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32.63% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 46: Rescuing the mother/daughter couple

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Chapter 46: Rescuing the mother/daughter couple


An explosion took place on the outskirts of the village. Baraqiel frowned at the detection of powerful auras at the site of the explosion.

"Daddy, I'm scared" An 11-year-old girl spoke frightened to Baraqiel. She had black hair and violet eyes, her hair was tied in a ponytail, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place.

"Honey, why don't you take a look?" A woman identical to the little girl asked Baraqiel.

"All right, I'll be right back" Baraqiel left her house, 5 pairs of crow's wings appeared on her back and flew to the place where the explosion had occurred.

Baraqiel landed in a crater, apparently formed by the previous explosion. He frowned as soon as he landed.

"You can go out, there is no point in remaining hidden" Baraqiel spoke calmly with the air.

"As expected from a Fallen Angel of Cadre level" A male voice was heard and a man materialized in front of Baraqiel. The man had raccoon ears and tail, his eyes surrounded by two black circles.

"So it is the leader of the Tanuki, the others should also go out" Baraqiel did not pay much attention to this tribal leader, he doubted that he had the guts to come alone so he tried to pull the rest of the shadows out.

"We can' t seem to fool you" Two more men came out of the shadows and joined the Tanuki. One had the features of a dog and the other of a weasel.

"So the Inugami tribe and the Kamaitachi tribe are also involved" This situation already made more sense to Baraqiel.

"What are you doing here?" Baraqiel asked.

"Obviously we have come for you," replied the head of the Inugami tribe.

Baraqiel's eyes narrowed, how do you know I was going to be here?

"It seems that your wife's family doesn't like you, they told us your location," said the Kamitachi tribe chief.

"Shuri, Akeno" Baraqiel realized something and turned around to go back home, he felt something was wrong.

"You should worry more about yourself first, Baraqiel-san" A hypnotic female voice sounded from behind Baraqiel.

"Clan Succubus" Baraqiel clenched his teeth, it seemed that ending all of them was not going to be easy.

Five peak high class and one Ultimate class devil, that lineup wasn't one you saw every day. Baraqiel decided to give it all from the beginning.

Baraqiel attacked his innumerable attacks with his lightning, causing serious damage quickly to the five high classes and slightly damaging the leader of the succubi.

"Tch, looks like we're going to have to use that."

Enemies took a strange pill and swallowed it. The lightning attacks became less effective against them.

While Baraqiel wanted to finish the battle quickly, the enemies only wanted to buy time to allow their allies to attack Baraqiel's family.

30 min later. Baraqiel managed to defeat all his enemies, he was exhausted but forced to fly back home. Panic came when he saw the door of his house shattered, strangely there was no smell of blood.

He entered the house, a gust of cold air made him shiver from the cold. The frost could be seen all over the house along with a large number of bodies, Baraqiel could confirm that they were members of the Himejima clan as he could recognize some of them.

Baraqiel called out to his wife and daughter but no one answered him. Anxious he ran to the last room of the house, Akeno's room, and there he saw six frozen bodies of members of the main branch of the Himejima clan but there was no trace of Shuri and Akeno.

He then noticed the words written on the wall. He vomited blood as he read the contents of the words written on ice.

"Argos, you bastard!" Baraqiel roared in rage.

Going back 30 min.

A group of people from the Himejima clan was hiding in the vicinity of Baraqiel's house.

"He has already left" The guard informed the rest.

"All right, let's hurry up"

The group left and headed for Baraqiel's house.

The leader of the group opened the door of the house.

"Are you back, honey?" Shuri's voice was heard from inside the house.

The members of the Himejima clan smiled cruelly and advanced to where the voice came from.

Hasty steps were heard, a little girl ran to the entrance and saw the Himejima clan group.

"Where is Papa?" asked little Akeno when she did not see Baraqiel among the group of men.

Shuri heard Akeno's question and left the room. She frowned when she saw the members of the Himejima clan in her home.

"What are you doing here?" Shuri asked coldly.

"We have come to rid ourselves of that scum and bring you back home."

Shuri stood in front of Akeno and backed with her slowly.

The leader smiled at Shuri's reaction. He looked down at Shuri's body and smiled lewdly.

"Catch them" The leader gave the order to the rest.

Shuri tried to defend herself, but the enemies were too many for her to take care of. She withdrew slowly to Akeno's room.

