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14.58% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 20: Siegfried Trial

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Chapter 20: Siegfried Trial

The Creator: "Now that I've explained to you about The Fate Path you can go ahead and choose one of the two trials in front of you."

An air sweep went through Jason's body. Although Jason hadn't seen what the old man looked like, he knew he was gone.

Jason: "Sighh, I wonder what I should do first."

Jason thought about it for a moment before going to one of the paths. Once he entered the path filled with swords a lazy voice sounded in his ear.

EMIYA: "So you're the one... well, to pass my test you first have to answer my question."

Jason: "Well, ask."

EMIYA: "Would you save the majority by sacrificing a few?"

Jason answered without hesitation: "I would sacrifice a few."

EMIYA: "What if those few are your parents, wife, friends or children?"

Jason stood as if electrocuted by lightning and doubts began to appear in his mind (would I leave my beloved in order to save the world?).

Sitting on a mountain surrounded by swords was EMIYA, feeling the doubt in Jason smiled slightly before speaking in his lazy tone: "You have doubts, you are not prepared to pass this test. When you have no doubts you can come back."

Jason didn't have time to reply before being sent back to the beginning. The difference is that now the sword path was sealed.

Jason then walked to the left path, which emanated that dragon aura.

After walking down the road for a time which seemed like hours to Jason but could well be seconds a voice sounded in his head just like before.

???:" To think that the person the old man spoke of has been accepted by Balmung. I guess this is fate. Tell me boy, what's your name?"

Jason: "My name is Jason, Jason Frey."

A tall man over 190cm and strong, with long gray hair and green eyes appeared in front of Jason.

Siegfried:" So Jason eh. Yes, I can see that heroic aura emanating from you so I suppose you are his incarnation. Although your aura is a little different than a hero's aura, it has parts that are very familiar to me... Yes, I remember now, it is the aura of a dragon." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Siegfried: "But I can also see that you haven't killed a dragon, so you must be a dragon."

Jason: "Is there a problem with me being a dragon?"

Siegfried was known for killing a dragon and drinking its blood making it invincible. Jason didn't want to see the same result as the previous one (EMIYA) because he was a dragon.

Siegfried: "No problem, the fact that you are able to wield Balmung without it becoming Gram is more than enough to let you participate in the trial.

AN:(If the person carrying Balmung is evil it becomes the demonic sword Gram)

Jason sighed in relief that he could participate in the trial.

Siegfried: "Well, it's time for me to play my part. I'll send you to the test."

Before Jason could answer it all went dark for him.

When he woke up again he found himself in some kind of medieval infirmary. In one bed was a woman surrounded by nuns. It didn't take long for him to realize that he was witnessing a scene of childbirth.

Jason:" (Where am I?)"

???: "We are currently in a noble house in The Netherlands"

A familiar voice sounded behind Jason.

Jason: "Siegfried!"

Siegfried nodded and kept silent. Jason, seeing that he was not speaking, continued to observe the scene. The baby was born with gray hair and green eyes.

The scene changed and so did Jason's point of view. Jason was sitting at a table with a plate and cutlery in front of him. Although he was obviously looking through his eyes, his body was moving on its own. A beautiful woman was teaching him manners. Recognizing the woman as the woman in labor Jason figured out what body he was currently in.

Siegfried: "I was born into a noble family so during my childhood I was taught all kinds of upper class etiquette. Although I liked practicing the sword better, I still had to learn all the upper-class etiquette.

Jason saw Siegfried's years go by, although most of the time he had no control over the body, which allowed him to take control when it came to etiquette and sword training.

Once he turned 14 the Nibelung family had a conflict between two kings and they chose Siegfried to share the treasures equally. Jason distributed the treasures as fairly as possible but neither king liked this distribution.

Random King 1: "Do you think I'm stupid, obviously his treasure is bigger than mine!"

Random King 2: "What are you saying, yours is obviously bigger!"

Then they came to the incredible idea that killing Siegfried/Jason would solve their problems.

Jason obviously didn't think twice before killing them, for him these two kings were no different than the criminals he had killed in the past.

The Nibelung family was afraid of Jason/Siegfried so they let him keep all the treasure. There he saw a sword that was very familiar to him as it had followed him for the past year.

