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71.52% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 102: Shuri, Five principals clans (1)

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Chapter 102: Shuri, Five principals clans (1)

Walking through the halls of Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Jason was heading to the room where Shuri Himejima resided.

He wanted information on the five main clans. Azazel had already updated him, but Jason hoped to learn a little more information from them.

Jason soon arrived at Shuri's room door.

Knock knock

"Yes?" A female voice was heard from inside the room.

"I'm Jason, can I come in?"

Shuri was startled when she heard Jason's voice from the other side of the door. She didn't expect him to come to her room right now.

She quickly pulled up her panties and put on a nightgown, used an air freshener to mask the "smell" she had left in the room and covered the wet part of her bed with the quilt.

"Come in."

Jason saw Shuri's somewhat flushed face and found it strange. Maybe she was sick?

Jason wondered if he should come back another day that she would feel better, but he had the feeling that he was going to interact with the members of the five clans before he had another chance to talk to Shuri.


Jason went into the room and looked for a place to sit. Seeing that there was only the bed, he sat on one side of it.

"Don't sit ther-"

It was too late for Shuri to stop Jason from sitting on the bed.

The bed wasn't the only place to sit. Semiramis had made the rooms with unique tables to hang out inside the room, but this function had not been explained to Jason, and he had not used it before because it had not been necessary.

Jason felt that the place where he had sat was a little wet. He took his hand to the wet part and smelled it.

He gave Shuri a strange look and looked down at the woman's lower body. You could see drops falling down Shuri's bare legs.

Looking at Shuri's flushed look, Jason could guess what she was doing before. Apparently, these few years of abstinence had been difficult for the former sanctuary maiden.

"Ehem, I'm going to pretend like nothing happened" Jason shrugged.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Shuri smiled innocently.

Although she tried to act as if nothing had happened, the growing blush on Shuri's face betrayed her.

Shuri wanting to divert the conversation to another matter asked Jason.

"Why did the faction leader come here?"

Jason changed his expression, adopting a more serious one. Shuri sighed in relief when she saw that she had succeeded.

"I want information about the top 5 clans" Jason went straight to the point.

Shuri's body slightly shook when he heard Jason's claim. Unpleasant memories filled her mind, and she began to waver. The top 5 clans were something she desperately wanted to forget, her most significant source of pain coming from one of them.

`You must increase your value for the faction, or you will be left in the background.´

The words Semiramis spoke to her a few months ago, resonated in her mind. It wasn't the first time she had been told something like that since Jason had mentioned it before, but Shuri thought that as long as her daughter had a good position within the faction, then she would be happy.

Akeno was all that Shuri had left, the girl was her emotional support, and her whole life would collapse if anything happened to Akeno. If Akeno had a good position within Soaring Dragon, then she would have no problem having a happy, trouble-free life.

That's why Shuri was happy when Akeno entered school with Jason. She thought her daughter was going to get a close relationship with Jason by being classmates at school. Shuri enjoyed spending time with her daughter, and Akeno told her about her time at school, her new friends Elisabeth and Arthur and all the time she was with Jason.

Shuri should be happy, and she was. But what was it that she felt? Why did she feel this emptiness inside her?

She understood it at that moment. Semiramis' words still resonated in her mind. Shuri felt a pain in her chest when she thought of being left behind.

She was already several steps behind the rest of Soaring Dragon's core members.

Leaving aside Nekohime and her three currently "grounded" companions, Shuri was nowhere near Jason's current companions.

Medea and Semiramis, there is no need to say the value that the Witch of Betrayal and the Wise Queen of Assyria had for Jason, they were his two lovers and also the two strongest people within Soaring Dragon. Under certain circumstances, it was no exaggeration to say that they were stronger than the leaders of the three biblical factions.

Behind them were Ingvild, Akeno, Kuroka, and Shirone.

Ingvild and Akeno were similar cases, one being a descendant of a Maou and the other the daughter of one of Grigori's leaders. Both had inherited powers from their parents and were trained by one of Soaring Dragon's two most powerful women, Medea.

While Ingvild controlled devil power and water magic, Akeno did the same with sacred power though not directly but with the help of her lightning magic, giving rise to her Holy Lightning.

The only difference between the two, removing the age barrier and the power difference due to this, was the fact that Ingvild had a special weapon that Medea had created and delivered in the past.

Acqua Diavolo, a short sword that helped Ingvild control her water magic and increased her power with her water attacks. (Cap 25)

If Akeno and Ingvild were Medea students, Kuroka was a Semiramis student.

Kuroka had learned all the art of Semiramis poisons and was probably the second-best expert at controlling poisons in the world only behind her teacher.

As for Shirone... She was a special case. She was the only member of Soaring Dragon who had not come to England and had stayed protecting Jason's younger sister.

And Shuri? She was only the mother of Akeno Himejima. Her only value was to have conceived a daughter with a leader of another faction.

Her training in the Himejima clan had been interrupted by her encounter with Barakiel and subsequent expulsion from the family, so all she knew were basic spells to chase away evil spirits.

What value would that have to a faction that aspires to be the most powerful in the world?


And here was the opportunity Shuri was waiting for. She might not know the ancestral techniques of the Himejima clan, but she did know the issues concerning the top 5 clans, and this was important to Jason right now.

Here was her chance to shine!

Jason hoped Shuri would not want to talk about the "traumatic" topic and was pleasantly surprised when he saw the brightness of resolution in her eyes.

"The Five Principal Clans are powerful clans of Shinto Mystics, which has carried a divine connection to the Shinto Gods and served them for generations.

Since ancient times, members of the Five Principal Clans are born blessed by the Shinto Gods with the power to manipulate one of the five elements also known as the Five Phases respective to their clans due to their fervent faith and strict worship in Shintoism."

Jason nodded when he heard Shuri speak. This was the information he had also received from Grigori. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Kushihashi, Doumon, Shinra, Himejima, and Nakiri are the five main clans, and each controls one of the five sacred beasts.

The five clans have command over these Five Sacred Beasts with the strongest members of their respective clans inheriting them and their names.

Seiryuu Kushihashi, Genbu Doumon, Byakko Shinra, Suzaku Himejima and Ouryuu Nakiri."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Tomorrow there isn´t going to be a chapter. I have an important exam on Monday and I need time to study.

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