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18.75% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 26: The mission starts

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Chapter 26: The mission starts

Inside the temple in Kuoh Forest. Jason, Medea and Ingvild were discussing the details of the rescue mission.

"Have you completed the mission I sent you?" Jason asked Medea and Ingvild.

"That's right, except for the 5 nekoshou that are under experiments and another nekoshou that is locked up, the rest of the nekoshou have been taken to a safe place," Medea assured him.

"Although that movement caused a little chaos in the underworld, our actions have improved its defense," Ingvild reported the consequences of their actions.

Jason nodded indifferently, unless there was an ultimate class present at the time of the rescue, then there was nothing to worry about. Even if there was a weak ultimate class, Jason was confident that he would end up with Balmung's help.

According to reports both had been collecting lately, the laboratory's previous defense, which consisted of 25 low class devil, 10 medium class devil and 1 high class devil, had been reinforced by twice.

If it had been before, Jason would have been a little worried but now with his stats increase, his Noble Phantasm and his transformations he was confident that he would be able to put an end to the defence of the laboratory.

Jason nodded satisfactorily as he finished reading all the reports

"Good! Tomorrow we're going to the underworld to end this mission."

[Secondary Mission

The rescue of the sisters.

Rescue the sisters Kuroka and Shirone from the hands of their evil master before the deadline.

Requirements: To finish before the deadline, not to be able to ask for outside help.

Deadline: 1 day

Rewards: Stats X3, 200 shop points, 200 summon points.

Failed mission: Kuroka dies and Shirone becomes part of the experiments.

Additional Mission: Let Shirone join Rias Gremory's peerage and help Kuroka escape so she can join Khaos Brigade.

Reward: 1 lottery ticket.]

The next day.

Jason, Ingvild and Medea were ready to make a trip to the underworld. Medea created a portal to the territory of the Naberius family.

It had been a coincidence that the mission deadline was the same day that Jason's class was celebrating an excursion to an amusement park. His class was going to spend the night in a hotel. Jason had told his parents that he was going on a field trip with his class and had had Medea use a spell to deceive his teachers.

Little Kaida crys a lot when she know that se wouldn´t be going to see his Oni-chan so Jason had to pampered her hair a lot last night until she finish to cry. Don't misunderstand anything, he was doing that to make Kaida stop crying, never because he is a Sis-con/Lolicon.

Once in the Naberius territory Jason turned and confronted the two women who had accompanied him.

"From here I have to continue on my own, you two proceed to the location where the rest of the Nekoshou are, I'll meet you later."

"Are you sure you don't want our help?" Ingvild asked with concern.

"No, I have to do this without help or the mission would be meaningless."

Ingvild didn't understand what he meant but Medea knew it had something to do with the system.

Jason again ordered them to accompany the Nekoshou. This time they didn't say anything else and did what he told them to do.

Jason sighed when he saw them disappear, he didn't know why but he knew that things weren't going to be as simple as they seemed.

If the system was right then if Jason didn't save the sisters before the end of the day Kuroka will die and Shirone will become the subject of experimentation and Jason won't be able to do anything to prevent it.

Things had changed with respect to the canon. Kuroka should be able to kill his master and escape the lab, so if the system says that Kuroka is going to die it means that there is a superior existence to Kuroka's master inside the lab. Jason hadn't mentioned this to either of them because he didn't want to worry them and because he had confidence in his own abilities, if things got too dangerous then he would become his [ Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode ] and use Balmung's Noble Phantasm.

What surprised Jason the most was that the 4 nekoshou they were experimenting with 3 years ago were still alive. According to the canon the only one who had endured the experiments for so long was Kuroka.

A year ago when he heard this from Medea he was surprised. Although at first he was only going to save the sisters, he decided to rescue the other 4 and give a safe place to the remaining 20.

Jason advanced deeper into the Naberius territory until he reached a secluded mountain. Anyone would think it was a normal mountain, but Jason knew that inside the mountain was the experimental laboratory of the Naberius family operated by a member of the outer branch.

Jason went to a certain point on the mountain slope and knocked on 4 different points before a secret door opened. Behind the door were two guards surprised to see the door open and see a stranger in a white sweatshirt and a hood covering his face. Both were alert at the moment.