Jason picked up Balmung and set out to leave, then lost the sense of his body and he left after picking up the loot.

Siegfried: "Although you may not care about money right now in the future it may become important. Never refuse any gift unless it is given to you with bad intentions. Look at their eyes, they're afraid of you."

Jason: "I have no intention of becoming a tyrant to get things."

Siegfried: "I'm not saying that. They obviously want you to take the treasure, they think you won't vent your anger on them."

Jason: "And why should I fulfill their wish?"

Siegfried said nothing and the story went on.

AN:"(Thinking that unimportant events go into quick motion, it's not like I'm going to live 30 years for one night).

Three years had passed and the dragon Fafnir made his appearance. The dragon was wreaking havoc and the people begged Siegfried/Jason to kill the dragon as he was the most powerful knight in the kingdom.

Jason: "Why do I have to take care of Fafnir?"

Siegfried: "People want to get rid of the dragon, why don't you grant them that wish?"

Jason: "We've been fulfilling other people's wishes for 3 years, aren't you tired?"

Siegfried: "No, since we have the power to help others we should help them."

Jason didn't understand Siegfried, this wish-fulfilling maniac.

Jason/Siegfried went to the cave where the evil dragon Fafnir supposedly resided.

Once inside the cave they met a golden western dragon about 10m long. Even being a western dragon this one lacked wings what made Jason sigh of relief since if the battle arrived to the outside and Fafnir flew it would not be for anything good for him.

Fafnir felt his arrival and got up slowly.

Fafnir: "GROAAARR!"

Jason said nothing and grabbed Balmung with both hands and ran to Fafnir. Jason jumped up and tried to cut Fafnir's back with his sword but soon realized his mistake by bouncing the sword off the dragon's scales.

Fafnir did not stand still and sent Jason to fly with his tail.


Jason came out of the hole in the wall and spit out a mouthful of blood. He got up quickly because Fafnir was not going to let him rest and in effect, a claw fell on the place where Jason was standing before.

Fafnir: "GROAAARR!"

Jason learned from his mistake he attacked by looking to damage Fafnir's inner part which was not covered with scales, but Fafnir covered himself well and hit Jason again.

Jason: "Aaaaahhhhh!"

Jason got up again and changed his play this time, pointing at Fafnir's throat and when the dragon was going to block him he changed the direction of the sword and damaged the dragon's eye.


Fafnir was angry when he saw that the ant in front of him had damaged him and began to attack proactively. Jason was barely dodging and trying to counterattack. Jason's body was covered with wounds from Fafnir's claws and a hole could be seen in the stomach from which blood gushed out.

Jason was almost on his last breath when Fafnir attacked him again. The world seemed to slow down for Jason, he could see Fafnir's movements in slow motion.

Jason dodged Fafnir's attack, ducked and stuck his sword into his heart with all the strength he had left.

Fafnir fell and the blood began to flow from his body. Jason was about to lose consciousness when he heard Siegfried.

Siegfried: "Quick, drink the dragon's blood and soak in it or you'll die."

Jason heeded Siegfried's warning and began drinking blood from Fafnir's wound. When he could no longer drink, he began to bathe in the blood. Before he finished bathing, he fell unconscious.

Siegfried materialized next to Jason and smiled warmly as he saw him defeat Fafnir. During the battle he observed that this Fafnir was more powerful than the one he had fought and that Jason was more powerful than he was in his battle against Fafnir.

Siegfried: "You are a good man Jason, what I have been able to see through your actions have made me see that even if you do not want to help fulfill the wishes of others you feel satisfaction for it. You have passed my test and I know that you will not make the same mistakes as me and that you will choose your own desires over those of the people".

Siegfried frowned as he saw the small leaf on Jason's back covering a small hole in his back.

Siegfried: "I guess these are the heavens giving me the chance to fulfill my wish" He removed the leaf on Jason's back. "I've finally been able to help someone because I wanted to, not because people wanted to."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Some of you are probably worried or annoyed because I don´t choose EMIYA, don´t worry he would pass his trial later. I choose to do Siegfried´s trial for some reasons that are going to be explained in the next chapter.

If we get to top 50 (Dificult) I would have a 5 chap release on sunday.


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