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Chapter 76: Slash Dog

Azazel led Jason out of the main building. As they walked through the institute, Azazel explained to the young man the different buildings and what they were used for.

Jason was struck by a particular building. Boys and girls of about 16 years and older came and went from the building.

"That building is Nephilim, the institute for young people that we created to help them control their powers," Azazel told Jason.

Jason nodded. This didn't seem to appear in DxD novels, but he seemed to remember that Slash Dog novels did appear.

"If you want, I can give you a place inside." Azazel offered Jason.

"Thank you for the offer, but I'm going to have to reject it" Jason refused without hesitation, entering this institute would hinder his movements.

"Oh, is it because of Princess Windsor, or maybe because of that fallen angel girl?" Azazel smirked.

Jason stopped in his tracks. Azazel also stopped and looked at him curiously, his body trembled when Jason's red eyes turned black.

"Azazel, although I have agreed to be your adopted son, I have to warn you that there are things that are better not to play with. You could cause an unnecessary accident," Jason spoke coldly.

"It's okay, it's okay. I was just kidding," Azazel quickly explained.

"It's good that you understand," Jason nodded and continued to walk.

Azazel scratched his cheek and continued to walk with Jason. They soon arrived at an apartment with the name Slash Dog on it.

They at the door before entering. You could hear screams coming from inside the apartment.

"Kouki, you bastard! The last mission failed because of you!" A girl's screams could be heard.

"Damn it! It was your Griffon's fault, my Byakusa did its job perfectly!" A boy responded to the girl's screams.

"Calm down Shark, we can all afford a mistake, can't we, Toby?" A woman with a soft and gentle voice tried to calm the situation.

"Don't bring me into the discussions of those two, I have enough to take care of Vali" Another man answered the woman.

"What are you saying? Fight me Tobio, your dog alone can't do anything to me!" A little boy's voice was heard, he seemed to be running around the pavilion.

"Va-Kun, be careful and don't fall" The nice woman tried to convince the boy.

Jason looked at Azazel, doubt could be seen in his eyes. Jason could see Azazel's eyebrows twitching.

"They're a bit of a unique team, but they're generally good guys."

Jason felt a little sorry for Azazel at the sight of his helpless face. Without entering the apartment, he could already see that Azazel had had to work hard to deal with them.

Azazel opened the door, and the two of them entered the apartment. Jason could only describe the place as a disaster.

The Slash Dog team was making so much noise that they didn't realize that Azazel and Jason had entered the ward.

The boy and the girl were still arguing, and it didn't look like they were going to end up in a short time.

"I'm telling you Griffon did its job well, it was Byakusa's fault for not coordinating well with his movements!" The girl yelled at the boy again.

A hawk was on his shoulder, the hawk had plumage and red eyes. The falcon was looking threateningly at the cat on the shoulder of the boy who was arguing with the girl.

"Byakusa's movements were perfect, its lightings were about to immobilize the enemy, but your Griffon's blows got in the way!

The cat in the boy's shoulder was white, the cat showed the falcon's teeth and was not intimidated at any time.

Jason looked curiously at the two animals. Leaving aside their tender aspects, he could feel a great power emanating from the two beasts. These two beasts seemed to have the power of two ancestral beasts.

Jason then noticed a boy sitting on a sofa. The boy was accompanied by a blonde girl, and they seemed to be convincing a small boy.

Jason recognized the little boy, this boy was the same one he had seen before in the main building. Jason looked for the dog that was chasing the kid and found him lying between the legs of the boy in the sofa.

The dog had reduced in size and was now shaped like a cute Inugashi.

"Ehem" Azazel pretended to cough to get the young people's attention.

Everyone focused on the newcomers. Discussions stopped, and everyone remained quiet for a moment.

"Azazel, fight me!" The 12-year-old ran to Azazel without paying attention to Jason.

Azazel grabbed the boy by his shirt collar, the same action he had done before. Jason wondered if the governor had trained that action so he could perfect it to that point.

"Calm down, Vali." Azazel lowered the boy to the ground.

Jason looked at the boy, curiously.

(So this little one is Vali Lucifer, I wonder how strong he'll be right now)

Vali then focused on Jason. He wondered who this boy was who had arrived with his surrogate father.

Azazel looked at the rest of the people inside the room, he frowned when he saw someone missing.

"Where is Shigune?" Azazel asked.

Everyone turned their gaze away. They seemed quite uncomfortable.

"Tobio?" Jason looked at the boy with the dog between his legs.

Tobio is a young man with short dark brown hair and pale gray eyes. He wears a white shirt, a brown jacket, tie, gray pants, and black shoes.

"She's in the kitchen," Tobio replied.

"Aah, I don't even know why I ask," Azazel sighed.

Everyone sighed next to Azazel. Shigune was a recognized glutton within Grigori, no one could eat more than she.

Jason looked at the strange scene in front of him. Had they rehearsed before so that they could sigh at once?

"Don't you want to know who is the boy who came with me?" Azazel asked them.

"Who cares?" The boy who had been arguing muttered.

"Kouki! have more respect for the governor!" The girl shouted at him.

"Shut up, Natsume!" Kouki shouted at the girl again.

"Shark, Natsume-chan, will you stop arguing for a moment?" The blonde, gentle girl tried to calm them down.

She spoke in a gentle voice, but what was that dark air in her voice?

The two who were arguing quickly fell silent. Azazel gave his go-ahead when he saw that the two troublemakers had shut up.

"He is my adopted son, Jason" Azazel introduced the young man.

Azazel dropped the bomb. No one expected this news.

The most surprised by this news was Vali. That Jason was the adopted son meant that now they were going to be stepbrothers, and as Jason was older, then he was going to be the younger brother.

This was unacceptable! Vali had to do something to stop this from happening. He was a descendant of Lucifer and the owner of the Longinus Divine Divider, he could not be the younger brother of anyone. His devil superpowers and his super companion Albion were impossible for anyone to defeat him, especially with the new super attacks he had invented while watching anime.

He was going to protest but was pushed aside by someone.

"Wow, after adopting Va-Kun, I didn't expect the governor to take another son.

"My name is Lavinia Reni, and I hope we get along, Jason."

Lavinia is a beautiful woman with long blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. She seems to wear standard wizard tunics with hood. Jason was dazzled at her beauty, she was at the height of Medea, Semiramis, and Nekohime, or maybe her beauty was a little superior.

Jason appreciated her beauty for a moment but recovered quickly. The shadow of what had happened to Nekohime was still in his mind.

"Likewise," Jason smiled politely at the beautiful woman.

Lavinia smiled back and sat back on the sofa. It was the turn of the girl that was arguing with the boy.

"Hey, I'm Natsume Minagawa. I'm sure we'll get along well if you're not a jerk like Kouki" The girl introduced herself with joy, stressing the insult to Kouki.

"Hehe" Jason laughed bitterly. These two had to get along pretty badly to criticize each other even when they presented themselves to someone.

"This is Griffon, he's my faithful companion," Natsume pointed to the hawk on her shoulder.

The falcon then jumped off Natsume's shoulder and landed on Jason's shoulder. Griffon then caressed his beak against Jason's cheek.

Jason was surprised when he saw the stunned glances of everyone in the apartment. Natsume's flushed face stood out from the rest.

"Is something wrong?"

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Images of Slash Dog team in the discord:

I´m making my own website and I´m going to start uploading extra chapters there!

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