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91.66% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 131: Secret Alliance

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Chapter 131: Secret Alliance

Azazel frowned but waited patiently for Jason to explain himself.

"Even though you're naive, I know you're not stupid. A daughter of a fallen angel can't appear suddenly and you don't know that girl's identity."

Azazel nodded.

"I know this girl's identity. They should be under your protection than with us."

"Of course, that's what interests you most after all. You save yourself from having all five clans as enemies and Barakiel is now more available for missions, it's very convenient for you to keep her identity secret."

Azazel smiled bitterly.

"We're in tough times. Although on the surface, all three factions are at peace, we all know that we are still at war. You've seen it today. An exorcist almost eliminates the Slash Dog team only because they belong to Grigori. As long as Akeno and Shuri are with Barakiel, they will both be targeted by the enemies of our organization while with you they are safe. Do you think Satanael would not attempt to kidnap Shuri or Akeno to force Barakiel to betray Grigori? Do you think Grigori needs one more enemy? Please do not make me laugh, SSS rank criminal."

Jason waited for Azazel to finish speaking. He was mentally sighing; being a faction leader in wartime was not easy.

"Since you know my identity, things are easier for me to explain. Remember the Nekoshou incident?"

"Yes, that's where you made yourself known."

"The person in charge of the project was not a member of the Naberius family."

This called Azazel's curiosity.

"He was a vampire from another world."

Azazel frowned. The existence of other worlds was no secret since the world of Oz became known, the unknown was to know if there were more since Oz was the only known world.

"Did he come from Oz?" That was the question Azazel had in mind.

"No, Oz is a very low-level world. It is inferior to this world and is only above the worlds in which the supernatural does not exist."

"You seem well-informed."

"Don't believe it, you could say I know just a little more than you."

Azazel stopped to think for a moment.

"Thousands of years have passed in this world, and people have never come from other worlds, at least as far as I know. Why do they appear now? And why at the same time as you?"

Jason shrugged.

"I don't know either, although I think there have been people from other worlds here before for some reason they stopped coming."

Azazel couldn't refute Jason's words. He hadn't lived since the beginning of time, so he wasn't omnipotent.

"If God were alive..."

Azazel realized his mistake late. He was surprised when he saw Jason's calm face.

"Yes, it's a shame he's dead. Maybe God knew something about it. Luckily I know someone who does know something, I know five of them."

"Aren't you surprised to learn that he's dead?"

"Please, would Akeno be alive if God kept moving his ass through the sky?"

Azazel opened his eyes in amazement at how lightly he treated one of the ten most powerful people in the world.

"Hahaha, right, right. How strong was the vampire?"


Azazel relaxed.

"Then it wasn't that big a deal."

"He was the weakest pawn among all his pawns."

"Then, the situation is serious."

Jason nodded.

"For some reason, they can't send anyone more powerful than Ultimate Class, but I don't know how long that will last."

"Do you know what their goal is?"

Jason nodded. Azazel looked at him with a question face. He wanted to know the answer.

"It's me."


"How do I tell you... I don't come from this world either. My parents seem to be big fish there in the higher worlds, and that's why I'm the target of these people. Although I don't know why it seems like I'm just an excuse for something bigger."

Jason saw the doubt in Azazel's eyes.

"I more or less understand the problem. People from other worlds are coming to hunt you down, aren't they? If they're just Ultimate Class, why don't you take your friend to hunt them? What's the use of joining Grigori?"

"I'd kill them if they knew where they were. My staff is limited, and I can't get them out of their caves with my current power. Besides, that they are only Ultimate Class are just my deductions. Medea's power is immense, it's true, but the situation is more complicated."

"She is so strong only in concrete situations, isn't she?" Azazel asked.

Jason nodded, although he didn't tell him what those situations were.

"What do you want?"

Jason smiled. Negotiating with Azazel was easier than I expected.

"A collaboration, an alliance. Grigori and Soaring Dragon. What do you think?"

Azazel frowned.

"Why should I accept an alliance? Those beings of another world are not enemies of Grigori, why should I create such an enemy by allying with you? 'It's the same with Barakiel's family, and I 'don't want more enemies."

"You're interested in peace. I can help you with that. Besides, just as I don't know who my enemies are, they don't know who I am either. Do you understand what that means?"

Azazel nodded.

"Time. Time to prepare. But that goes for them too."

Jason nodded grimly. Who knew what his parents' enemies were preparing?

"On my side, we are already preparing. I can also help you with Tobio and the rest, Medea wants to take Lavinia as a disciple. I can watch Satanael while I infiltrate Khaos Brigade."

Azazel thought for a moment.

"I cannot intervene in the subject of Lavinia. She does not belong to Grigori. You're going to have to talk to Mephisto for that."

Jason nodded.

"Well, I accept it. But I have a request first."

"Perfect, I also have a request. This alliance has to be kept a secret, only you and I know about this."

Azazel had no problem with this. It would be problematic if the Church, heaven, and the devils were alerted by this sudden alliance.

"Tell me about your request."

"I want to see your facilities."

Jason's lips curled, Azazel's curiosity was undoubtedly insatiable.

"Hehe, of course. I've seen your facilities, seeing mine is no problem. Why don't you come this weekend?"

"Are you coming?

"Yes, let Tobio and the others come. This weekend I will also start training Tobio. My place is also very beneficial for Vali."

After Azazel left, Jason let out a sigh. Luckily, the negotiation had gone smoothly. He wanted to reveal the Soaring Dragon affair when Azazel left his post as governor of Grigori to offer him a position within Soaring Dragon. Now, an alliance between Soaring Dragon and Grigori, with the first supporting from the shadows, was not such a bad thing.

Azazel had accepted mainly because he knew nothing about these enemies from other worlds. He only knew that Jason wasn't his enemy, at least for the moment. Azazel also knew that his faction was the weakest and they lacked someone of the level of Sirzechs or Ajuka Beelcebú, something that now they could count thanks to Medea as much as it could only use all its power in certain situations.

Azazel had invited Jason to see if he could get a figure of this level once the boy grew up, and although the result was not perfect for him, it was still acceptable.

The next morning, Jason and Vali said goodbye to the rest and went back to school.

"Have you solved your problem?"

Arthur asked when he saw them go into the bedroom.

"Easy and simple. Nothing is complicated for the Vanishing Dragon."

"Yes, that's why you didn't have the strength to go to bed on your own. I even had to cover you up."

"Shut up!" Vali blushed.

"Hahaha!" Jason laughed loudly at Vali's embarrassed face.

Even a slight smile appeared on Arthur's usually expressionless face.

"Hey, guys! We're going to be late for class."

Akeno and Elisabeth approached the three boys. Vali and Arthur went ahead. Jason happily smiled as he looked at the four who were going to class.

"Come on, Jason, it's almost time to start," Akeno told him.

"I'm going. I'm going."

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