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39.58% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 56: Reward (1)

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Chapter 56: Reward (1)

"You can go back to your business." Jason fired the rest of them.

All the girls returned "obediently" to their business. They all knew what the "reward" Jason was going to give Semiramis meant.

The only ones left in the throne room were Ingvild and Medea. Jason was already expecting Medea to stay, but was surprised to see Ingvild staying in the throne room. She seemed to want to say something to Jason.

"Is something wrong, Ingvild?" Jason asked worried.

"Um, eto... Do you have something to do tomorrow?" an embarrassed Ingvild asked him.

"No, why do you say that?" Jason asked, pretending to be confused.

"He's really silly," Medea and Semiramis muttered at the same time. It was okay to make fun of a girl from time to time, but there were times when you had to be serious.

Ingvild played with her thumbs while she was building up courage. She had been talking to the Soaring Dragon girls during the week and had managed to get up the courage to ask Jason to escort her to London.

(It's not a date! I just want to walk around London out of curiosity, just curiosity) Ingvild said to herself.

"Now that I think about it, I haven't visited London yet. Medea and the rest are very busy, so why don't you come with me, Ingvild?" Jason couldn't let the pretty Ingvild have a hard time.

"YES!" Ingvild answered without a second thought. She realized that she had said it too intensely. She blushed and tried to explain herself.

"Don't get me wrong! I'm just curious to see what London is like"

"And I thought you wanted to come with me" Jason sighed sadly.

"Also... I want to go with you too" Ingvild muttered softly.

"Did you say something?

"NOTHING!" Ingvild covered her blushing face and left the room running.

Jason laughed slightly at the sight of Ingvild's figure running. He stopped laughing quickly, turned around and saw both Semiramis and Medea giving him a terrifyingly cold look.

"If you treat Ingvild badly, I know infinite poisons to poison you in infinite ways. I assure you, most of them don't offer pleasant deaths" Semiramis threatened Jason.

"It won't be necessary, there are worse things than poisons" Medea gestured to cut with two fingers and Jason felt a chill in his back and quickly covered his private parts.

"You're crazy," he said in an almost inaudible voice.

"What did you say?" They both said at the same time.

(Since when are they so synchronized?!)

"N-Nothing" Jason retreated slowly, looking for an opportunity to escape this situation.

"I remind you that Hanging Gardens of Babylon is under my control, I can feel any movement that happens inside" Semiramis cut off all hopes of escaping Jason.

"And since I created my temple here, I also have complete control of what happens inside." Medea plunged Jason into the deepest despair.

Jason looked at the cold smiles of his two Servants and had only one thought in mind.

(They are demons! They are demons in the body of beauties!)

After countless hours of torture and mistreatment, Jason disappeared and Jessie was born instead.

Okay, no.

Semiramis and Medea gave their weekly report on the issues within Soaring Dragon, things like Nekoshou training, Shuri improvements, etc...

Medea dematerialized when she finished giving her report, leaving Semiramis and Jason alone. Semiramis smiled lewdly as she thought of the reward Jason was going to give her.

Jason had already transformed into his 16-year-old form as they discussed the reports. It was more comfortable for him to remain in a more "adult" form.

"Let's go to my room," Jason said calmly as he left the throne room.

"Yes, Master" replied Semiramis seductively as she followed behind him.

Both entered his room. The 20-person bed was too eye-catching for anyone to come in, or so Jason thought, for Semiramis it was the perfect bed that a leader like Jason needs.

"Come in, take off your clothes and cover yourself with a towel," Jason pointed out to the bathroom.

Semiramis was confused, she didn't know why Jason was telling her all this. She did what he asked without asking.

She went into the bathroom and left the door open. Inside, she began to undress slowly.

She unbuttoned the belt around Soaring Dragon's kimono. Turning her back to the door, she grabbed the top corners of the kimono and began to lower it seductively, revealing her delicate back and then her black panties next to her beautiful twin cheeks.

She unbuttoned the black bra to match the panties and bent down to lower the panties. Her large breasts could be seen from both sides.

She slowly lowered her panties, slowly revealing her pussy. She then lifted one leg to remove the panties, leaving her pink pussy completely exposed completely waxed, it seemed that she had been waiting quite some time for this day.

Semiramis took a towel and covered herself with it. She specifically chose a short towel, which only slightly covered her ass and barely covered her breasts, to excite Jason even more.

She then turned around slowly, emphasizing the movement in her hips. Semiramis was embracing her breasts tightly to emphasize them even more than they already did.

The seductive smile on her face disappeared quickly. Her eyes opened in disbelief and surprise.

I suppose you are wondering why.

Easy, Jason was not in the room.

Semiramis had concentrated so much on trying to seduce Jason that she didn't realize that he had left the room.

The door to the room opened and Jason came in with a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of oil. He looked at Semiramis who had a look of surprise and disbelief.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, worried.

"No, it's okay" Semiramis recovered her seductive smile.

"Perfect, lie face down on the bed" Jason ordered her.

Semiramis nodded and did as he commanded. Once lying on the bed she withdrew the towel, revealing her delicate back and beautiful ass.

(I've tried not to look too far before, but how hot she is, damn it)

Jason couldn't help but admire Semiramis' body. Semiramis and Medea were two incredible beauties, Medea gave a more maternal feeling while Semiramis was pure seduction. Were it not for Jason's willpower, he would have jumped over Semiramis by now.

Jason took the two objects he had brought and placed them on one side of the bed. He placed his knees on the sides of Semiramis' legs.

"Are we going to start now?" Semiramis asked.

"Yes" Jason nodded.

"No foreplay?" She tensed up, she wasn't one of the people who enjoyed it without being wet enough.

Jason didn´t answer to Semiramis' words. He took the oil and smeared it in his hands. He then put his hands on Semiramis' shoulders and slid them all the way up to her buttocks.

Then he passed into her arms. Once his back and arms were smeared with oil, he began to slowly massage Semiramis' shoulders.

Semiramis thought that she had misunderstood him, she relaxed and began to enjoy the incredible massage Jason was giving her. She had never enjoyed any previous games similar to the massage Jason was giving her.

Jason then went on to massage her back slowly and carefully. He squeezed at the exact points and slid his fingers gently in the rest of the places.

"Aahn" Semiramis could not help but groan as she felt the pleasure Jason's massage was giving him. This was not a sexual pleasure, but a relaxing pleasure.

Jason was gradually relaxing the tensions that had accumulated in the body of Semiramis. She was moaning louder and louder.

Jason finished massaging her back and arms. He rubbed his hands with oil again and began to slowly massage Semiramis' legs.

From ass to thigh, through the ankle to foot. He massaged and relaxed each and every muscle in Semiramis.

After a 60-minute massage, Jason grabbed the toilet paper and wiped his hands before getting up.

Semiramis glanced sidelong at Jason and was surprised to see that he was preparing to leave the room.

"Jason?" Semiramis was so confused that she forgot to call him Master.


"Where are you going?"

"The reward was a massage, I'm done so I'm going."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1


Don´t worry, next chapter is going to be +18

I´m going to post tomorrow two chapters and with that we finish with the mass release that I owed you since I didn´t post last week.

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