"Identify yourself!" shouted random guard number one. The random guard number two said nothing but drew his sword and stood on his guard.

On normal days that scream would have alerted the entire laboratory, but today an experiment was being conducted on a special subject so the trivial areas had been abandoned except for the entrance.

Jason smiled and lifted his head, a white mask covering the top of his face. Seeing his cold blue eyes and that evil smile on Jason's face caused both guards' bodies to start shaking.

"My name..." Jason took some time to think of a codename. He thought it would come in handy in the future.

`What name do I use? Obviously I'm not going to say I'm Jason... I know! ´

Seeing the strange teen get lost in his thoughts one of the guards decided to take advantage and attack.

He ran towards Jason and gave a cut with the sword. He smiled at the thought that the sword had hit the target, however the smile disappeared and his eyes changed to ones of complete terror.

"Hey, I haven't introduced myself yet" Jason grabbed the sword with two fingers as he spoke.


Jason added a little power to his fingers and broke the sword while with the other hand twisted the guard's neck.

Jason looked at the remaining guard who had already peed in his pants.

"My name is Argos" Jason coldly left his codename for the next few years before freezing the remaining guard. He made sure to leave him alive so he could expand the word of the incident's perpetrator.

Jason wanted Argos' fame to rise so that he could attract the attention of certain individuals where he wanted to infiltrate in their organization on the future.

Jason lowered his hood and showed his dark blue hair. He had already noticed that there were magical security cameras but these could not record the sound.

Jason continued to move into the lab. He passed the dining rooms, the scientists' rooms, the guards' rooms.

Jason felt something was wrong when he couldn't find a single person along the way, as if everything was too easy. According to reports there should be more than a hundred people inside the lab and until now he had only met the two guards at the entrance.

Jason didn't take long to find the reason why he hadn't seen anyone along the way. At the end of a hallway was a door with the words `Only authorized personnel´ on it. On the sides of the hallway there were ten low level devils and guarding the door there were 2 medium class devil.

Jason measured his forces carefully and when he realized that they were not a problem for him he decided to go out and take care of them.


Jason ran out and broke the neck of the nearest guard.

"Who's the..." Before the next guard could scream he had already been stabbed by an Icicle in the heart. The low level devils acted on the spot and ran to try and kill Jason.

Jason did not delay and continued killing the low level devils. The medium level devils who were protecting the door didn't even bother to help them.

Once the low level devils were dead, the medium level decided to move forward. Curiously they were twins.

"It seems that you have some level to be able to take care of these rubbish so fast" said the one on the left.

"Too bad you're facing us. If you knew who we are you would piss your pants," said the one on the right.

And as if they had practiced it countless times, they did a chuunibyou pose and shouted at the same time.

"We're the Cuckold brothers!"

Jason's eyebrow crisp as he listened to their presentation. Even with his cold personality due to the [Ice Dragon Mode] he had to struggle to bear the laughter.

Jason couldn't bear to keep looking at the brothers and decided to get rid of them quickly.

"Ice Blast" An ice burst separated the two brothers' bodies in half.

Jason walked past them without saying another word. In front of him was the last door before the real action.


Side Story

After Jason walked through the door.

The Cuckold brothers were still alive on the floor.

Cuckold 1: "Brother, now that we are at death's door I have something to confess to you."

Cuckold 2: "Tell me brother"

Cuckold 1: "Remember when I told you your wife was sleeping with another man?"

Cuckold 2: "Was that a lie?"

Cuckold 1: "No, the problem is that it was me who was sleeping with her."

Cuckold 2 opened the eyes of shock and hatred could be seen in them. Then he remembered something and started laughing like a maniac.


Cuckold 1: "What's up brother? Have you gone mad at the gates of death?"

Cuckold 2: "Of course not,bastard! I laugh because it was me who slept with your wife!"

Cuckold 1: "I'll KILL YOU BASTARD"

Cuckold 2: "Don't if I kill you first."

Here's the sad story of two brothers who cuckolded each other.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I´m sorry for the mistake. I´m going to upload two chapters today because of that.

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Pray for the poor twins

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