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86.8% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 124: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (3)

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Chapter 124: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (3)

Tobio and Jin continued to attack the priest, and they had no intention of stopping. Although it seemed that they were pressuring the priest, he had hardly any wounds, and it was Tobio and Jin who were bleeding. Although the priest was winning, he could not take away Tobio's attention, or he would be automatically torn to pieces. Tobio's bloody eyes were the most obvious sign that the boy had entered a berserk state.

Jason took the opportunity to take a look at Tobio's appearance. The boy was the representation of a werewolf. Those were the effects of Lycaon, the first werewolf according to Greek mythology.

Jason noticed Jin. Although he usually had the shape of a dog, he now had the form of a huge hound. He no longer had a sword and attacked alone with his massive jaws.

Before, when Jason had seen Jin with the sword in his mouth, he had not felt the danger he felt the first time he fought them. Apparently, Tobio could not use the powers of the Totsuka sword yet and had received Azazel's help to use them temporarily.

Jason wondered what the best option he could take was. Azazel had already warned him that he had to kill him if Tobio lost control and there was no way to turn him back. Jason didn't want to do it, but he wasn't going to be stupid enough to get in the middle of the fight to separate them. It was going to be too annoying if Jason had to fight both of them at the same time, although it's not like Jason couldn't do it.

"Sometimes I think I'm dumb," Jason muttered when he realized that he had overlooked certain of his abilities.

Without deactivating his Fire Dragon Mode, Jason opened his Death Eyes. His blazing pupils were surrounded by an abysmal black.

"Limbo: Border Jail"

Jason felt his "shadow" peel away from his body. A clone appeared next to Jason. Jason could create more, his current capacity being three clones, but one was enough to handle the situation, and there was no reason to waste energy.

Limbo: Border Jail is a technique used by Madara Uchiha, being accessible thanks to the power of the Rinnegan. Jason had retained this Rinnegan technique when he had evolved his Death Eyes with a slight change.

Jason did not have to use chakra to maintain the clones, but he had to use mana. Being able to make three clones was Jason's current limit, something that was already good enough considering that Madara's limit was four even in its form Jūbi. Jason had lately felt that he could create four but had not yet tried.

The shadows projected with Limbo are impossible to detect or perceive visually, as they exist only in the invisible world. Shadows can act independently of the user to attack, restrict targets, or defend the original body from any threat.

Only people who have the rinnegan or who possess the Six Paths Sage Mode, such as Sasuke and Naruto respectively, can see or feel the shadows. The rest are either excessively strong or can only succumb to the despair of fighting something invisible.

Jason spoke to his clone.

"Stay here. Now later I'll send you a couple of toys to entertain you."


Jason's clone didn't show any emotion, although that wasn't something Jason cared about. All he cared about was for the clone to perform its function flawlessly.

Jason prepared to intervene in the fight. Taking advantage of the retreat between an intense exchange between the two parties, Jason jumped between the three. He kicked Tobio's chest, sent him flying in the direction the clone was waiting, grabbed Jin's tail, and took advantage of his kick movement to throw him with Tobio.

The clone saw the two flying and understood that those were the toys Jason had told him before.

"Don't kill him!"

Tobio fell to the ground and got up to attack the priest again. But a blow to the stomach caused him to shut up on the floor. When he got up, he looked for the one who had hit him, and his mad face showed traces of confusion. With no one to attack, Tobio hurled himself again at Jason and the priest, but a blow to the chin sent him flying back.

One of the disadvantages of Limbo in Naruto was that clones could only use taijutsu. This doesn't change for Jason's technique, the clones being unable to use any kind of magic and can exclusively rely on their hand-to-hand combat skills.


Jin grunted and sniffed, looking for any sign of the attacker. The hound could find nothing as existing only in Limbo. The clone leaves no detectable trace.

Jason stood face to face with the priest. Freed seemed to have called him David Serro.

"Hey," Jason greeted him with a smile.


David attacked directly with his Galatine. Jason narrowly dodged the attack.

(He's fast!)

David raised an eyebrow, apparently surprised to see Jason dodge his attack.

"David Serro," The priest spoke.

"Jason," The boy replied.

David nodded.

"You're not on the list, who are you?"

"Who am I? I don't know how to answer you. I don't even know who I am. Let's leave it at that I'm on Grigori's side."

David nodded again. His face was as calm as it was when he was facing Tobio. He looked at the battlefield and saw that there was no sign of Freed and the rest of Grigori. He was inwardly confused to see Tobio being beaten without any enemies.

"Then you are a target to be eliminated. I suppose you are the reason for the escape of the wounded, and I suppose Freed is dead."

"You guess right," Jason kept smiling.

"Too bad. Although the boy was a failed specimen, he still had the potential of a good exorcist."

Jason felt something was wrong. Wasn't Freed his student? Shouldn't David hate Jason for killing him?

"Don't you hate me?" Jason was seriously confused.

"Why should I hate you? "David also didn't seem to understand what Jason was saying.

"For killing Freed."

"He died because he was weak. If he doesn't have the strength to be an exorcist, then he's worthless." His expression did not change at any time.

"I dislike that way of thinking. I've decided I'm going to kill you."

"Belonging to Grigori is already a reason to consider yourself a heretic. You're a target, and that's why I'll have to kill you."

Jason nodded; the two seemed to have reached an agreement. One of them had to die today.

"Lend me your power, Galatine."

Galatine's sacred aura shone. David's already robust body became even stronger. It seemed that the priest had not gone all the way against Tobio.

"It's a pity we're here at night, but I can't complain. I will cover that powerlessness with my skills in the sword."

"Listen to me, heretic. I am David Serro, appointed successor to Vasco Strada as Ace of the Church. I and this sacred sword of mine will be the ones to finish you off. Be proud."

Jason applauded, as the priest finished speaking.

"Good presentation. Why don't we talk less and fight more?"

Jason would also have liked to give him an excellent presentation. But Jason didn't have much time, he had to hurry or Limbo's time was going to run out.

Taking Balmung out, Jason prepared himself in an offensive posture.

Seeing Jason's sword, David nodded appreciatively. David could see that the boy in front of him was an expert swordsman, and that increased his determination to kill him.


Both swords collided, thus initiating the battle.

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