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8.33% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 11: Training with Souji, Medea returns

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Chapter 11: Training with Souji, Medea returns

The next morning Jason went straight to the training camps after breakfast. When he arrived he saw a man in his late twenties. He wears the traditional Shisengumi uniform, which consists of a haori and hakama over a kimono, with a white cord called a tasuki crossed over the chest and tied in the back, the haori is colored light blue, one of Japan's traditional colors, and the sleeves were trimmed with light mountain stripes.

This man was Souji Okita, a member of Sirzechs Lucifer's peerage who occupied two knight pieces. He was going to instruct Jason on the sword during these two weeks.

Souji: "You must be Jason-kun, I am Souji Okita. Lord Sirzechs told me about you and you interested me."

Jason: "Nice to meet you, Okita-san. Thanks for training me."

Souji: "You don't have to thank me." He took two wooden swords and threw a Jason "Come on, show me what you know, I'm not going to be easy on you."

Jason: "Okay" He grabbed the sword with both hands and took an offensive stance.

Souji: "So two-handed sword, interesting."

Jason made the first move which was easily deflected by Souji, as well as the second, third, fourth, etc. Souji advised Jason as he deflected his movements.

Souji: "The grip is too weak."

Souji: "Your arm is too tense"

That's how Jason's sword training began. Jason was amazed to see the capacity with which his skill increased.

Souji decided to stop the training two hours after starting it.

Souji: "You're a good kid, you have good foundation and you learn fast."

Jason: "I learn fast thanks to you Okita-san."

Souji laughed slightly and asked the intriguing question: "Hey Jason, can you tell me who taught you the basics with the sword?"

Jason was surprised by his question and answered honestly: "No one".

Souji: "Nobody?"

Jason" No, I learned by myself"

Souji was amazed (I thought he had a teacher, but the boy is really a genius), although he didn't show it on his face. He thought these two weeks would be interesting.

When Jason went to take a bath for lunch Souji turned to one side and smiled.

Souji: "Jason is gone, you can go out Ojou-sama"

A small figure with red hair came out from behind a pillar. Rias had a red face as she was discovered by her brother's knight while spying on Jason.

Jason had already noticed that Rias was watching him during training but he decided to let it go and said nothing.

Rias: "Souji-san, can you teach me to use the sword too?"

Rias had seen Jason train with the sword and was sure she could train with it too. Souji saw through it and could not help but disappoint her.

Souji: "Sorry ojou-sama, I advise you to better train your magic with Grayfia-sama".

Rias: "Why, why Jason can train with the sword and I can't?"

Souji:" Jason is a natural genius with the sword while ojou-sama is a genius with magic. I think if ojou-sama trained a little more she could be on a par with Jason."

If Souji knew that Jason is not only a genius with the sword but also with magic he would not have said those words so casually. While it's true that Rias is talented with magic and possesses the power of destruction, it's not something you can compare to Jason and his system.

She laughed bitterly when she remembered the training with her older sister. It's not that Rias is lazy in training, it's that remembering how strict Grayfia was during training gave her chills.

In the afternoon Jason returned to his physical training. When he finished he bathed again in the onsen alone (Sirzechs had already returned to his work as Maou). By dinnertime only Venelana, Rias and Jason were there as Zeoticus was also busy with territorial matters. Then Jason arrived in his room exhausted from training.

The week went on. Jason trained with Souji in the morning, physically trained in the afternoon and enjoyed onsen at night.

Jason was challenged to a fight by Rias and Rias lost again overwhelmingly, when she challenged him again Jason rejected her directly.

Jason: "I don't want to waste my time, until you get stronger, don't challenge me again".

Rias ran away with tears in his eyes. Jason felt a little guilty but consoled himself on the inside (`It's all about future´).

On the seventh day Medea returned from her mission.

Medea: "I'm done, Jason"

At first Medea called Jason as Master but while their relationship improved the way she called him also changed and now she called him Jason naturally.

Jason: "Have you found the Nekoshou?"

Medea" Yes, apparently in a secret laboratory in the territory of the Naberius family are experimenting with a variation of the Nekomata".

Jason: "How many are they experimenting with?"

Medea: "They were currently experimenting with 5, apparently quite a lot of the Nekoshou had perished in experiments."

Jason: "How many Nekoshou are left?"

Medea:" From what I have found out there are 25 Nekoshou left of which 2 are minor. One was 6 years old and had white hair while the other was 10 and had black hair. I guess they're the ones you asked me to look for."

(There are only 25 left, I wonder how many will be left by the time I rescue them)

While Jason was lost in thought Medea interrupted him.

Medea: "Jason, I have something else to add"

Jason;" Yes?"

Medea: "The two Nekoshou you asked me to look for are quite special."

Jason;" What do you mean?"

Medea: "The little one seems to have a special dormant constitution which allows her to have a greater physical strength, the older has a talent for magic, I would like to be her teacher".

Listening to Medea words Jason was stunned (For someone like Medea, who has met numerous heroes, to say they have both a special physique and talent for magic means they are incredibly good!).

Jason: "All right, we'll get them out of there in 2 years. You can take her as your disciple then."

Jason then asked him about the general strength of the lab.

Medea: "Since the lab is secret there aren't many staff, so apart from the scientists in charge of the experiments there aren't many guards. But their forces are not something you can handle right now."

Jason: "I figured, what's their level?"

Medea: "I have been able to detect 25 low class devil, 10 medium class devil, 1 high class devil and another one that I have not been able to detect at all."

Jason: "A high class devil, it looks like I'm going to have to train even harder".

Although Jason could easily end up with a devil high class by unleashing Balmung's Noble Phantasm he didn't want to attract attention so he wanted to rescue the Nekoshou without him.

Medea: "Don't you have another mission for me?"

Jason then remembered that he had something else to investigate in the underworld.

Jason: "If I want you to look for Ingvild Leviathan, she should look about 17/18 years old, right now she should be in a hospital in the underworld. If you don't find her there then look into the territory of the Greek gods related to death."

Medea: "Do you want me to kidnap a girl?" she asked incredulously.

Jason: "That's right."

Medea gave him the look of death, but she nodded and went to fulfill her mission.

The days passed and the time to leave the Gremory palace arrived.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I was thinking on publishing a mass release on sunday if we get in top 100.

So come on and vote guys.

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