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60.41% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 86: Queen of England?

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Chapter 86: Queen of England?

Three days passed since Jason fought Vali. Today it was Friday, Jason and company were in class.

Jason, Akeno, Elisabeth, and Arthur. The four of them were sitting in the corner of the classroom. The school had only started a few weeks earlier, and they had already become the school's most popular group.

And it wasn't because they want the attention of the rest. They actually tried to get as little notice as possible, none of them liked to get attention.

Most of the students in this school were members of noble and wealthy families, some of them from royal families like Elisabeth. They all knew about Elisabeth and Arthur's Status, so they were going to get attention anyway.

Jason and Akeno were added to them. The young man attracted attention because of his exotic appearance, his white hair, and red eyes along with his demonically handsome appearance. He, along with Arthur, was the fantasy of all the women inside the school.

But none of them dared to approach them. Arthur was no longer approached by most of the girls who were inferior in status to him, and the royalty who if they had the status did not dare to approach him because of Pendragon's known and close relationship with Elisabeth.

With Jason, the situation was different. He didn't have the status, nor did he have a close relationship with someone as high as Elisabeth Windsor. But he had something Arthur didn't have, a fearsome bodyguard.

This bodyguard was not a huge black or human 4X4. This bodyguard was nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful girl. She was so beautiful that along with Elisabeth Windsor they had snatched the number one spot of the school's beauty.

Rumors said that Elisabeth was the kind beauty and she was the sadistic beauty. Those same rumors also told that she was a witch who had electrocuted a group of men who had tried to talk to her on her first day. No boy wanted to approach her since that incident. Not even Major Prince Zack tried to approach her (though he had different motives).

Akeno Himejima. She always followed Jason wherever the boy went. From class to the cafeteria, through his club activities at the dojo. This was not a problem if not for the threatening looks the girl gave to any woman who intended to approach the young dragon. And this was not what frightened the rest of the female gender the most, it was the sadistic smile Akeno gave them.

This wasn't something Jason hadn't been through. It's not that he cared about Akeno's actions, but he was curious about why she did it. One day he asked her and the answer she gave him made Jason consider having a private conversation with Shuri.

The answer was as follows.

"Mom has told me that all the girls want to rob you of my side, so I have to use any means to get them away from you, even if it includes extortion, threat, torture or death."

Jason gave an exasperated sigh when he heard this. He concluded that Shuri was not the ideal mother after all.

Lunchtime. Jason sat next to Akeno, Elisabeth, and Arthur at a table separate from the rest. Jason caught an interesting conversation between two girls at the table next to his.

"Have you heard the rumors?" One girl asked the other.

"Those of the missing women?"

"Yes, they say they found the body of one of the girls. They didn't want to talk about the state she was in, but it must have been frightening.

"The police have already named the case. They call it Cannibal Rapist Case."

Jason felt a malevolent gaze directed at them. He searched for that look and his eyes crossed with those of Zack Windsor. Jason's eyebrows unconsciously rose when he felt the power Zack emitted was more significant than it was a few days ago.

"Has anything happened to your brother recently, Eli?" Jason asked Eli.

"My brother? nothing has happened from what I know. He locks himself in his room when he gets home and doesn't leave until Monday."

"How strange," Jason muttered.

"By the way, I have some news to give you." Elisabeth caught the attention of the rest.

Everyone focused their attention on the princess.

"In 9 months the coronation is going to take place, I want you to be there when they give me the crown" Elisabeth proudly smiled.

"Congratulations!" Akeno sincerely congratulated her.

"Queen of England? Aren't you too young for that?" Arthur asked her. He was worried about his childhood friend.

"Yes, apparently my father met with an important person, and they came to that decision after a meeting."

"Important person?" Jason asked. He had a strange feeling.

"I think his name was Azael or Azazel. I don't remember very well. Dad told me that having good relations with his organization was necessary for the country.

[Return to chapter 63. Azazel mentioned the meeting to Penemue in that chapter]

(So that old man influences the English royal family) thought Jason.

"Won't it be too much pressure for you? Remember that you will only be 13 years old at that time," Arthur was still worried about her.

"Don't worry. My father will act as regent until he's ready to rule. It's a way of saying I'll be the next queen, but I can have a child before I'm ready and then the reign will pass to him. Being prepared to reign has nothing to do with age after all" Elisabeth shrugged.

Arthur and the rest smiled at Eli's words, something like that wasn't unusual given his carefree personality.

The day passed as usual. In the end, Jason and Akeno said goodbye to Arthur and Elisabeth.

"Go back to Hanging Gardens of Babylon alone, this weekend I'll be gone," Jason told Akeno.

"It's okay."

Akeno didn't mind having to go back alone. She knew Jason was a busy man and had a lot of things to do. Akeno wanted to get stronger so she could help him. Now she was too weak to serve as a support, much less stand by his side.

"Semiramis, send me to the outskirts of Grigori."

"Yes, Master"

Two magical circles appeared under the two students. Akeno was transported to Hanging Gardens of Babylon while Jason was sent to the outskirts of Grigori.

In front of Jason were the metal doors he had already seen once. He was considering knocking on the door when it opened itself.

"Welcome to Grigori, Jason."

The metallic voice surprised Jason.

"Did it surprise you? This is one of Grigori's new inventions, a sensor that recognizes the person who wants to enter by analyzing his aura."

Jason looked at Azazel. The governor seemed to anticipate Jason's visit, as he was already prepared to receive him.

"Because of the aura?" Jason asked.

"Yes, the sensor can identify any aura. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the sensor is superior to the gods in their work."

Jason shrugged. It was just one sensor after all, not something he attached much importance.

Azazel was not discouraged when he saw Jason's reaction. He was sure Jason was just like Vali, a battle lover.

"I'm sure you haven't come to see this foster-father of yours."

"Of course not, why would I come to see you?" Jason gave him a contemptuous look.

"Haha, I like that attitude of yours. Come on, SlashDog is in the same place as always." Azazel cheerfully laughed at Jason's response.

"And my dear little brother?" Jason asked.

"Don't mention it. When he regained consciousness, he was down for an entire day, but then he recovered and is training harder than ever. I can't guarantee anything, but I think he wants a rematch."

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