"Watch that no one comes" The leader gave the order to a few members.


"Sorry Shuri, but you can't blame us for this" The leader apologized, but his lewd gaze betrayed him " Orders are orders"

Shuri panicked, she didn't understand why Baraqiel hadn't returned yet. If he did not return they would both surely die.

When she was reaching her peak of despair, the temperature of the house dropped considerably. Strangely, neither she nor Akeno felt cold.

Screams were heard from the ground floor of the house, but the screams stopped quickly. The leader frowned and sent another to investigate.

The member of the Himejima clan stepped down to investigate, but nothing more was heard of him. The temperature inside the house continued to drop.

The leader of the group and the other members were already shaking. Steps began to be heard from the other side of the door.

The ice slowly covered the door, the ice spread across the floor and the walls freezing everything.

The members of the Himejima clan had faces purple from the cold. The footsteps grew closer and closer.

The door opened slowly. A man of 180 cm, blue hair and face partially covered by a mask entered the room.

"The members of the Himejima clan really are something" The man spoke coldly.

"What-what do you mean?" The man spoke shivering.

"They say that even the worst of predators would not eat their own flesh."

Jason remembered that phrase from his previous life and thought it was a good time to say it.

The leader frowned at the sound.

"Are you saying we're worse than animals?"

Jason did not respond but let out a cold smile, that smile sent chills to all members of the Himejima clan.

The leader didn't know how powerful Jason was, so he sent a signal to two of his companions to test the waters. The two members nodded and quickly attacked Jason.

"Trash" Jason muttered as he saw the men attacking him.

" Freezing breeze"

The air froze around the two attackers, turning them into two ice statues. Jason advanced and tapped the statues lightly, shattering them into pieces.

The hearts of all members of the Himejima clan stopped for a moment as they saw the fate of the two attackers.

"Attack!" The leader did not dare underestimate Jason and ordered everyone to attack.

Jason simply repeated the attack and froze everyone, leaving only the leader alive.

"You really are rubbish, you can't do it with a low-level spell" Jason shook his head in disappointment.

The leader attacked Jason with rage, he knew it was impossible for him to get out of this alive and wanted to take Jason with him.

Flames surrounded his arms and tried to hit Jason. Jason formed a gun with his fingers, pointing his index finger toward the leader's forehead.

"Pam," Jason said and the man fell to the ground. A hole could be seen in the center of the forehead.

Jason then focused his attention on Shuri and Akeno. They were hugging in a corner and looked at Jason with fear.

Jason sighed as he saw that the result of his actions had frightened Shuri and Akeno. He withdrew his [Ice Dragon Mode], the temperature began to rise slowly. His hair returned to its original white and his eyes became blood red again.

Jason took off his mask and looked Shuri in the eyes, Akeno had her head buried in her mother's chest. He smiled warmly at them and approached them, Shuri got up and hid her daughter behind her. Jason approached her and saw how she was shaking slightly.

He raised his hand, Shuri closed her eyes waiting for Jason's blow. Jason simply placed his hand on her cheek and stroked her lightly.

"It must have been difficult for you."

Shuri opened her eyes in disbelief as tears formed in her eyes. Jason saw this and embraced her quickly, Shuri buried his face in his chest and cried forcefully.

Shuri believed that she and her daughter were going to die today. If it were not for this stranger who had saved them then they would really have died.

"This place is no longer safe, why don't you come with me to a safe place" Jason offered them, he didn't expect them to accept but at least he tried.

Shuri thought it over carefully and realized that living with Baraqiel was not 100% safe. If she were alone then she wouldn't have worried too much, but now she had to look out for her daughter's safety.

"Yes" She nodded with her face buried in Jason's chest. Jason then separated from Shuri and leaned over in front of Akeno.

Jason extended his hand toward Akeno.

"And you, would you come with me to a place where not only will you be safe, you will also have friends to play with?"

Akeno looked cautiously at Jason, then looked at her mother. Seeing her mother nod, she quickly took Jason's hand. She thought that this boy was very handsome and strong, and the idea of going to a place to meet new friends caught her attention.

"If I want to, oni-san" Akeno smiled from the bottom of her heart.

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A longer chapter to start the week. Today I'm going to upload the prologue plus two chapters of my new novel.

Take a look.

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