Breaker falls under the category of Abyss Side. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

By desiring to further improve oneself after attaining the Balance Breaker, the Balance Breaker can undergo further change. This is how the Abyss Side Balance Breaker improves.

I wonder what Tobio's limit is?)

The darkness had already covered Tobio's body and Jin's body, in turn changing the appearance of both.

Tobio became a black humanoid hound with six tails, and Jin took the form of a large, fully-grown black hound.

Tobio focused his gaze on Jason. His red eyes glowed with rage.

Tobio had regained consciousness only to see Natsume and Lavinia easily knocked out by Jason. Seeing Griffon in bad shape on the wall, Tobio thought that his companions had suffered a beating and his emotions destabilized.

When Tobio was born with the Sacred Gear Canis Lykaon, it was one of the rare instances where it already had its Balance Breaker fully activated. Because of this, his grandmother; Ageha Ikuse used a Buddist sealing ritual to seal away the Canis Lykaon.

The seal on Canis Lykaon had recently been lifted, and Tobio couldn't control his Balance Breaker. Darkness filled his mind, and only his last thought remained intact.

"Kill my enemy and save my companions."

That was the only thing on Tobio's mind right now. He ran with Jin to Jason without hiding his intention to kill.

Azazel and Jason frowned when they noticed this. Jason lifted his guard to the maximum and Azazel prepared to interrupt in case things went too far.

Tobio no longer carried his scythe. It was his animal instincts that guided Tobio, and he couldn't take a weapon in that state.

Jason was not surprised when he saw that Tobio was much faster than before. It was something he expected from a Balance Breaker.

"I wonder if your strength has also increased" Jason muttered and ran towards Tobio.

Jason withdrew his Dragon Fire Mode from his right arm, and his fist crashed into Tobio's fist.

This was one of the results of Jason's training. He could now use his dragon mode at his leisure, activating and deactivating it at his whim and being able to activate and deactivate it partially.

The blow of the two fists generated a shock wave, breaking the ground beneath the two boys and raising a cloud of dust that covered both of them.

"Who won!? I want to see, I want to see!" Vali jumped excitedly from his seat.

"I also want to know who won, but I think the result is clear."

The cloud of dust that covered the area where Jason and Tobio were fighting slowly disappeared until the confrontation between them became apparent.

Jason was in the same place where the confrontation between the two had been created while Tobio was several meters behind.

Jason was not surprised to see this result. In fact, Tobio was still relatively well because Jin had helped him at the last moment to defend himself from Jason's fist.

Jason recovered his Fire Dragon Mode, and the flames covered his fist again. He prepared to attack again but frowned as he watched Tobio's shadow grow larger and began to cover the ground.

Jason was sure that this was one of the skills of Tobio's Balance Breaker, but he didn't exactly remember what his function was.

"Grrrr" Jin slightly roared as he prepared to attack.

Tobio and Jin took an offensive position. Jason raised his guard, waiting for the dual attack of the two.

The shadow finished covering the ground. It was then that Jin and Tobio made their move, quickly attacking Jason.

(They are even faster in the shadows!) Jason was surprised internally without letting his guard down.

Jason saw Jin sink into the shadow, disappearing from the dragon's sight. Jason, who had seen Jin do that before, was not surprised but his guard increased even more as Jin could now appear from anywhere.

While paying attention to Jin, Jason focused on Tobio. The boy covered in darkness threw a punch just like the previous one, only it seemed to have more strength.

With his arm covered in flames, Jason struck back.

"Fire Dragon Fist" Jason shouted and hit Tobio.


Crackles were heard from Tobio's arm. The hound's face showed no pain, and his eyes glowed strangely.

Jason caught the change in his expression and became alert, looking for any movement of Jin. Unlike when Jason faced Natsume, he couldn't find any trace of the dog.

(There it is!) Jason noticed a movement to his right and attacked quickly with a kick.

Jason made contact with something that wasn't a dog. He fixed himself and saw a broken sword due to the kick.

Jason's senses alerted him to possible danger. He retreated quickly, dodging Tobio's attack.

Countless swords attacked Jason from the ground. He dodged them quickly without letting any touch him.

Claws tore Jason's back, leaving a scratch as he had managed to react in time. Jason tried to counterattack quickly, but Jin had already returned to hide in the shadows.

Jason quickly dodged the swords made of darkness that kept coming out of the long shadow. He ducked to avoid Tobio's approaching fist nimbly.

"This game is irritating me."

Jason finished determining Tobio's strength and decided to end the battle.

"Fire Dragon Grip"

Jason disappeared and reappeared in front of Tobio. He grabbed his face with one hand and created an enormous flare, completely incinerating the young human.

Jason did not remove the flames until he saw that the shadow had disappeared entirely. Tobio's transformation had also gone, leaving a boy naked because of the fire.

Fortunately, the remaining darkness had protected him from severe burns from Jason's attack.

Jason dropped Tobio. He looked towards the entrance to the battlefield, and there stood a Kouki who had returned from the infirmary.

"Take your companions to the infirmary. I'm sure you can with the help of that cat of yours."

Kouki nodded and called Byakusha, the cat had already recovered thanks to the fact that Jason had not been too hard on him and to Grigori's high technologies.

Climbing Lavinia, Natsume, Griffon (he had become a hawk again) and Jin (he had become a small puppy again) on top of Byakusha, Kouki carried Tobio and went to get some clothes for his companion.

Once the members of Slash Dog retired, Jason stretched his wings and flew to the height where Azazel and Vali watched the fight.

Jason came face to face with Vali. Jason's lips twitched when he saw the young Lucifer's bright eyes.

"Satisfied?" Jason asked Vali.

"Yes, the fights have been unbelievable. First, you easily defeated Byakusha, when you were cornered you burst into flames and easily defeated the members of Slash Dog. With a POOM you sent Griffon to fly and a SWOOSHH you covered Tobio in flames with his Balance Breaker - all that was impressive!

Now not only Jason's lips are twitching, but now Azazel's lips were twitching too.

"Relax, Vali. Go down to the combat field and fight Jason once and for all." Azazel told young Lucifer.

"Hmm" Vali nodded.

Two dragon wings with eight energy feathers appeared on Vali's back. He flapped his wings and went down to the combat ground with Jason.

"Prepare to lose to the great Vali Lucifer, the strongest Hakuryuukou in history."

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